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Carrot   Cauliflower  
Daucus carota
Sow carrots to avoid the very hot part of the year but also frosty periods. Sow either spring or autumn, in very mild areas all year round is possible. A sunny position is required. Carrots need a friable, well drained soil and appreciate mulching. Sow directly where they are to grow, 10 mm deep, 2-3 cm apart in rows 30 cm apart. Germination is slow, preventing the soil from drying out is important for success, covering seed rows with shadecloth or cardboard can help. Thin out to 5 cm apart. Avoid fresh animal manures as they can cause forking. Never try to transplant carrots as the roots will fork in all directions!
Carrot 'All Seasons' UT
'All Seasons' is an open-pollinated carrot that is very popular for QLD and NSW planting. It can be planted almos year-round and has good disease resistance. The large, crunchy carrots are 20 cm long and can be picked at any stage. It is easy to grow and resists bolting. Days to harvest: 65 - 80.
SC119approx. 300 seeds
SC179 No WA
Carrot 'Atomic Red' UT
Syn. Carrot 'Red Sky'
'Atomic Red' has long, tapered bright red roots. Carrots are believed to have first been cultivated in Afghanistan where purple and yellow were the primary varieties; having since been domesticated throughout the world, with the red carrot finding a niche in Indian and Japanese cuisine. Slow cooking will enhance the colour even more until they are brilliant red. Red carrots contain lycopene, which is a valuable antioxidant. Days to harvest: 70.
SC204approx. 300 seeds
SC205 No WA
Carrot 'Baby Amsterdam' UT
'Baby Amsterdam' is an open-pollinated carrot that can be picked at any stage. It is popular for its early yield of 13 cm long, sweet, juicy baby carrots. The reddish-orange carrots are very smooth and cylindrical with a small core. It is easy to grow, even on heavier soils. Days to harvest: 55.
SC663approx. 300 seeds
SC664 No WA
SC665 No WA
Carrot 'Colour Mix' UT
A beautiful colour mix that includes red, white, orange and purple skinned carrots with a great flavour. A very decorative appearance in salads or steamed. Eating a colour mix like this guarantees a wider range of nutrients are available in the food.
SC278approx. 300 seeds
SC310 No WA
Carrot 'Nantes'
'Nantes' has a very sweet, crisp flavour with cylindrical, tender roots 16 cm long. It is great for steaming, salads and juicing. It copes better with heavy soils than some carrots and is very prolific and fast maturing. Days to harvest: 72.
SC120approx. 300 seeds OG
SC327 OG No WA
SC305 UT No WA
SC262 UT No WA
Carrot 'Paris Market' UT
Syn. 'Tonda di Parigi'
'Paris Market' is a 19th century French heirloom. It produces bright orange, round 'baby' carrots only 2.5 - 4 cm in diameter which are tender and crunchy. It is an ideal carrot to grow in heavy soils, where bigger carrots fail and great in containers. It is a good choice in kids' gardens as it is so fast growing.
SC316approx. 300 seeds
SC622 No WA
SC317 No WA
SC681 No WA
Carrot 'Purple Dragon' OG
A beautiful heirloom carrot that has a dark-purple skin with an orange interior, very decorative in salads or steamed. The flavour is slightly spicy and sweet. Days to harvest: 65 - 90.
SC229approx. 300 seeds
SC546 No WA
Carrot 'Purple Sun' UT
'Purple Sun' is a Nantes-type carrot with a striking, deep-purple skin and a pretty pinkish core. It can be planted almost year-round and has good disease resistance. The medium-sized, crunchy carrots are great tasting and high in anthocyanins, making a great addition to salads or juice. It is easy to grow and resists bolting. This is an F1 hybrid so is not suitable for seed saving. Days to harvest: 80.
SC535approx. 80 seeds
SC536 No WA
Carrot 'Red-Core Chantenay' UT
'Red-Core Chantenay' is an heirloom variety with a great flavour. The carrots are high quality, smooth, tapered, deep orange - red in colour to 14 cm long. It grows well in most soil types, including clay soils. It resists splitting and forking, the strong tops make for easy pulling. Days to harvest: 70 - 75.
SC312approx. 300 seeds
SC489 No WA
SC313 No WA
Carrot 'Red Kuroda' UT
'Red Kuroda' has a tender, deep orange root with a very sweet flavour, tapered to 19 cm long. It is a popular Asian carrot and is the most suitable variety for subtropical and tropical areas. It has a high moisture content so is also good for juicing.
SC314approx. 300 seeds
SC523 No WA
SC315 No WA
Carrot 'Scarlet Red' OG
'Scarlet Red' has a tender, deep red root tapered to 15 - 20 cm long. It has a sweet flavour and strong green tops. It is a popular Asian carrot and does best at cooler times of the year. It is high in lycopene and is also good for juicing. Days to harvest: 75.
SC479approx. 300 seeds
Carrot 'Solar Yellow' UT
Yellow carrots are believed to have been around since the 9th century although these days we are more used to our carrots being mainly orange. 'Solar Yellow' had buttery yellow, sweet, crisp flesh and grows to 15 to 17 cm long. The yellow pigments or Xanthophylls are reported to be associated with good eye health. Days to harvest: 60.
SC374approx. 300 seeds
SC375 No WA
Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
Cauliflower is an annual cool season crop that is frost hardy. It germinates best at 18 - 25C soil temperature. In temperate areas sow late December to May; in very cool, highland areas sow October to February; in inland areas sow February to September; in subtropical areas sow March to June; in tropical areas sow April to July. It can be difficult to grow cauliflowers well in subtropical and tropical areas as they are not as hardy as cabbage in hot weather and quality can be poor. Hot weather results in bolting to seed before developing curds and can also cause browning or discolouring of the curd. It only takes a few days of hot weather to cause this effect. Hybrid varieties are a better choice than open-pollinated types for these hotter areas. It is also important to plant early enough in hotter areas so the plants mature well before the weather warms up in spring. Sow seed 10 mm deep in trays or seedbed, germination takes 4 - 10 days. Transplant seedlings by first removing the seed leaves and planting deeper, up to the 1st set of true leaves. Space plants 40 cm apart in rows 60 - 75 cm apart. It requires a fertile, well drained soil with a pH of 6 - 7.5. It is a heavy feeder, needing plenty of nitrogen and potassium. Prepare soil by digging well-rotted compost or animal manure through the bed. Keep soil moist; add organic fertiliser when plants are half grown. Harvest while heads are still tight and white.
Cauliflower 'Sixty Days' UT
This is an open pollinated variety well suited to warmer areas. It forms tight, solid, pure white, heads that are crisp and tender. It has an excellent flavour and is good fresh or frozen. Days to harvest: 60.
SC265approx. 150 seeds
Cauliflower 'Snowball Improved' UT
'Snowball Improved' is an open-pollinated variety well suited from cooler areas to as far north as the cooler parts of South-East QLD. It is reliable and self blanching. It forms tight solid, pure white 15 cm heads that are crisp and tender. It has excellent quality and is good fresh or frozen. Days to harvest: 52 - 70.
SC705approx. 150 seeds
SC707 No WA
Cauliflower 'Violet Sicilian' UT
syn. Cavolfiore di Sicilia Violetto
This Italian cauliflower is a vigorous plant with broad, green-grey leaves and a beautiful violet, compact, 1 - 1.3 kg head. The head turns green when cooked and has a sweet mild taste both raw and cooked. A high mineral content is responsible for the colour. It is best suited to cooler areas and as far north as the cooler parts of South-East QLD.
SC185approx. 150 seeds
Australian native plant
OG organically certified with AusQual - Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
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