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$6.95 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $11.95 for Queensland or $13.95 all other states more details.
Automatic Sprouter Spare Parts   Dome Sprouter   Jar Sprouter   Microgreens Kit   Microgreen Tray   Seaweed Plant Starter   Seedling Tray   Sprout Bag   Sprouting Kit   Wheatgrass Juicer   Wheatgrass Kit   Wheatgrass Tray  
Automatic Sprouter Spare Parts only
Parts in stock for the Easy Green Auto Sprouter.
TF149(replacement part)
Dome Sprouter
With this easy to use, 3 level, dome topped sprouter you can grow a continuous supply of fresh greens anywhere there is natural light. The dome sprouter dimensions are 20cm in diameter and 26 cm in height. For a maximum range of nutrients and enzymes sow organic seeds every few days. Comes with 15 filter sheets for alfalfa sprouts. Extra trays are available.
Jar Sprouter
A clear glass sprouter with a clever drainage stand incorporated into the screw-on lid. Dimensions 8 cm diameter x 15 cm tall; holds 650mL.

TF131minimum 3 per order
TF143minimum 6 per order
Sprouting Kit
This kit will start you sprouting!
2 x Jar Sprouters
Broccoli Sprouting Seeds 25g
Radish Sprouting Seeds 25g
Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds 25g
Sprouting Dial Chart
TF148Save $12.40

A free Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide is included with your first sprouting or microgreen seed order.
Sprout Bag
A simple, portable way to sprout - no jars, no hassle! Just dip and hang your Sprouting Bag for delicious, healthy sprouts in 4 - 5 days. Made from chemical-free, untreated hemp with a small amount of linen fibres. It is durable, naturally mould-resistant and lasts for years. Small variation occurs but the Bags are approx 175 mm x 275 mm in size. The Hemp Sprout Bag is best for growing grains and beans such as mung, lentils, peas, chickpeas, adzuki, sprouted wheat, rye, or barley.
TF141minimum 5 per order
TF142minimum 10 per order
Seaweed Plant Starter
Get your seeds, seedlings and cuttings off to a flying start with this seaweed concentrate made from organically certified Tasmanian Bull Kelp. Contains naturally occurring plant hormones for stimulating seed germination and early root growth. Dilute 1 capful (10ml) in 4 litres of water and use to soak your seedlings when transplanting; soak seed in a teaspoon of seaweed solution mixed with 500ml of water; dip cuttings into a 10ml in 100ml of water solution. Can also be used as a foliar spray.
Depending on application rate, this handy-sized 500ml bottle makes up to 200 litres of fertiliser solution.

Microgreens Kit
This kit will start your microgreens growing!
2 x Microgreen Trays
Drip Tray - ideal on kitchen benchtop; prevents spillage
Seed Raising Block - natural coconut fibre, will fill 8 trays
Organic Salad Mix - will fill 3-6 trays
Microgreens Buckwheat Seeds 25g
Microgreens Cress Seeds 25g
Seaweed Plant Starter 500 ml - provides micronutrients

TF161Save $13.30

A free Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide is included with your first sprouting or microgreen seed order.
Microgreen Tray
Durable black plastic tray 33.5 cm x 14 cm; depth 5.5 cm; 2 fit into a Drip Tray or a Seedling Tray.
Use 2 of these trays for added variety and harvest succession in your benchtop cropping system.
TT143minimum 10 per order
Hand Juicer Juices Wheatgrass!
The Healthy Juicer MK3 will supply you with a range of fresh and nutritious juices. This less-expensive alternative to electric juicers is simple to use and is lightweight, durable and compact. It's easy to store and set up by clamping onto a table, safer around children than electric appliances and ideal to take travelling. The table or bench to which you fix it needs to have a 'lip' of about 5 cm to accommodate the clamp. The unique design optimises the extraction and preservation of enzymes and nutrients - it's a slow auger juicer. It can juice all types of fruit and vegetables including leafy greens such as herbs and wheatgrass. Ideal for shots of wheatgrass juice etc. Larger glasses of juice do take a bit of energy to produce - incorporate juice-making into your morning exercise routine! Cut the veges into strips for the best results. It includes a strainer and juice jug. The pulp residue is ideal for the worm farm or compost. This product has a 3-year warranty. Food grade plastic, made in China.
Wheat Grass Kit
Get all the health benefits of sprouted wheatgrass.

1 x Hand Juicer (MK3)
2 x Seedling / Wheatgrass Trays
1 kg certified organic Wheat Seed

TF115Save $15.95

A free Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide is included with your first sprouting or microgreen seed order.
Seedling / Wheatgrass Tray
This durable 35 cm x 29 cm black plastic tray is ideal for holding recycled pots, jiffy plant starters, homemade paper pots, 48 cell tray or for direct sowing of seed or wheatgrass. It also fits the Mini Propagator or 8 standard punnets.
TT101minimum 10 per order
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