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$7.50 for up to 100 standard seed packets or including any other products: $12.95 for Queensland or $15.95 all other states more details.
Backyard Box   BD 500   Biochar   Happy Roses   Instant Humus   Life Force Gold   Micro-Force   Natrakelp   Organic Blooms™  
Organic Boost™   Organic Link   Seaweed Plant Starter   Water Garden Fertiliser Tablet  
Important reasons to choose organic!
  • Organic fertilisers are of benefit to the soil, not just the immediate crop.
  • Natural products based on kelp, rock minerals, fish and animal manures have a slow release.
  • Chemical fertilisers are highly soluble so may wash into the waterways causing toxic algal blooms.
  • The fast, lush growth caused by chemical fertilisers also attracts pests and fungi to the plants.
More information on soil pH...
More information on organic soil improvement...
BD 500 Preparation
Aracaria Biodynamic Farm, located in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, are now making available to the home gardener their Biodynamic Preparation 500. This product is made from manure supplied by Aracaria's own lactating cows that has been buried in cow horns during the cooler months of the year. The pure 500 is then embedded in Aracaria's biodynamic Cow Pat Pit compost. The CPP contains the biodynamic preparations 502 – 507 as well as crushed egg shells and basalt dust. Preparation 500 enlivens soil by improving soil structure and microbiological activity and promotes humus formation and water holding capacity. You can divide the preparation into four equal parts and mix in 4 to 8 litres of water. Each part is enough for a seasonal application providing your home garden with a biodynamic feast for the full year or you can use the entire pack to cover 0.5-1 acre. Illustrated application instructions are included. Keep the 500 in its special packaging in a cool, dark, dry place.

TS138minimum 5 per order

To learn more about BD please see books on the subject.
Biochar Active - Soil Conditioner.
Better Earth Products' Biochar is an environmentally beneficial soil conditioner suitable for vegetables, herbs, trees, lawns, pot plants and ornamentals. This highly porous substance is formulated to improve soil structure, boost drought tolerance and reduce fertiliser requirements. It will improve soil quality and thereby enhance plant health and performance. This 100% Australian product is made from agricultural and timber residues by a rapid thermal carbonisation process, so rapid that the char is created in 90 seconds. This converts a portion of the organic matter into a stable form of porous carbon that is then inoculated with nutrients and beneficial soil microbes.

Biochar removes carbon from the natural carbon cycle and locks it into productive soils for potentially thousands of years. The open porous structure holds moisture and nutrients and creates habitat for microbiological life. It increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil and is alkaline with a pH of 8 - 9, which will help reduce soil acidity.

By increasing your carbon held in the soil you will reduce high rain fall nutrient loss, sweeten acid soils, reduce long term fertiliser costs, improve soil moisture retention and contribute to sequestering carbon in the soil.
  • Improves soil structure and improves soil life
  • Reduces high rain fall nutrient loss
  • Sweetens acid soils
  • Improves raised garden bed performance
  • Long term reduced fertiliser costs
  • Less fertiliser, same yields
  • Improves soil moisture retention
  • Sequestered fixed carbon can last millennia
Nutrient Analysis:
Fixed Carbon: greater than 65%
Organic matter: 10 - 20%
Plant sourced minerals and nutrients: 8 - 25%
pH in CaCl2 solution: 8 - 9
Suggested application rates are a minimum rate only.
Existing Trees: Sprinkle 5 handfuls per square metre around drip line.
Planting Trees: Thoroughly mix 5 generous handfuls of Biochar Active into topsoil and water in.
Potted Plants: Sprinkle a handful of Biochar Active over the soil surface.
Potting Mix: Thoroughly mix 5% Biochar Active into a quality mix.
Vegetable gardens and existing trees: 5 handfuls per square metre over surface of garden bed.
Lawns: Sprinkle 3 handfuls per square metre.
Compost: Sprinkle a handful of Biochar Active each time high nitrogen green waste is added to your compost.

The 5 litre bag treats 5 square metres of soil area. Apply light covering every 6 - 12 weeks; dig in or water in well.
TS165minimum 3 per order
Happy Roses
Protect and feed your roses at the same time with this 100% natural health tonic. The unique mix of natural oils and minerals helps manage most common pests and diseases afflicting roses. It helps control blackspot and other fungal diseases such as rust and mildew with naturally occurring sulphur, seaweed extract and by boosting the health of the upper cells of the leaves. It will also prevent attack from aphids, thrips and caterpillars. Contains fish waste fertiliser to promote vigorous growth and general rose health; citronella and garlic to help resist insect attack; as well as ginseng, chilli, vegetable oils and natural minerals. How to use: After removing damaged foliage, use this convenient, ready-mixed product on remaining leaves to run-off point. Apply 3 times in the first week then spray every 7 - 14 days. No concentrate available. Ready-to-use 1 litre trigger bottle.
Material Safety Data Sheet

