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Garden Soil and Compost Thermometer   Moisture and pH Meter   Propagating Thermometer   Rain Gauge   Refractometer  
Soil pH Test Kit   Weather Station  
Garden Soil and Compost Thermometer
Ensure your compost is hot enough to kill weed seed and your garden soil is warm enough to ensure excellent seed germination with this 210 mm long metal encased probe. Temperature range is -10 to 110C.

TM116Reduced from $21.95
Moisture and pH Meter
Soil pH has a major impact on nutrient availability. If your soil is much above or below the neutral pH of 7, your plants may not be taking up the nutrients supplied in compost or fertilizers. This simple and accurate probe will help you to determine the soil moisture levels and pH in your pots, mixes or garden beds up to a depth of 200 mm. pH meters are not as accurate as a testing kit, but give a good indication whether your soil, potting mix, compost or other inputs are too acid or alkaline and need amending. Measures pH from 3 - 10. See here or any garden book for the preferred pH level for common garden plants and here for organic strategies for amending pH. Meter is 280mm long, no batteries required.


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Propagating Thermometer
Ensure your seed-raising medium is at optimum temperature for seed germination. Insert the thermometer to a depth of 50 - 75 mm; check the temperature after 3 minutes. Complete with suggested germination temperatures for common flowers and vegetables. 145 mm long; non-mercury indicating liquid. Temperature range -30 to 50 C; -20 to 120 F.

Rain Gauge
  • made from UV stabilised plastic
  • simple to install using the built-in mounting plate
  • clear, raised graduations in both inches and millimetres
  • maximum capacity 150 mm
  • 310 mm high by 80 mm maximum width.

Refractometers use a drop of plant sap to measure sugar, mineral and protein levels in plants and fruit. An optimal reading means the plant is better able to resist the pressures of pest, disease and temperature extremes, is fully ripe, has longer shelf life and better yields. It includes instructions. This tool will help you to manage your plants for maximum nutritional benefit, maximum impact from fertiliser applications and minimum pest impact. Measures from 0 to 32 degrees Brix - a range covering most fruits and vegetables. More information on refractometers...

Soil pH Test Kit
Test kit developed by CSIRO, it is very simple and fast to use, an information booklet is included, used carefully it will do up to 100 tests.


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