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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
Locals: Click, Pay & Collect from Witta (postcode 4552) - no postage & packaging charges.
Bottle Top Dripper   Bottle Top Sprinkler   Pressure Sprayer   Pump Sprayer   Right as Rain Sprinkler   Spray Nozzle  
Bottle Top Dripper
  • Fits most plastic drink bottles with a 20 mm neck, re-purpose those PET bottles!
  • It is like having a drip system to deliver water direct to the root zone, without the hassle, cost or maintenance
  • Regulate water flow to each plant based on its size with the easy twist control knob
  • Useful for potted plants, establishing seedlings and to keep indoor plants alive while away on holiday
  • Add liquid nutrients (weed or manure tea; kelp; worm juice; soil probiotic, etc) to deliver nourishing fluid to the root zone
  • Pack of 3
TW130minimum 3 per order

Trouble shooting: if no water drips be sure you have a nice tight seal with the dripper and the bottle then pierce a small pin prick hole in the bottom of the bottle. This will allow air into the system and break the vacuum that existed. The yellow valve then can be adjusted to your desired flow.
Bottle Top Sprinkler
Recycle any PET bottle (the standard type of bottle used for soft drinks and water) into a lightweight watering can. Allows for easy, accurate and soft flow watering, when gently squeezed. Ideal for indoor plants (microgreens, pot plants) or anywhere you have young seedlings. Add some liquid fertiliser, put on the bottle top, shake and feed. 3 sprinklers per pack.

Pressure Sprayer - 2 litre
An ideal size for hand-held application for foliar feeding fertilisers or controlling / preventing pest outbreaks. Just pump a few times then hold the trigger and spot spray.
  • Heavy-duty pump action spray bottle
  • Top mounted thumb trigger operation
  • Adjustable brass spray nozzle from fine mist to jet
  • 500 ml markings on the side of the bottle for ease of small batch mixing
  • Capacity 2 litres
At this price, you can consider it worthwhile to buy one for each type of application: fertiliser, herbicide, or your own worm juice or compost tea blend.
Pump Sprayer Turn soft drink bottles into garden sprayers!
This sprayer is made from durable brass with plastic grips and fittings. It threads on to the standard PET plastic drink bottles. No pressure pumping is required as this is not a pressure bottle but instead the fine mist is distributed on the push AND pull horizontal motion. Two adjustable nozzles can be changed from mist to jet and enable coverage of a large surface area and lets you easily spray the underside of leaves for the best application of fertiliser or to spray hidden insects.
Right as Rain Low Pressure Sprinkler
A well-designed sprinkler that works equally well on town water pressure or the lower delivery rates from bores and tanks. Even coverage and droplet size make for gentle watering with no dry spots. Made from UV stabilized plastic.
TW127minimum 3 per order
Spray Nozzle
  • Flip action for easy operation and flow control. Just push the lever forward to stop the water
  • Suits 12 mm hose
  • 8 spray patterns for specific watering needs: vertical - flat - shower - centre - cone - screen - mist - jet
  • Water efficient with the quick flick closure and ability to adjust nozzle instantly to suit the size of the plant and soil type
  • 3 year guarantee gives you confidence unmatched by all other nozzles
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