Can I use Happy Roses on other plants?
Yes. Happy Roses can be used all over the garden, especially on plants with waxy leaves. On sensitive looking leaves do a plant test patch first.
Does Happy Roses kill aphids?
It is not designed to kill aphids, but it does act as an effective repellent. To kill insects, use Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray.
What is the best way to control black spot and other fungal diseases on my roses?
General good gardening practices are always beneficial. For instance, roses should be planted at a distance apart at which they do not touch each other; watering should never be done from above, as drops spread fungal disease; roses should get at least six hours of sunlight per day; they need a well fertilised soil with plenty of organic matter (sheep manure is particularly good) and they should receive frequent deep watering.
In addition to the above, Happy Roses should be applied regularly. Naturally occurring sulphur and seaweed extract in Happy Roses controls existing black spot while the general qualities of the product boost plant immunity against further attack. If at any stage black spot should re-occur, remove damaged foliage and discard or burn.
Life ForceŽ - Three-Step Nutrition Gardening System
The Life ForceŽ Home Garden Range was developed to ensure success for even the most inexperienced gardener. This range introduces proven products previously only available in large-scale agriculture to home, school, community and market gardeners.
1. Bed Preparation 2. At Planting 3. Nutrition
Provides all major minerals, micro-nutrients, billions of beneficial soil microbes, promotes plant growth and feeds soil life.
Provides all major minerals, micro-nutrients, billions of beneficial soil microbes, promotes plant growth and feeds soil life.
Supplies organic nitrogen, trace elements, potassium, kelp and natural plant growth promotants.
Life Force Instant Humus certified product for organic gardens
A concentrated soluble humic acid granule that provides the many benefits of humus to soils with low levels of organic matter (most of Australia) and can be used as a substitute for compost. Humic acid promotes root growth, mineral and water retention and neutralises toxic residues and heavy metals. Apply to lawns, flowering plants, vegetables, shrubs and fruit trees. Dilute 2 teaspoons into a 9 litre watering can and wet soil thoroughly; covers 4 m˛; repeat monthly. 1 kg.

Life Force Gold
A complete composted fertiliser and soil conditioner containing all major minerals and micro-nutrients as well as billions of beneficial microbes. Ideal for your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, lawns, ornamental gardens and pot plants. Feed fruit trees in spring; feed vegetable and flower crops every 3 months. Used after the wet season it will replenish the leached nutrients. Sprinkle around existing plantings or blend into the topsoil for new planting areas. Apply: 200 grams per m˛ of garden bed; for pots use 15 grams per litre of potting mix. 3 kg bag.

TS175minimum 5 per order
Life Force Micro-Force
At last you have a 'soak and pour on' method to add billions of beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi to your soil. This blend stimulates a highly productive soil with benefits such as nitrogen fixation, nutrient solubilisation and plant growth promotion. Pack is sufficient to produce 30 litres of concentrate, which is then diluted 1:10 and applied to all plants and compost heaps with a watering can. While handling any microbial products a disposable face mask and gloves (supplied) should be used. Makes up to 300 litres.

Backyard Box Twin Pack certified product for organic gardens
Contains 1 litre each of Organic Boost and Organic Blooms: use together as a complete fertilising solution for your garden.

TS144save $5.95
Organic Blooms™ certified product for organic gardens
This concentrated liquid fertiliser enhances photosynthesis and improves plant health by providing a potassium boost in a highly available form to optimise flower, fruit and vegetable production. A lack of potassium can reduce the quality, quantity and health of produce; Backyard Blooms provides potassium in a highly available form, which plants and trees can easily access. Apply to soil or as a foliar spray. Ideally, spray weekly for vegetables and monthly for fruit trees and ornamentals. Typical analysis w/v: Potassium (as citrate): 35.2%; pH: 7.5; Specific Gravity: 1.42; Conductivity: 90 mS/cm. Mixing ratio 15 ml per 9 L: 1 L makes up to 600 L.


Save $5.95 when ordered with Organic Boost as Backyard Box
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how delighted I am with the Backyard Bloom (Ed. now called Organic Blooms) fertiliser. I have been using it fortnightly on my bean plants and am having a wonderful result. Before I used to use 'flower and fruit' products because I could never find an organic high potash liquid. I will be using it with all my flowers now as well as my tomatoes!
Kristine of Wallsend NSW
Organic Boost™ certified product for organic gardens
Many soils lack the nutrients required to produce and maintain healthy plants, trees and lawns. This is a multi-purpose liquid fertiliser containing a wide range of nutrients in a concentrated form. Made from kelp, guano, fish and a range of beneficial organic formulations, that will encourage healthy, vigorous growth. Apply to soil or as a foliar spray it will help to improve the long-term health of plants and enhance the quality and flavour of your fruit and vegetables. Ideally, spray weekly for vegetables and monthly for fruit trees and ornamentals. Made by Nutri-Tech Solutions - Australia's biggest manufacturer of inputs for organic agriculture. N: 2.33 P: 3.4 K: 0.93. Mixing ratio 30 ml per 9 L water: 1 L makes up to 300 L.


