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Are you looking for books on poultry care?
The Bee Book - Beekeeping Basics, Harvesting Honey, Beeswax, Candles and Other Bee Business
Ann Cliff 2010 (AUS)
Here is an excellent handbook for anyone considering beekeeping with 'European' honey bees in Australia, (native bees get a 4 page mention). Chapters on housing, bee pests and parasites, beekeeping equipment and managing bees are well illustrated with colour photographs. You'll also learn what to plant in a bee garden, all about medicinal uses of bee products, and cooking and brewing with honey. Includes an appendix of useful websites and publications from Australia and New Zealand. 137pp

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Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping

Flowers and herbs provide a food source for honey bees: more information on growing bee forage.
Healthy Dogs: A Handbook of Natural Therapies
Barbara Fougère 2003(AUS)
Bridging the gap between conventional veterinary medicine and natural therapies this book is a detailed manual useful for any dog owner, it will be your go to book for all ailments and general well being. It shows how to extend the benefits of natural therapies - including acupuncture, massage, reiki and naturopathy - to your dog. Part 1 covers: what dogs eat; what they need; homemade diets; supplements. Part 2 covers: recommendations for specific health conditions; skin and coat; digestive; ears and eyes; muscles and every part of your dog. 272 pp

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Books on poultry care

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