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Tools to manage your patch Banana Harvest Knife: carefully cut hands from stem Cane Knife: for chopping the stalk into smaller pieces
Banana Harvest Knife   Banana Ripening Bags   Eco Bag Tree Watering System   Garden Cloche   Tree Planting Pack   Tree Sleeves  
Weed Mat  
Banana Harvest Knife
Designed like a hand sickle, this knife is versatile and can be used for various cutting applications. Its shape allows for reaching hard to access stems.
  • The blade is placed behind the banana hand to cut a bunch without damaging the fruit or cutting the entire bunch
  • 330 mm Stainless Steel blade
  • 140 mm ABS Handle
  • Curved, sharp blade
  • Made in Spain
Banana Ripening Bags
Bunch covers protect the fruit from bird, wind and sun damage, improve its quality and increase the yield. These bags are half blue plastic and half silver to reflect heat and are used around the world with the silver colour facing the sun and the blue side closest to the "trunk". The bag comes as a tube which slides up the bunch and ties loosely only at the top and is left open at the bottom, as this allows air movement and prevents possible overheating in the bag. Cut off the flower bell 100 mm below the last hand to increase fruit size. 1200mm x 730mm.

TB105minimum 10 per order

Tools to manage your patch:
  Banana Harvest Knife : carefully cut hands from stem
  Cane Knife : for chopping the stalk into smaller pieces
Eco Bag Tree Watering System
This is an award winning Aussie invention that will water a young tree for up to 30 days by capillary action.
  • Prevents evaporation
  • Waters trees and plants for up to one month
  • Stops weeds
  • Soluble fertiliser can be added to water in bag
  • Saves time, easily refilled
  • Heavy duty UV treated PVC for outdoor use
It consists of a UV treated plastic bag (580 x 690 mm) that holds 25 litres of water or liquid fertiliser. Two bags per pack.
TW147minimum 4 per order
Garden Cloche
Keep your small plants and seedlings safe from frost, wind, birds, rabbits, hares, bandicoots and other garden pests.
  • A French term for a small translucent cover for protecting or forcing outdoor plants
  • Made from high impact, UV stabilized plastic, for years of usage
  • Adjustable air vent on top for temperature and humidity control
  • Use to extend your growing season and protect frost-tender seedlings
  • Comes complete with pegs to secure to the ground
  • 26 cm diameter x 20 cm height
  • Pack of 3
Tree Planting Pack
1 weed mat + 1 tree sleeve
Stakes not included.

More information on tree care...

Tree Sleeves
These sleeves are used along thousands of kilometres of roads and for Landcare and private plantings throughout Australia. They are made of UV stabilised clear plastic. Using these can greatly increase the success rate of tree plantings by reducing wind, cold and animal damage. Standing at 600 mm tall x 400 mm wide they suit most natives and many young trees. Stakes not included.
More information on tree care...

TT141 Available as part of a Tree Planting Pack
TT147minimum 50 per order
Weed Mat
These water permeable weed mats are re-purposed from discarded cotton clothing. Not UV treated so they will biodegrade in about 2 years. The 370 mm x 370 mm mats are designed to be used with tree sleeves, but can be used anywhere you want your plants off to a good start by suppressing weeds and retaining moisture. They have 3 pre-cut holes for support stakes and include a slit for a snug fit around a tree stem. Much easier to transport to your planting site than mouldy hay bales, will last longer and contain no weed seeds.

TW151 Available as part of a Tree Planting Pack
TW152minimum 50 per order
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