Save $5.95 when ordered with Organic Blooms as Backyard Box
Natrakelp certified product for organic gardens
Green Harvest has been supplying this Australian certified organic kelp product since 1998. Although it is not readily available to the retail market and there is not a big budget promotions campaign aimed at the gardener, this kelp is used by organic farmers internationally and many Australian scientific studies verify its success in the field in increasing yield. It uses Tasmanian seaweed in a cold-press process. Kelp contains a comprehensive range of trace elements and amino acids essential to maintaining an organic garden. Use it to:
  • soak seed, seedlings and new fruit trees to reduce transplant stress,
  • increase fruit production by foliar spraying,
  • increase tolerance to heat, cold, drought, pests and diseases.
Depending on application rate, 1 litre makes up to 250 litres; 5 litres makes up to 1250 litres.


We also have available a Natra-Kelp Liquid Seaweed For Animals
Organic Link certified product for organic gardens
A balanced general-purpose plant food without a strong odour; the granular form is easy to use and is suitable for vegetables, fruit, natives and flowers. It combines high quality natural and biological ingredients: blood and bone, natural lime and gypsum, soft rock phosphate, fish protein, silica, zeolite, neem and trace minerals. Organic Link is enhanced with mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma fungi to boost plant growth, health and disease resistance. Mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma fungi are beneficial soil organisms that form partnerships with plant roots, enhancing nutrient and water uptake and providing protection against soil-borne diseases. Add to potting mixes or directly to the soil: N: 5.44 P: 2.75 K: 5.16. Rate of application: 200g/m2; for 120 mm pots use 1 tbsp each season.

TS1074 times the quantity for only 2 times the price!
Seaweed Plant Starter
Get your seeds, seedlings and cuttings off to a flying start with this seaweed concentrate made from organically certified Tasmanian Bull Kelp. Contains naturally occurring plant hormones for stimulating seed germination and early root growth. Dilute 1 capful (10ml) in 4 litres of water and use to soak your seedlings when transplanting; soak seed in ˝ a teaspoon of seaweed solution mixed with 500ml of water; dip cuttings into a 10ml in 100ml of water solution. Can also be used as a foliar spray.
Depending on application rate, this handy-sized 500ml bottle makes up to 200 litres of fertiliser solution.

Water Garden Fertiliser Tablet
These fertiliser tablets gradually release a blend of essential nutrients including nitrogen and trace elements. Ideal for water gardens and aquatic plants; balanced to avoid overfeeding and burning roots. This method of adding nutrients to aquatic plants is safe and economical, involving no complicated measuring or mixing. Use to enhance flowering and promote healthy growth. Includes recommended application rates for different pot sizes. This is not an organic fertiliser, as organic fertilisers are not available in this very slow release form, suitable for pond use. The manufacturer's recommendation is that this product is safe in an outdoor pond with fish but not in an indoor aquarium.

Directions for use:
Insert recommended number of tablets evenly, halfway between the stem and perimeter of the pot at a depth close to the root ball. Apply at the start of Spring and Autumn.

Nutrient levels: NPK 10:15:10

Analysis% W/W  
Nitrogen present as Urea Formaldehyde8.00  
Nitrogen present as Nitrate2.00  
Total Nitrogen (N)10.00  
Total Phosphorous (P2O5) as Phosphate 15.00  
Total Potassium (K2O) as Nitrate 10.00  
Calcium (Ca) present as Phosphate1.60  
Magnesium (MgO) present as Oxide1.00  
Added micronutrients  
(Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Boron)1.00  

Pack of 20 x 10g tablets

How do you decide which fertiliser to use?
For gardeners with large areas, planning new orchards or market gardening, a soil test is essential. It gives you a starting point to judge your soil's improvement over the years and identifies initial problems that have to be addressed. Without the information from a soil test, large sums of money can be wasted on inappropriate fertiliser applications or young trees lost due to nutrient deficiencies.
For home gardeners it is hard to go wrong just adding compost to the soil, with organic seaweed or fish fertiliser to help seedlings along. Organically certified fertilisers such as NTS Instant Humus and Organic Link can safely be used in any gardening situation. Soils vary a great deal from region to region, in some areas of Australia soils are low in magnesium whereas SE Queensland is the reverse, often far too high in magnesium but low in calcium. As a general rule Australian soils are deficient in trace elements which is why a seaweed spray such as Natrakelp is a useful addition.
Checking with a local organic gardening organisation will give you the benefit of the members long experience and understanding of your area's climate and soils. See our links page for websites.
Why buy organically certified fertiliser?
English is a constantly evolving language and changing all the time. Many words have several meanings and 'organic' is one of these. 'Organic' meaning carbon-based is one meaning used as the opposite of inorganic. Grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides is simply another meaning, that has developed semantically since the early 1900's. This is obviously a valid meaning as the function of language is communication and this meaning is understood by millions of people world-wide.
Organically certified fertilisers are those where the original materials and the processes to manufacture them have been audited by an organic certifying organisation. This means that tests are done for heavy metal residues and chemical residues such as fungicides. To give an example, gypsum mined as rock could be available 'organically certified'; gypsum as a waste product from gyprock manufacture with residues including fungicides could not be 'organically certified'.

More information on soil pH...
More information on organic soil improvement...
Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
Australia and International Organic Certification
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
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