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Salsify   Silverbeet   Spinach  
We also have other leafy greens that require cooking.
Salsify 'Mammoth Sandwich Island' UT
Tragopogon porrifolius
Syn. Vegetable Oyster, due to its mild oyster-like flavour. A native of the Mediterranean, it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. It is a nutritious root vegetable with tapered roots 20 - 25 cm long with a creamy white skin and white flesh. Use in soups and stews, steamed or baked. It flowers and goes to seed in the 2nd year; flowers are ornamental and can make a nice display. It is easy to save seed for the next crop. It does best in cooler climates. Germination can be slow, preferred germination temperature is 10 - 20C. In cool areas sow seed in early spring, in warm areas sow late autumn. It is unlikely to do well in tropical areas. Days to harvest: 120 - dig as needed as it doesn't store well.
SS223approx. 100 seeds
Silverbeet syn. Chard
Beta vulgaris
Silverbeet grows in full sun in a rich well-drained soil with added compost. Sow autumn and early spring in temperate and subtropical areas; sow in the dry season in the tropics. In cold areas, avoid sowing in winter. In hot, humid areas, avoid growing over summer due to problems with fungal disease. In cooler areas silverbeet is a biennial (lives for 2 years) but it is relatively short-lived in hotter areas. Sow seed direct 10 - 15 mm deep. Space 30 - 40 cm apart. Keep well supplied with water and mulched. Using a seaweed spray regularly will help to keep diseases such as rust and leaf spot at bay. To harvest gently pull the outer leaves away from the plant. Cutting the stems and leaving a leaf stub can increase problems with disease.
Silverbeet 'Colour Mix'
syn. Rainbow Chard, Rainbow Silverbeet
A beautiful combination of colours including red, pink, yellow and green to brighten up the vegetable garden. This mix makes a good addition to salad mix. It is hardy and drought resistant.
SS136approx. 100 seeds
Silverbeet 'Fordhook Giant'
Introduced in 1934, Fordhook Giant is vigorous and productive over a long period. The leaves are deep green and crumpled; the stems are broad and white. It tolerates light frost. Excellent in salad mix. Please be aware that the seedlings can show a pink blush on the stems but then will whiten as the plant reaches 10 cm.
SS179approx. 100 seeds
Silverbeet 'Perpetual' UT
syn. Chard, Leaf Beet
A very long-lasting leaf vegetable but unfortunately not 'perpetual'. It has smoother leaves than other silverbeet with narrower, greenish stems. It is tender with a taste more like English Spinach. It is hardy and drought resistant.
SS190approx. 100 seeds
Silverbeet 'Ruby'
syn. Rhubarb Chard
A heirloom silverbeet with tender, deep crimson stems that contrast beautifully with its dark green, crumpled, large leaves. Too pretty to hide in the vegetable garden, try growing it among flowers. Highly productive and able to be 'cut and come again'. Excellent as a microgreen and in salad mix.
SS100approx. 100 seeds
Silverbeet 'Silver Ribs'
An Italian heirloom with shiny, deep green, crinkly leaves and broad silvery white stems. The leaves have a milder flavour than other silverbeet and the stems are succulent. The plants are large and vigorous. Also excellent as a microgreen and in salad mix.
SS178approx. 100 seeds
Silverbeet 'Southern European' UT
'Southern European' is a 'perpetual spinach' type. It has very broad, light green leaves that are tender and far less stringy than other silverbeet. It is also sweeter in flavour. It is hardy, drought resistant and far more resistant to disease than other silverbeet in humid areas. It will self-sow readily, even in the subtropics.
SS102approx. 100 seeds
Spinacia oleracea
English spinach is a cool weather crop, it prefers a rich well-drained soil with added compost. Plant in full sun, keep well watered and mulch. Soak seed overnight before sowing. Sow autumn and winter, in cold areas sow early spring. Sow seed 1 cm deep, either directly where it is to grow or in seedling trays and keep moist. Space 20 cm apart in rows 30 cm apart. Harvest outer leaves continually to prevent bolting. Pick in the early morning for the best nutrition. Spinach is high in vitamins A, B and C, mineral salts and iron and can be eaten raw or cooked. Suitable for temperate areas, winter in subtropical areas only.
Spinach English 'American Curled'
syn. 'American Long Standing'
'American Curled' is a heirloom spinach with thick, deep green, savoyed (crumpled) leaves. It has a fine flavour and is very tender. It is hardy, heat and drought resistant and very slow to bolt. Also suitable for use as a microgreen and for baby spinach. Days to harvest: 43 - 55.
SS245approx. 100 seeds
Spinach English 'Bloomsdale Long Standing'
A hardy spinach with broad, thick leaves that are lightly savoyed (crumpled) with a fine flavour. Also suitable for baby spinach.
SS122approx. 100 seeds
Spinach English 'Galilee'
Spinach 'Galilee' originates in the Middle East and has a higher degree of heat tolerance than is found in other English spinach cultivars. The leaves are triangular in shape on curly stems.
SS155approx. 100 seeds
Spinach English 'Red Vein' UT
'Red Vein' is an English-style spinach with red-veined, glossy, dark green leaves on fairly upright plants. It has a fine flavour and is very tender. Also suitable for use as a microgreen and for baby spinach. Plants are slow to bolt and disease resistant. Please note this seed is an F1 hybrid and so is not suitable for seed saving. Days to harvest: 23 days baby leaf; 34 days mature.
SS234approx. 100 seeds
Spinach English 'Winter Giant'
A hardy, heavy yielding variety. It has glossy, extra large, dark-green lance-shaped, lightly crumpled leaves with a fine flavour and very tender. Also suitable for baby spinach.
SS107approx. 100 seeds
organically certified with ACO - Australian Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
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  • heirloom
  • not GMO (genetically modified)
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