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Edible Water Gardens: Growing Water-Plants for Food and Profit
Nick Romanowski 2007
Nick Romanowski is a biologist who has written many books on aquatic and wetland plants. His new book Edible Water Gardens is the first complete guide to growing and using edible wetland plants published worldwide. Beautifully photographed, it includes information on every freshwater aquatic or water's edge plant known to be grown or harvested for food with their ecological and nutrient requirements. Also included are spectacular ornamentals and ideas on how to implement 'underwater' landscaping. This is a 'must have' for anyone interested in water plants. HB 147pp

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Growing and Using Garlic
Glenn Andrews 1998 (USA)
A simple introduction to growing garlic, this booklet covers soil preparation, when to plant, watering and harvesting. Includes recipes to showcase your home-grown garlic: try Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic; Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia or Soupe au Pistou. Yum. Resources listed are US. 32pp

Grow The Best Tomatoes
John Page Revised Edition 1998 (USA)
A compact, comprehensive guide to growing, caring for and maintaining your tomatoes. Includes information on sowing, potting, mulching, pests, fertilising and controlling leafy growth. A section on supporting your plants provides many interesting alternatives to staking. After harvesting, how about saving seeds of your favourite type? Black and white illustrations. Resources listed are USA. 32pp

Grow The Best Tomatoes Booklet and Seed Pack Save $5.00
Includes an informative booklet and three packets of seeds: grow tasty tomatoes for salads, cooking and preserving. Tomato seeds: BG139Save $5.00
The Pumpkin Book
Jackie French 1996 (AUS)
Jackie French is a born-again pumpkin lover! In this book of all things pumpkin, she shares recipes, growing advice and a whole lot more. It's a celebration of a wonderful staple vegetable (or fruit, really) that can be baked, steamed, pickled and turned into soup, cakes, biscuits, pies and of course, scones. The wholesome, easy-to-follow recipes include Pumpkin Gnocchi, Pumpkin Sauce for fish, and Savoury Pumpkin Flowers with Ricotta Filling.
Consult the Pumpkin Calendar for a pumpkin-grower's timetable; select the ideal companion plants and learn methods to manage common pests and diseases. Profiles of dozens of different pumpkin varieties include likely yields and weight ranges, days to harvest, what each is best used for and much more. All served with a smattering of pumpkin anecdotes. 117pp
BP149Reduced from $14.95
Know Sow Grow Feast
A beautiful, deliciously presented book that gives great advice for Australian gardeners on everything tomato. Discover something new, including how to breed your own tomatoes, or remember an old favourite from the presentation of more than 220 varieties of heirloom tomatoes which can be sourced in Australia today. Covering everything from seed sowing to feeding, pruning and training, organic pest and disease strategies right through the history of this critically important plant. Then it's into the kitchen with more than 60 delectable tomato recipes from renowned chefs from all over Australia. For tomato lovers, gardeners and cooks.
This is the ultimate book on tomatoes, brimming with information based on experience. It covers everything anyone ever needed to know about selecting, growing and using the best and tastiest tomatoes in all districts and climates. Peter Cundall 2018

Tomatoes for Everyone: A Practical Guide To Growing Tomatoes All Year Round
Allen Gilbert 1997 (AUS)
All you need to know about tomato growing in this one great Australian book. An excellent read for keen gardeners and tomato lovers as you will learn about planting from seed, seedlings or grafting to other Solanum species right through to harvesting, recipes and storing. Fertilisers, staking, different growing methods (no dig, pots, hydroponics), pest and disease identification and control are well covered and illustrated with colour photographs and clear diagrams. Over 100 varieties of tomato are described in an easy to use chart format; characteristics and particular uses of different cultivars are also listed. 142pp

Tropical Food Gardens: A Guide to Growing Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables in Tropical and Sub-tropical Climates
Leonie Norrington 2001 (AUS)
This excellent book is written in an informative, conversational style that is engaging and funny. Beautiful hand-painted graphics accompany the witty prose. This is easily the best book we have come across for northern gardeners. 160pp

BT100Reduced from $39.95
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