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Companion Planting Book and Seed Pack
Not to WA or TAS
Jackie French's handy, best selling book Guide to Companion Planting (1st edition) is written for Australian conditions and comes with 3 packets of seed to boost your companion planting. Attract beneficial predatory insects with Good Bug Mix; repel a wide range of pests from vegetable and fruit crops with Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix'; lure and trap pests with Mustard 'Red Giant'. Observe for yourself the age-old concept of companion planting.

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My sister gave me a packet of your Good Bug Mix for Christmas and the results have been spectacular on appearance alone - a cottage garden in a packet! Also seen a few bees and microwasps. Thanks!
Matt of Riverwood, NSW
Good Bug Mix
Not to WA or TAS
An important strategy for organic gardeners is to enhance and maximise the natural biological controls already present in a garden ecosystem. Does your garden provide a nectar source for beneficial, pest-controlling insects? Planting particular flowers and herbs known as insectary plants has been proven to improve the natural balance and reduce pest outbreaks.

Good Bug Mix contains colourful re-seeding annual and perennial flowers including red clover, alyssum, cosmos, marigolds, Queen Anne's Lace, buckwheat, lucerne, dill, caraway, coriander and phacelia (when available), gypsophila. It blooms much of the year, providing nectar, pollen and habitat for wild and introduced beneficial insects, such as predatory mites and tiny micro wasps, ladybirds, lacewings, hoverflies, tachnid flies and predatory beetles. These beneficial insects or 'good bugs' are generally small with correspondingly small mouthparts, so they are only able to feed on particular flowers with suitable attributes. By providing a plentiful food supply the 'good bugs' live longer and reproduce more.

Good Bug Mix addresses the issue of over-use of pesticides and the increasing chemical residues in the environment by fostering public awareness of the existence of beneficial insects as a natural biological control for pest insects. It is the insect equivalent of planting native flowering shrubs for birds or building ponds to create habitat for frogs.
It should be planted in areas that can go a little wild, such as garden edges or along fence lines. Generally, you need only plant 1-5% of your land for good results. Each small packet covers 10 m2. It is suitable for subtropical and temperate areas. Sow spring and autumn.

Seed of this flower is not always available, so is not listed on the Good Bug Mix packet.
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Queen Anne's Lace
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Red Clover
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Sweet Alice syn. Alyssum
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More information and commercial producers of "good bugs" can be found at:
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All organic seeds are clearly marked Organically certified. All Green Harvest seed is untreated (UT), whether organically certified or not; no chemical treatments are ever used. If both an untreated and organically certified seed of the same type is available, each product is labelled individually. More information about our seeds.
Watch for this symbol: - blossoms and petals from these plants can add extra colour, flavour and nutrition to meals.
A free Successful Seed Raising Guide is included with your first seed order from Green Harvest.
Asian and Tropical Vegetables For Hot Wet Summers
If you are challenged by pest and disease problems in your vegetable garden during hot, humid summers, don’t give up! Green Harvest offers a range of vegetables, grown around the world in subtropical and tropical areas, that we have found to be hardy and reliable to the weather extremes of high temperature and humidity experienced in the ‘wet season’. As a general rule sow these vegetables from October through to March, to replace more temperate varieties. Seeds suitable for subtropical and tropical conditions are marked H for hot and humid!

Part of the problem is gardening books written by authors from cooler areas neglecting to give good advice on plant selection for northern areas of Australia. We recommend the books The Seed Savers Handbook or Organic Vegetable Gardening for the best information on subtropical vegetables.

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