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Apple Pouch   Codling Moth Trap  
A fact sheet on the organic control of codling moth is included with your first codling moth control order.
Further information on control of codling moth...
Apple Pouch
Keep apples and pears insect free all season with this proven alternate method to traps, pesticides and plastic bags. Home apple and pear growers in the USA have used these nylon 'sockettes' successfully for years. The Apple Pouch simply prevents access to the fruit by the codling moth larvae. Cover the fruit as soon as the petals drop and the expandable pouch will protect all season long. Easier to use than bags - simply slip them over the young fruitlets and they expand as the fruitlets grow; condensation is not a problem as the Apple Pouches 'breathe'. Close the pouch by tying a knot or recycling a twist-tie or rubber band. Covering the fruit in this way may also help reduce bird damage. Pack of 100.
PE153Reduced from $33.95

Other exclusion products which can also be used for codling moth protection.
Codling Moth Pack
A widespread pest, codling moth damages apple, pear, quince and walnut crops by burrowing through the fruit. Attract and trap male codling moths with this non-toxic pheromone lure, placed inside a glue trap. Trapping breaks the breeding cycle and enables monitoring. The male moths are drawn to the trap and get stuck to the base. Traps should be up from bloom to harvest. As each lure is sufficient for 6-8 trees and has a life of 4-6 weeks the pack will be sufficient for the fruit season of 12-18 weeks. The trap can be re-used by replacing the lures and bases using the Refill Pack. Pack contains 1 reusable trap, 3 bases and 3 lures.
Codling Moth Refill Pack
Supply your own trap or refill ours. Contains 3 bases, 3 lures
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