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Postage & Packaging: seed packets(std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 for Qld or $15.95 for all other states more details.
Compost Bucket   Ezi Dri Electric Food Dehydrator   Garject Garlic Press   Garlic Ginger and Shallots Keeper   Hand Juicer   Macadamia Nutcracker   Push Up Ice Block Mould   Scissors: Multi-Purpose   Smood Masher  
Vegetable Storage Sack  
Compost Bucket
Enamel bucket with plastic insert for your kitchen scraps
  • Grey outer container: 250 mm x 195 mm wide
  • Plastic bucket insert: 160 mm x 170 mm, dishwasher safe
  • Removable lid with washable filter
  • Will look great on your kitchen benchtop
  • 3 litre capacity
Ezi Dri Electric Food Dehydrator
Make your own healthy snacks, preserved meals for camping and 'fast food'. The best dryer on the market. It is safe, fast and easy to operate and uses very little electricity. Each unit is supplied with: 5 trays used to support the inserts and for putting sliced fruit and vegetables onto, 1 mesh sheet, 1 solid sheet, 60 page instruction book. Adjustable thermostat 35-60 degrees C. 2 year warranty.

See the detailed Ezi Dri brochure: Front Cover (92Kb)   Back Cover (180Kb)

Snackmaker Ezi Dri Electric Food Dehydrator
Snackmaker has a 500 watt motor, expands to 15 trays of herbs/flowers or 12 trays of fruit/vegetables/meat.
TF104minimum 2 per order
TF105minimum 2 per order
TF106minimum 2 per order

Ultra Ezi Dri Electric Food Dehydrator
Ultra has a 1000 watt motor, expands to 30 trays of herbs/flowers or 20 trays of fruit/vegetables/meat.
The Ultra accessories are also suitable for the older version called Harvest maid 1000D.
TF109minimum 2 per order
TF110minimum 2 per order
TF111minimum 2 per order
Bonus Pack Snackmaker

Purchase the Snackmaker, 2 extra trays,
2 extra solid sheets, and we will give
you 2 mesh sheets FREE
This will give you: 7 trays, 3 solid sheets and 3 mesh sheets.
Bonus Pack Ultra

Purchase the Ultra 1000, 2 extra trays,
2 extra solid sheets, and we will give
you 2 mesh sheets FREE
This will give you: 7 trays, 3 solid sheets and 3 mesh sheets.
Garject Garlic Press
  • Australian designed, world's best garlic press
  • Innovative design which easily and completely presses multiple unpeeled cloves of garlic
  • Scrapes itself clean as handle is opened
  • "Peel eject" button removes the peel
  • Design ensures all pressed garlic gets into your meal and your hands don't stink
  • Rinse under water to clean or place in dishwasher
  • Food grade plastic body with nylon 'peel-eject' button and scraper; stainless steel grill
  • Various Colours.
Macadamia Nutcracker
Until this brilliant device was available to us our macas just sat on the shelf in the 'too hard' basket! The hinged long handle makes it so simple that anyone can easily crack their own fresh macas. Australian made product with a life-time warranty.

Push Up Ice Block Mould
Fill up these bright fun cone-shaped tubes with your favorite fresh juice, puree, pudding, fruit, berries, candy, chocolate, nuts, yoghurt, cocktail or smoothie and freeze for a yummy summer treat. The soft squeeze material allows you to push up your homemade ice block which makes it easy to eat without spills and drips and is great idea as a healthy snack for kids.
  • Push up design
  • BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate free
  • Flexible, non-toxic, food grade Silicone, a safe alternative to plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds 100 ml each but don't put in more than 75 ml or the caps will pop out, as liquids expand when frozen
  • 6 reusable moulds reduces disposable packaging, artificial colours and sugar consumption
Scissors: Multi-Purpose
This great tool can be used in Garden, Kitchen, Camping, Fishing, Workshop or Office.
We challenge you to cook a meal with just this one tool!
  • smooth rust resistant stainless-steel blades
  • soft feel ergonomic handles
  • bone hook for cutting through white meat
  • bottle opener
  • nut and seafood cracker
  • fish scaler
  • garlic crusher
  • herb and flower harvesting or trimming
  • take apart for thorough cleaning
Smood (Smooth Masher)
  • Australian designed masher
  • stupendous for banana, pumpkin, potato and avocado mash
  • stainless steel flexible spring coil presses flat creating smooth mash in just one press
  • ergonomic and soft handle
  • silicone scraper edge to easily clean the pot and serve to a bowl or plate
Vegetable Storage Sack
Made from natural jute fibre, these great looking bags are strong with an over-lock stitched hem and, are 100% biodegradable. Use them for your tuber harvests - potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes - or any vegetables that requires a dry and dark storage place with some air circulation. They are 500 mm long x 450 mm wide, with a drawstring at the top and have an approximate capacity of 10 kg.

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