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Watermelon   Wax Gourd   Zucchini  
Citrullus lanatus
Sow watermelons direct after all danger of frost has passed into warm soil, 1-2 cm deep, 1 m apart on raised mounds, rows 2 m apart; watermelons need plenty of space. Prepare soil with compost and well-rotted manure; deep digging is beneficial. The soil needs to be well drained. Pinch out the terminal bud to encourage branching. Harvest when the tendril closest to the fruit stem is dry and brown and when the underside of the fruit has changed colour.
Watermelon 'Allsweet'
A large, oblong melon with striped green rind and sweet red flesh. It is disease resistant with few seeds and keeps well.
SW124approx. 35 seeds
Watermelon 'Crimson Sweet' H
syn. Warpaint
Fruit is round, dark green with large stripes, 10-12 kg with bright red, very sweet, juicy flesh with a fine texture. Good disease resistance.
SW101approx. 35 seeds
Watermelon 'Sugarbaby' UT
Popular home garden variety that will fit in the fridge, round fruit 3 - 5 kg. Red flesh is crisp, mouth-watering, with a sweet, rich flavour. Sets 4-6 melons per vine, easiest watermelon to grow.
SW140approx. 35 seeds
Wax Gourd H UT
Benincasa hispida
syn. Chinese winter melon, flour gourd
A fast growing, long season, warm climate vegetable producing very large fruit up to 20 kg but it is best harvested at 2 kg. The gourds are green with a white waxy coating. The wax gourd keeps for many months off the vine and is eaten raw or cooked. The shoots, tendrils and leaves are also eaten as greens; seeds are edible and are tasty roasted. Use the white flesh of this giant fruit in a chicken and wax-gourd curry; serve appetizers of finely chopped stir-fried vegetables in bowls made from a hollowed-out melon. Sow after frost in spring; in tropical areas sow during the dry season. Sow direct into well composted soil, 1-2 cm deep, 1 m apart on raised mounds, rows 1 m apart. Days to harvest: 100. This is an F1 hybrid so is not suitable for seed saving.
SW121approx. 45 seeds
Zucchini syn. courgette, summer squash, zucchino
Cucurbita pepo
Zucchini should be sown direct, after frost, as it needs a warm soil to germinate; in subtropical areas and tropical areas avoid sowing during periods of high humidity. Space 'hills' 1 m apart, add plenty of compost, sow 3-6 seeds 15-20 mm deep and thin to the 2-3 strongest. Keep the soil moist. It needs a rich, high in nitrogen, well-drained soil, preferred pH 6-7.5. Pick when about 15 cm long, the flowers are also edible. Plan for 2 plants per 4-6 people.
Zucchini 'Black Beauty'
'Black Beauty' produces dark-green, glossy, smooth fruit with creamy, white flesh and a good flavour. It is fast growing with a prolific yield. The fruit freezes well. Bushes have a semi-upright, open growth habit which makes for easy picking. In subtropical and tropical areas avoid sowing during periods of high humidity. It is an open-pollinated zucchini introduced in 1957. Days to harvest: 44 - 64.
SZ100approx. 20 seeds
Zucchini 'Cocozelle'
Syn. Cocozella di Napoli
'Cocozelle' is an heirloom squash from Italy, long and cylindrical, pale green with dark green stripes. It is tender with a good flavour. Best harvested just as the flower falls away. It can also be grown large as a marrow. Days to harvest: 45 - 50.
SZ102approx. 20 seeds
Zucchini 'Costa Romanesque' H UT
Syn. Costata Romanesco
A distinctive Italian heirloom bush zucchini with prominently ribbed fruit. The skin is medium grey-green with pale green flecks. It is delicious raw or cooked with a nutty flavour. The male flower buds are also eaten. It stays tender even when very large. It is a favourite of the River Café and Jamie Oliver. Days to harvest: 52 - 60.
SZ110approx. 20 seeds
Zucchini 'Golden' UT
'Golden' zucchini produces slender, cylindrical fruit. The bright golden colour adds interest to stir-fries and ratatouille. It has a distinctive nutty flavour and can be eaten raw or cooked; fast growing with a prolific yield. Bushes have an upright, open growth habit which makes for easy picking. Days to harvest: 48.
SZ117approx. 20 seeds
Zucchini 'Grey' H UT
Syn. 'Lebanese', 'Middle Eastern', Mexican Grey Squash
'Grey' zucchini has a tapered shape rather than cylindrical. The pale grey-green mottled skin is smooth and shiny; it has solid, crisp flesh. 'Grey' zucchini has a great flavour, it is slightly sweeter than other zucchini. It can be eaten raw or cooked; and is fast growing with a prolific yield. Pick when about 8 - 15 cm long; flowers are also edible. Days to harvest: 49 days.
SZ122approx. 20 seeds
Zucchini 'Tromboncino' UT
'Tromboncino' is an Italian heirloom vining zucchini with a delicious, sweet flavour and tender flesh. It is highly productive over a long period. The fruit are pale green and ripen to tan. It can be steamed, grilled or sliced raw into salad. Italians traditionally use it in gnocchi and to stuff ravioli. It is best picked to use as a zucchini at 25 cm long; but it will grow to 1m long. When mature it can be stored and used as a pumpkin. Days to harvest: 70 days.
SZ125approx. 20 seeds
Q. Why don't my pumpkin, squash or zucchini set fruit?
A. The most obvious problem can be lack of bees. Many gardeners find they need to hand pollinate. To encourage a visit by bees, avoid using overhead sprinklers and any form of insecticide. Bees also do not like windy conditions.

There are a range of other factors that influence pollination and successful fruit set:
  • too much rich nitrogen fertiliser will cause leaf growth at the expense of flowering,
  • too high a summer temperature will do the same,
  • being stung by Cucumber fruit fly can cause tiny fruit to drop off the vine,
  • moisture stress will do the same, and
  • lack of calcium or boron will also cause young fruit to yellow and drop off.
organically certified with ACO - Australian Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
Green Harvest specialises in seeds which are:
  • organically certified
  • guaranteed germination
  • open pollinated
  • heirloom
  • not GMO (genetically modified)
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