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Agati   Carob   Cherry Guava   Gliricidia   Japanese Raisin Tree   Passionfruit   Pomegranate   Tamarillo   Tamarind  
Agati H UT
Sesbania grandiflora
Syn. vegetable hummingbird, agathi, West Indian pea
Agati is a fast growing, tropical legume tree to 10 m high with beautiful, large white or red flowers. It does best in warm humid areas and will not tolerate temperatures below 10C or frost. It is useful as a shade or nurse tree for other crops, such as black pepper. The leaves can be cut as animal (ruminant) fodder but avoid cutting the main stem. The young leaves, flowers and tender pods contain 25-30% crude protein and are favourite Asian vegetables. Remove the centre of the flowers before eating to reduce bitterness. In subtropical areas sow November - December, in tropical areas sow October until January. Unsuitable for temperate areas.

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SA101approx. 14 seeds

Agati plants are available seasonally.
Carob UT
Ceratonia siliqua
Long-lived, frost and drought tolerant evergreen tree, to 12 m. The female trees produce sweet, edible pods after 7 years, the pods are used as a chocolate substitute or animal forage; pods are also useful bee forage. There is a wide variation in the male: female ratio when trees are grown from seed. Generally only one male tree is needed per ten female trees. Sow spring and autumn. Suitable for temperate and subtropical areas.

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SC161approx. 15 seeds
SC162approx. 110 seeds
Cherry Guava syn. Strawberry Guava UT
Psidium littorale syn. P. cattleianum
Cherry Guava is an evergreen shrub with white flowers that bloom in late spring. Fruit is round, plum-sized, deep wine-red, with a very thin skin. The flesh is juicy with a sweet flavour. Cherry guavas dislike low temperatures but will tolerate some frost and are hardier to cold than the common guava. The fruit can be eaten raw and is high in Vitamin C; it is also used in jellies, drinks and jams. The plant is useful as a fruiting hedge, poultry forage and windbreak. More growing information...
SC143approx. 20 seeds

Cherry Guava plants are available seasonally.
Gliricidia H UT
Gliricidia sepium
syn. Mexican lilac, Madre de cacao
Gliricidia is a thornless, spreading, tropical legume tree that produces masses of attractive white and pink flowers which are a good source of nectar for bees. It is only suited to frost-free areas and is ideal as a shade tree for crops such as coffee, vanilla and tea. The foliage is rich in nitrogen and can be cut as mulch. It can also be used as firewood or for a living fence as it is easily propagated by cuttings. Variable success as an animal forage; nutritious for cattle but toxic to horses and other animals.

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SG108approx. 5 seeds
Japanese Raisin Tree UT
Hovenia dulcis
Japanese Raisin Tree syn. Chinese Raisin Tree is an ornamental shade tree well-suited to the home garden and school playgrounds. It grows well with little care and attention. A deciduous tree, it grows to a height of 6 - 9 m with a spread of 4 m. It is suited to temperate and subtropical climates and is very hardy to cold. It produces copious quantities of sweet, raisin-like, edible fruit. It is tolerant of wide range of soil types but prefers good drainage. Space trees 4 m apart in full sun. More growing information...
SJ100approx. 30 seeds
Also available as tubestock
Passionfruit are vigorous vines, growing from 6-10 m tall. Grow the vine in full sun, sheltered from cold winds. Passionfruit prefer a fertile, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter, add lime if the pH is below 5.5. Mulching and regular watering are beneficial. Crops are produced from late autumn to early summer, when ripe, the fruit will fall to the ground. Prune in late winter to thin over-vigorous growth. Sow seed in spring and summer when the soil temperature reaches more than 20C. A strong support is needed for the vine to grow on.
Passionfruit 'Black' UT
Passiflora edulis
Fast growing ornamental vine producing purple fruit with a juicy, aromatic pulp. Sow spring and summer. Suitable for temperate (warm), subtropical and tropical areas.

SP106approx. 25 seeds
Passionfruit 'Panama Gold' UT
Passiflora flavicarpa x Passiflora edulis
'Panama Gold' produces very large, deep golden fruit with a delicious sweet, tangy flavour The juicy, aromatic pulp is generally sweeter than black passionfruit. It is a vigorous climbing plant with lush, deep green attractive leaves and showy purple and white flowers. It is self-pollinating and produces prolifically. Grow on a strong trellis for support. Does well in subtropical and tropical areas. In temperate areas requires a warm, sheltered position and may lose its leaves during winter.
SP177approx. 25 seeds

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Pomegranate UT
Punica granatum
Very drought hardy, attractive deciduous small tree to 5m, likes hot, dry summers. The scarlet flowers are very ornamental, edible fruit. Sow spring and summer. Suitable for temperate, subtropical and tropical areas.

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SP125approx. 30+ seeds

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Tamarillo UT
Cyphomandra betacea
syn. Tree Tomato
A short-lived small tree to 3 m, bears fruit in 18 months, a good source of Vitamin C. It is frost tender and needs a well-drained soil. Sow spring and summer. Suitable for subtropical and tropical areas. Mixed red and orange types in the seed packet.

More growing information...

ST102approx. 40 seeds
Tamarind H UT
Tamarindus indica
Tamarind is an evergreen tree, 18 - 25 m in height, native to tropical Africa. It is a traditional shade tree of villages in Africa and India. It is grown for its edible pods, which are dark brown and sweet when ripe. The leaves and flowers are also eaten. The timber is strong and termite-proof, used for furniture and tool handles. Tamarind likes a dry, sandy soil and is tolerant of drought and coastal conditions. It needs a seasonal dry season to encourage flowering. Young trees are frost tender, however they develop more cold tolerance as they mature. Sow seed in spring, or during the wet season, soil temperature should be at least 25C for good germination. Suitable for subtropical and tropical areas.
ST132approx. 4 seeds
Also available as tubestock
Information on Fruit Trees for Small Gardens is available here.
Australian native plant
organically certified with ACO - Australian Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
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