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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Books, Posters and Calendars on Special
Earthworms in Australia
A Blueprint for a Better Environment
David Murphy 1993 (AUS)
With over 30,000 copies in print, this is Australia's most popular guide to worm farming by far. Convert your household compost heap into a constant supply of nutrient-rich vermicast for your garden, and minimise the need for manufactured fertilisers and digging. Drawing on information from the world's leading agricultural research centres (including the CSIRO), this is a comprehensive and easily understood guide suitable for gardeners, farmers, conservationist, schools and businesses. Green Harvest utilizes the power of worms to digest all paper towels and kitchen scrapes including coffee grounds, as well as "waste" from plant propagation. This is an easy, non-technical way of returning traditional waste/rubbish into liquid fertilizer and worm castings for the garden. 112pp
BE131Reduced from $14.95
Lucky Ducks: Companions in the Organic Garden
Phoebe Thorndyke 2001 (AUS)
A very readable book about the pleasure to be found in duck keeping on a small suburban block and the invaluable aid that ducks can bring to any organic gardener. It covers feeding, water and ponds, shelter, predators and everything you would want to know to keep happy and healthy ducks. 107pp

BL101 Now reduced from $20.00
Other books on poultry care...
Nature's Weather Watch: A Guide to Forecasting the Weather by Observing Animal and Plant Life
Glenda John 2007 (AUS)
There is much folklore about predicting the weather by observing the behaviour of animals and insects, the shape of the moon, the appearance of clouds or the call of a storm bird. This fascinating Australian book describes and comments on many of these observations. 82pp

BN109Reduced from $15.95
Other books on wildlife habitat and nature awareness ...
Organic Fruit Growing: Your complete guide to growing beautiful fruit all year round.
Annette McFarlane 2011 (AUS)
Fruit growing is made easy with Annette’s practical advice. There’s information on soil preparation, nutrition, water-wise design, propagation, pruning and pollination as well as how to control pests and diseases organically. The profiles of 60 shrubs, vines and trees include specific advice on managing each plant’s requirements. You’ll soon be supplying family and friends with delicious, home-grown fruit all year round. 272pp

BO118Reduced from $35.00
The Pumpkin Book
Jackie French 1996 (AUS)
Jackie French is a born-again pumpkin lover! In this book of all things pumpkin, she shares recipes, growing advice and a whole lot more. It's a celebration of a wonderful staple vegetable (or fruit, really) that can be baked, steamed, pickled and turned into soup, cakes, biscuits, pies and of course, scones. The wholesome, easy-to-follow recipes include Pumpkin Gnocchi, Pumpkin Sauce for fish, and Savoury Pumpkin Flowers with Ricotta Filling.
Consult the Pumpkin Calendar for a pumpkin-grower's timetable; select the ideal companion plants and learn methods to manage common pests and diseases. Profiles of dozens of different pumpkin varieties include likely yields and weight ranges, days to harvest, what each is best used for and much more. All served with a smattering of pumpkin anecdotes. 117pp
BP149Reduced from $14.95
Soil Food
Jackie French 1995 (AUS)
Why feed your soil? Well, if you take stuff out, you need to put stuff back in. In this 'ground-breaking' book, Jackie French describes hundreds of ways to do this as well as how to correct deficiencies in particular elements and how to adjust pH. There are fertiliser profiles and how to prepare the soil for particular crops as well as ways to tackle challenging plots of land. A must for every organic gardener, as it de-mystifies green manures, compost, mulching, and organic fertilisers as well as providing many strategies for restoring health to the soil. 184pp
BS101Reduced from $18.95
Tropical Food Gardens: A Guide to Growing Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables in Tropical and Sub-tropical Climates
Leonie Norrington 2001 (AUS)
This excellent book is written in an informative, conversational style that is engaging and funny. Beautiful hand-painted graphics accompany the witty prose. This is easily the best book we have come across for northern gardeners. 160pp

BT100Reduced from $39.95
Seed Packs
Save time and $ by choosing a seed collection
Cooking With Edible Flowers Booklet and Seed Pack Save $5.00
Includes an informative booklet and three packets of seeds: grow pretty, tasty floral additions to your table. Edible Flower seeds:
  • Calendula 'Pacific Beauty' – sprinkle the orange, yellow and cream-coloured petals through salads
  • Viola 'Sorbet' - decorative, tasty and nutritious; high in vitamin C, use the flowers and young leaves in salads
  • Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' – use the orange, yellow and red blossoms as sensational garnishes or to spark up a salad
BC163Save $5.00

Flower seed available here
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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Grow The Best Tomatoes Booklet and Seed Pack Save $5.00
Includes an informative booklet and three packets of seeds: grow tasty tomatoes for salads, cooking and preserving. Tomato seeds: BG139Save $5.00

