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Grafting Fruit Trees
Larry Southwick 1979 (USA)
Ever dreamed of having multiple fruit varieties on the one tree, or reinvigorating an old orchard?
This compact booklet outlines many common methods in simple to understand, illustrated steps for the fledgling grafter with an emphasis on timing and techniques. An easy to follow guide for beginners, this booklet will save you heaps of money as you will be able to grow your own seedlings and graft superior varieties on to them or modernise and diversify your current trees with new cultivars.
  • Tools and dressings
  • Types of grafts covered:
    • Budding
    • Cleft
    • Bark
    • Inlay, veneer and rind
    • Bridge
    • Inarch
    • Whip or tongue
    • Stub
    • Oblique side graft
Although written in the USA, the techniques are universal. 32pp
BG146 Also available as part of a Grafting and budding kit.

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Plant Propagating Gardener's Guide
Stefan Mager 2011 (AUS)
An extremely user-friendly gardener's guide to the fascinating world of plant propagating. This concise, graphic rich guide discusses stock division, grafting techniques, suckers, stolons, runners, bulbs, tubers, corms, rhizomes, several layering techniques as well as leaf and stem cuttings. Each technique is clearly illustrated with diagrams. There are sections about roses, orchids, bromeliads, grasses, water plants and the correct propagation for many trees, shrubs, cacti and perennials. The use of hormone rooting powder and best stem cutting times are also discussed. Laminated 8 page A4 foldout chart.


Check out the propagation tools and equipment and grafting tools.
Pruning for Fruit
Bruce Morphett Revised edition 2008 (AUS)
Pruning is a key part of getting the best from your trees and vines. Judicious pruning can improve fruit quality and size, keep fruit within reach and make pest and disease control easier.
Author Bruce Morphett draws on over 30 years of horticultural experience to explain how and when to prune; how to achieve basic shapes; the tools needed and fruit tree care in general. Espalier your apple, train your kiwis on a trellis or achieve a practical vase-shape for your apricot.
Basic pruning techniques are explained in a straightforward manner with clear illustrations and a chapter is dedicated to particular trees and vines and how best to tend them. 72pp


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The Seed Savers Handbook
Michel and Jude Fanton 1993 (AUS)
Excellent reference especially for tropical gardeners who 'miss out' in many conventional gardening books. Learn to protect our global food heritage - and eat it too! Detailed descriptions of seed collecting, propagation and kitchen uses of more than 100 vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. 176pp

Starting Seeds: How to Grow Healthy, Productive Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers from Seed
Barbara Ellis 2012 (US)
There are many reasons to grow your veges, fruit, herbs and flowers from seed. In addition to being an economical way to get your garden started you have many more varieties to choose from than your local nursery supplies and your seedlings are adapted to the local climate.
This informative guide to successful seed raising, covers everything from germination to seed saving. There's advice on choosing and storing seed, watering, weeding, mulching and thinning seedlings. Learn about treatments for "special needs" seeds; how to transplant seedlings and protecting your plants from pests. There are illustrated instructions for making your own seed tape, newspaper pots and seed-raising mix. Great reference for new and experienced gardeners. An American publication with measurements in imperial, not metric. 122pp

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