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Aluminium Tree Tags   Bamboo Labels   Bed Markers   Chinagraph Pencil   Copper Labels   Dibber, Widger and Label Set   Display Labels   Plant Labels   Wooden Labels   Zinc Stake Labels  
Aluminium Tags for identification and marking of:
  • plants
  • survey marks or pegs
  • small parts drawers
  • many other useful applications in the field and around your workplace
  • easily marked with ink pen for permanent identification
  • can be stamped, nailed or tied to any surface
  • includes long lasting copper tie wire. For a plant, tie loosely at the wire ends to allow for growth of your valuable plants.
  • 80 x 20 mm
Bamboo Labels
These bamboo plant labels will look great in your garden and in pots; they can also be tacked or stapled to fence posts or tomato stakes. Each pointed label is 200 mm long, 20 mm wide and 5 mm thick, giving you a writing face of 150 x 20 mm. Big enough to write instructions for your fellow gardeners, such as 'pick me first!' or 'do not pick - seed saving'. At the end of the label's life, just add as mulch around a tree.

TL153minimum 5 per order
Bed Markers
White label, T-shaped, 95 mm high stake with a writing face of 57 x 38 mm. 10 per pack.

TL133minimum 3 per order
Chinagraph Pencil
  • Waterproof, permanent marker, withstands sun or rain
  • Use on all plastic display labels, stone, wood, metal, lacquered and coated surfaces, glass, porcelain, rubber, PVC, paper, leather
  • Can be used under water
  • Used in commercial nurseries, upholstery manufacturers, in the car, shoe and fashion industry, marine, engineering and geology fields
  • Clean with solvent on a cloth
  • Significantly longer permanence than marker pens
Copper Labels
Copper labels are considered the most durable of labels as the writing is etched into the metal and so never fades. Very useful when you really want to remember the name of a plant.

Copper Labels and Ties are traditional copper tie-on labels with a pre-punched hole. Information you want is permanently embossed with an old ballpoint pen. Labels will turn 'copper green' in time. Size 95 x 20 mm. Packet of 10 labels.

Copper Stake Label
The most attractive, durable, easy-to-use stake label yet. The copper strip can be inscribed for permanent labelling or written on with a marker pen for temporary labelling. Full length is 250 mm. Writing face is 70 x 25 mm. Pack of 10.

TL144minimum 3 per order
Zinc Stake Labels
Metal label, our tallest at 300 mm with oval writing face of 80 mm across x 55 mm high. Will not rust, mark with chinagraph pencil for long life.
TL148minimum 10 per order
Dibber, Widger and Label Set
Set Includes:
  • 1 widger to lift seedlings carefully and gingerly out of a tray
  • 1 dibber used to make holes in growing media for seeds and small plants
  • 1 pack of 25: 127 mm long plant labels with pencil.
Display Labels
Label like the professionals. These UV treated, Australian-made plastic labels can be written on with any marker, or you can print off a label and stick it on. You can clean off the label with metho and re-use it over and over again or mark your important perennial plants so you always know what it is, the date planted, the flower / harvest season, special needs etc.

Yellow Display Labels (350 mm)
Yellow label, 350 mm high stake, with a writing face of 95 mm across x 65 mm.

TL111minimum 11 per order
TL112minimum 50 per order
Long Face Display Labels
Yellow label, 178 mm high stake, with a writing face of 178 mm across x 62 mm.

TL120minimum 11 per order
TL121minimum 50 per order

White Display Labels (250 mm)
White label, 250 mm high stake, with a writing face of 70 mm across x 50 mm.

TL108minimum 11 per order
TL109minimum 50 per order

Tall Display Labels (325 mm)
White label, 325 mm high stake, with a writing face of 125 mm across x 75 mm.
TL150minimum 11 per order
TL151minimum 50 per order
Plant Labels - Nursery Grade
Weatherproof plastic labels 100 mm long. Writing face 70mm x 20 mm. Pack of 100 labels

TL141minimum 6 per order
Plant Labels With Pencil
  • 50 UV stabilized plastic labels
  • 120 x 13 mm
  • 1 pencil
Wooden Labels
These jumbo sized labels give you plenty of room to write on and can be used to mark seedling rows, potted plants, herbs and perennials or to clearly label which plants to save for seed or to harvest now. In addition they are strong enough to use as a tool with seedlings: opening up small holes for transplanting and using the flat surface to lift and separate for potting on. Made from biodegradable, untreated wood just tuck under the mulch or add to a compost pile when the season is over. Writing face of 18 mm across x 150 mm long. Pack of 100 labels.

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