Tomato seed available here
Fruit Fly Kits and Specials
As summer warms up and the fruit fly numbers increase, it is essential to trap the flies and reduce the number of breeding males. The following kits will do just that for months to come; they'll save you money and they all include our super successful and unique PestGuard Bags for fruit protection.
Fruit Fly Kit
Used for over 20 years by Queensland commercial orchardists, this re-usable trap and replaceable wick system is a simple "set and forget" strategy.
(Not suitable for WA Mediterranean Fruit Fly)
Material Safety Data Sheet

1 Qld Fruit Fly Trap and Wick
1 extra Qld Fruit Fly Wick (no Charge)
10 PestGuard Bags

PF136Save $5.95
Cera Trap Kit Save $11.00
PF141 Not to TAS / SA / WA / NT Save $11.00
Full range of fruit fly products...
A fact sheet on the organic control of fruit fly is included with your first fruit fly control order.
Exclusion Bag Sampler
Not sure which exclusion product to choose?
Exclusion is a delightfully simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access by fruit fly, codling moth, possums and birds to the fruit that needs protection. In many situations it is much easier than spraying.

1 Mesh Sleeve (small)
10 PestGuard Bags
1 Cloth Fruit Bag
100 Paper Exclusion Bags (Small)
25 Stone Fruit Bags

PE188Save $5.60
Garden Bed Cover Kit Not To Norfolk Island, TAS or WA
Save $10.00
Just supply 8 of your own tomato stakes to cover an area approx. 2 x 2 metres
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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Harvest Protection Kit
Protect garden beds, individual or plant groupings, single or clusters of fruit from pest and temperature extremes.

2 Vege Nets
20 PestGuard Bags
25 Stone Fruit Bags
1 Mesh Bag (Small)
1 Mesh Bag (Large)
1 Mesh Sleeve (small)

PE177Save $11.40
Vege Net Sampler
Save $8.95
Full range of exclusion products...
Pest Control Kits and Specials
Bed Bug Glue Trap
This non-toxic, pesticide free sticky trap will work to attract, detect and kill bed bugs. Simply slide and hide the trap under each corner of a mattress, crib, couch or chair. You can also use them in your hotel room, residential camps or college dorms. The clear casing allows instant inspection. Discard and replace when bugs are detected. Professional exterminators may be required to fully assess and clean up the bed bugs or you can try Diatomaceous Earth - this brochure contains useful information: How to use DE on Bed Bugs. Once opened the trap is effective for 6 months. Includes 4 traps which are 75 x 50 mm.

PH130 Reduced from $21.95
Bed and Board Kit
The ultimate in Natural/Organic Pest Control, this is a great gift for children, new and seasoned gardeners.
This kit provides food (flower nectar) and housing in order to encourage a wide range of beneficial insects to live a long and productive life in your garden.
Includes: PB179Save $10.00

Full range of caterpillar control products...
Efekto Fly Kit
1 Efekto Fly Trap
1 pack of 4 Replacement Baits
1 pack of 8 Buzz Fly Paper rolls
PF138Save $5.95
Full range of fly products...
Cockroach Kit
Dust a light film of Roach Prufe into cracks, behind fridges and stoves after cleaning the area. Especially beneficial to use along skirting boards and counter tops if you will not be home for 24 hours or more. The pre-baited sticky trap works by the pest simply walking into it and by spreading them out you can assess where the roaches may be more concentrated. Dark and humid areas are a particular favourite nesting site, so place under sinks, in cupboards and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. Not suitable for households with lizards and frogs as guests.

1 Roach Prufe
1 (pack of 6) Buzz Cockroach Traps

PH133Save $3.75
Full range of cockroach products...
Slug and Snail Kit
500g Eradicate Snail and Slug Bait
1 x Slug and Snail Trap
4 m Copper Barrier Tape Copper Barrier Tape

PS125Save $17.95 while supplies last

Full range of slug and snail products...
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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Citrus Care Kit
Protect your trees from most citrus pests and the ants farming them. Mealy bug, scale and black sooty mould can be controlled so you get the delicious, home grown citrus you expect.
Eco-Oil: Used to suffocate on contact a wide range of insects, in all life stages and thought to have a repellent quality to flying female insects. Can also be used safely throughout the garden for control of whitefly, sap sucking insects and two spotted mite. Made from certified organic, Australian grown canola oil.
Horticultural Glue: Stops climbing insects in their tracks! Apply this glue around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Be very cautious if you are considering using a non-horticultural glue or other sticky substance on your plants; we hear many stories of people killing their trees this way.
Tree Wrap: To band the tree prior to applying the glue and make it easier to clean off or reapply glue if necessary. This horticultural clear tape is slightly elastic and 25 mm x 50 m.

1 Trappit® Barrier Glue 75 ml mini-caulking gun
1 Eco-Oil 250 ml
1 Tree Wrap 25 mm x 50 metres
1 Green Harvest researched and written citrus care leaflet
all packed in a re-usable calico bag.

