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School Gardens and Community Gardens

Awareness is slowly growing in Australia of the need to look at food sustainability at a local level. Permaculturalists have long advocated a bioregional approach to food production because of the reduced cost to the environment of reducing transport distances with lower fossil fuel consumption and reduced waste of food by a shorter distribution system. The shorter the distance food travels from farm to plate, the fresher it is, the higher the nutrient value and the better for the planet. Increase both food production and awareness by becoming involved in a school garden, shopping at a local farmers' markets or joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group.

Download a free chart Seed Sowing with Kids as a resource for school gardens.

The Little Gardeners Guide - Gardening know-how and fun activities for young greenthumbs!
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This book is crammed fuller than a worm farm with all the gardening basics - what plants are, what they eat, how they grow and what creatures you may encounter in the garden. There are instructions and hints for growing and caring for your own plants and, of course, eating the delicious harvest! Interesting garden projects include making a worm farm, creating plant labels and painting pots. Includes a tool list, safety tips - including 'sun smart' suggestions and lots of brightly-coloured illustrations and photos. The spiral binding makes it easy to refer to during use and the cover is wipe-clean. Great for the budding gardener - would suit ages 3+. 60pp

BL105Reduced from $15.00
School Garden Tools and Equipment Resources List

This list is compiled from many sources and experienced gardeners. Its purpose is to help those new to gardening and/or establishing a school garden to consider the full range of potential needs. In planning the garden or preparing a budget, keeping the bigger picture in mind will yield a better result.

Download a School Garden Tools and Equipment Resources List.

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