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Only small seed packets (std, 5g, 25g, 100g) is $7.50 or with any other products: $12.95 for Qld or $15.95 for all other states more details.
Asian Hand Cultivator   Delta Hoe   Draining Spade   Envirobag   Garden Fork   Garden Spade   Hand Hoe   Hand Tool Pack  
Ho-Mi Little Hoe   Hori Hori Soil Knife   Mini Hand Cultivator  
Versatile and durable ancient Asian tools
View ABC Gardening Australia video about these tools
Field-tested for 5,000 years, these Ho-Mi style (Korean for 'little ground spear') tools were first made in Korea during the Bronze Age. Impressively strong and durable, hand forged from one piece of tool steel which is heat treated and sharpened for maximum strength and edge holding quality. Light and easy-to-use. The unique shape (a curved head ending in a sharp point) allows you to do many tasks with only one tool.
  • Hilling
  • Digging
  • Weeding
  • Mounding
  • Thinning
  • Loosening soil
  • Planting of seeds, tubers, seedlings and bulbs in holes or drills
Asian Hand Cultivator
This is the most used tool in our garden and we have thousands of very enthusiastic customers. These individually handmade tools may have slight dimensional variations. Blade length 170 mm; wooden handle 125 mm; shaft length varies with each batch from 170-200mm; weight 270g. This is an investment in a top quality, long lasting, well designed and multi-purpose tool.
TH110minimum 2 per order
Good news! I received my package today! I'm very excited to give it to my sister FOR XMAS.
The same tool was given to me as a gift and it has changed my world as far as gardening goes, I absolutely LOVE IT!

Leigha M. (Far South Coast)
Ho-Mi Little Hoe
This is a very light (190 g) and well balanced economy model which we highly recommend as we have sold over 1,000, with no returns or complaints. Blade length 125 mm, handle 120 mm long.
TH145minimum 5 per order
TH148minimum 10 per order

Also available as part of a special hand tool pack
View an ABC Gardening clip about this hoe
Mini Hand Cultivator
Manufactured to the same standards as our best-selling Asian Hand Cultivator. With the slight curve to the blade it is especially useful for:
  • getting into small spaces to weed and plant
  • light weeding of pot plants
  • for use by younger gardeners
  • gardening with arthritic hands and wrists
Blade length 100 mm; wooden handle 125 mm; shaft length 165 mm; full length 300 mm; weight 180 g
Hand Hoe
Weed between or in rows with the flat edge of the blade which is set at a slight angle for scraping out or chopping of weeds with the sharp corner used to extract weed roots.
Blade length 120 mm; wooden handle 260 mm; shaft length 80 mm; full length 340 mm; weight 180 g

Delta Hoe
This tool is designed and strongly recommended for scraping off surface weeds, digging holes for seedlings and tube stock, preparing planting rows, tilling and light chopping of soil. Made from High Carbon Steel for strength and durability. The slightly curved, concave blade is 70 mm wide x 140 mm long tapering to a sharp point to make weeding and furrowing easier. The wooden handle is 400 mm long allowing for greater reach into a bed than most hand tools. Overall weight 230 g

Hand Tool Pack Save $10.00
All our best-selling unique tools in 1 kit!:
1 Hori Hori Soil Knife
1 Kama
1 Ho-Mi Little Hoe
TH173Save $10.00
Hori Hori Soil Knife
This multifunctional garden tool is perfect for digging, weeding, planting, cultivation and division. It is far more robust than most hand tools promoted as 'weeders'. It is a traditional Japanese-style soil knife featuring a 130 mm hardwood handle and 175 mm concave high carbon chrome molybdenum steel blade. The sharp cutting edges of the blade slice through soil. With the serrations on one edge use it instead of a kitchen knife under the soil to sever roots of tender weed and small clumps of bulbs and tubers. The blade also has depth measurements in cm and inches to help when planting seedlings out to the correct depth.
TH172minimum 5 per order

Also available as part of a special hand tool pack
  • This large basket (23 litre) is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic one use carry bags
  • Use it for markets or shopping, outings or picnics, harvesting from your garden or any other occasion which calls for the convenience of a portable, sturdy tote bag
  • Made from tough 600 Denier nylon attached to a lightweight aluminium frame
  • Comfortable padded carry handle
  • Zippered pocket will hold phone, glasses and keys
  • Dimensions: 49 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 25 cm (H)
Spear and Jackson
After an exhaustive search looking for a very good quality digging tool range we have come back to a company and tools which have been in our garden shed for 20 years. For those gardeners who are sick of buying and bending tools despite the job, this professional, well designed, solid forged, high quality, hammer finish epoxy coated tool range cannot be beat.
Neverbend Draining Spade
This Spear and Jackson trade quality, heavy-duty garden tool is made from heat tempered steel. The head (405 mm x 165 mm) which is welded to the long shaft is unusual in that it is tapered with a slight dish shape. This tool is our favourite and is used for planting of tube stock, tubers and small pots, loosening the deeper layers of a large planting hole, severing tree roots, cutting thru thick grasses (vetiver, lemon, citronella) and big beds of bulbs and tubers to divide clumps. This tool can really take a pounding whether it be digging shallow trenches, planting trees, wedging out clumps. Ours shows no sign of weakness, bending, rust or chipping after many years' use. Made in India.

Neverbend Professional Garden Fork
This Spear and Jackson trade quality, heavy-duty garden tool has forged steel prongs. The weather-proof hardwood timber shaft is fitted into a long lipped socket and rivetted for added strength. Tread or boot edge built in for more comfortable digging. Head size 290 mm x 190 mm, total fork length is 960 mm. 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Made in the UK.

Neverbend Professional Garden Spade
This Spear and Jackson heavy duty spade has a solid forged carbon steel head in a long-lipped socket, riveted for extra strength. The weatherproof hardwood timber shaft has a D handle and the spade is treaded for more comfortable digging. The hammer finish, epoxy coated head gives improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalinity in the soil. A sturdy, professional quality tool that is comfortable to use. Head size 290 mm x 190 mm with total length of 960 mm. 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Made in the UK.

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I'd just like to say thanks. You guys are on fire!!! What a superb service! I emailed an order on Wednesday the 9th of March and received it on the 11th of March. For someone who lives in a slightly remote place and has to do a bit of postal order supplies, that is really outstanding. It may seem unnecessary to mention that I received the order exactly as I ordered it, but it often poses a problem to other companies. The products are really great quality, innovative and simply excelling in all areas which customers have given up hoping for from other companies. Nice work!
Helen of Dunwich QLD
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