PB171Save $5.00

More information on organic citrus care...
Trappit® Barrier Glue
Apply this glue in 2 or 3 narrow bands, 5 cm apart around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Banding is recommended.
How to use Trappit® Glue...
Material Safety Data Sheet
Trappit® Caulking Tube
Covers approx. 20 metres. 310 ml
Applicator not included.
PG131Reduced from $49.95
Sprouting and Microgreens Kits to save you money
Microgreens Kit
This kit will start your microgreens growing!
2 x Microgreen Trays
Drip Tray - ideal on kitchen benchtop; prevents spillage
Seed Raising Block - natural coconut fibre, will fill 8 trays
Organic Salad Mix - will fill 3-6 trays
Microgreens Buckwheat Seeds 25g
Microgreens Pea Seeds 25g
Seaweed Plant Starter 500 ml - provides micronutrients

TF161Save $13.30

A free Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide is included with your first sprouting or microgreen seed order.
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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Sprouting Starter Pack Save $5.00

One Mason Sprouter
Organic Broccoli Seeds 25g
Organic Mung Bean Seeds 200g
TF184Save $5.00

A free Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide is included with your first sprouting or microgreen seed order.

Full range of microgreen and sprouting products...
Tools, Propagation Equipment and Fertilisers on Special and as Kits
Coco Pellets
These circular discs swell when soaked in water. Place a single seed in the centre. When the plant develops roots through the biodegradable netting, plant it out. Perfect for one-step seed raising (no potting mix required, no thinning, no pricking out). Makes a plug 35 mm wide x 35 mm tall approximately (size may vary due to the manufacturing process).
TP100Reduced from $10.00
Hand Tool Pack Save $10.00
All our best-selling unique tools in 1 kit!:
1 Hori Hori Soil Knife
1 Kama
1 Ho-Mi Little Hoe
TH173Save $10.00
Full range of hand tools...
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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Pruning Pack
Keep your secateurs and loppers handy and sharp with this kit.
TC140Save over $12.00

More information on fruit tree pruning...
Seed Starting Kit
  • 1 seed tray and germination cover which allows for seedling growth up to 11 cm
  • 2 x 10 cell bio-degradable punnets
  • 60 x 5.5 cm deep bio-degradable pots
  • 10 x seedling labels
  • 10 x bed markers
  • 1 x marker pencil
  • 1 x micro trowel / seedling lifter
  • 1 x two-sided dibber
Fill the pots with our Seed Raising Block
TP220 Reduced from $29.95
Sickle Kit
Includes: TC139Save $10.00
Full range of pruning products...
Spiral Plant Support Twin Pack
Protect, train and support your climbing and rambling plants with this spring construction, stretchable plant support. Make a beautiful display of flowering plants such as sweet peas; grow climbing beans, indeterminate tomatoes, snowpeas, and much more. To use, fasten the wide base of the spiral into the ground using the three pegs supplied, then stretch the support up and fasten the top to a cane or stake of your choice. Made from durable epoxy coated steel, this will also serve as a convenient frame for protective netting. Width at base 290 mm; maximum height 1.5 metres. Base is strengthened with three spokes.
Stake not supplied; comes as flat pack for easy storage. 2 spirals in each box.
TA112Reduced from $29.95
Tree Planting Pack
1 weed mat + 1 tree sleeve
Stakes not included.

More information on tree care...

Grafting and Budding Kit
Garden Grafter
Ryset Grafting Knife: only available in this kit
This knife has a straight, stainless steel blade with a bark lifter for budding. Also attached is a 30 mm spatula to help with bark lifting. The blades fold into the sturdy case for safe storage. Ideal for all types of grafting and budding.
Grafting tape: 12 mm x 50 m
Book: New Plants from Old by Jackie French included FREE - Save $20

Full range of grafting products...
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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Want to remember the name of that plant?

Aluminium Tree Tags have a pre-punched hole and are attached by copper tie-wire. Information you want is permanently embossed with an old ballpoint pen. Size 80 x 20 mm.

TL101Now reduced from $19.50
Full range of label and tag products...

Poultry Care Kits and Specials
Poultry Care Kit Save $6.95
No Norfolk Island / TAS / WA
Grow some of the essential requirements your chickens need, improve their health, reduce your feed costs and eat more nutrient packed home grown eggs. This super high quality kit contains kelp meal, annual and perennial seeds, and food grade Diatomaceous Earth for internal and external animal health. More information on poultry forage...
250g Clucker Tucker™ Seed Mix UT
450g DE for Animals
250g Kelp Meal

Happy, Healthy Chooks Leaflet is included with the initial purchase of all poultry products.
Full range of poultry supplies...

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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.

Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
Australia and International Organic Certification
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
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