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Introduction to Permaculture
New Edition 2011 (AUS)
Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay
Easy to read permaculture primer. Includes site analysis, planning and design methods, energy efficiency, urban permaculture, garden layouts, orchards, home garden, structures, woodlots and animal systems plus an extensive plant species list. 208pp

Permaculture: A Designer's Manual
Bill Mollison 1998 (AUS)
The definitive Permaculture book. Includes design principles, patterns in nature, climate, windbreaks, water storage systems, soils, aquaculture and permaculture designs for tropical, arid and temperate climates. Hardcover 576pp

The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition
Bill Mollison 2011 (AUS)
The new edition of this much sought-after book includes updated content, photographs and illustrations. A treasure trove for the adventurous cook and gardener, it provides step-by-step instructions for traditional methods of food fermentation, preserving and processing. Recipes and methods for making cheese, vinegar, tempeh, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, smoking fish and meat, salting, and pickling are drawn from many different cultures. There's also information on agricultural composts, silages and liquid manures. It is written with characteristic humour and insight with information from the most basic of beginnings - before refrigeration and often from the folklore of the traditional peoples of this world.
Chapters include: Storing, Preserving and Cooking foods; Fungi, Yeast, Mushrooms and Lichens; Grains; Legumes; Roots, Bulbs, Rhizomes; Marine and Freshwater Products, Fish, Molluscs and Algae; Beers, Wines and Beverages and much more. 244pp

Permaculture Made Easy
ABC organic gardener essential guide 2015 (AUS)
This information packed guide contains 20 articles written by 11 prominent Australian organic gardeners / permaculturalists. The articles are divided into 8 categories: getting started; eco-homes; veggie patch from scratch in 12 weeks; fruit and creating a food forest; animals in permaculture; tools; fermentation, solar ovens and dehydration; education and Australian resources. An easy read for anyone wanting to get ideas for creating a sustainable home, garden and life. A good addition to the practical application of Permaculture in Australia and a very inexpensive way to be introduced to the creative, sustainable ideas that are Permaculture. 122 pages, full colour.

See also another book in this series: Natural Solutions
You can have your Permaculture and EAT IT too
Robin Clayfield 2013 3rd Edition (AUS)
A Permaculture book for gardeners and cooks. This unique book is like having 5 books in one! Written by a long time practicing permaculture teacher and vegetarian cook it is presented in an easy conversational style with great little line drawings, simple short charts, diagrams and lists. The information is easily accessed and digested while covering all the principles and ethics of Permaculture as they relate to the garden, orchard and land care. So many topics are covered including cosmetics from the garden, useful weeds, Permaculture foods, food combining, garden design examples and species lists. Hundreds of diverse, delicious and mostly vegetarian recipes are also shared to help you achieve a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. 268pp

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