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Organic Gardener essential guide: Natural Solutions
Written by Penny Woodward, Denis Crawford, Frances Michaels (Green Harvest CEO) and others. 2016 (AUS)
This information packed guide contains 30 articles written by 10 prominent Australian organic gardeners. This 122 page, full colour book is divided into 4 parts:
Healthy Backyards: How to create a healthy garden ecosystem by improving your soil, attracting beneficial insects and how to recognize and fix nutrient deficiencies.
Pests and Diseases: This is the heart of the book with the main food garden pests covered. The quick reference charts for pests and diseases will become your go to guide to help properly assess your garden problems.
Animals: Natural chook health is covered in 5 pages.
In the Home: Ten toxic truths start the section off which leads to home cleaning, head lice and organic babies.
Organic Vegetable Gardening    NEW EDITION
Annette McFarlane 2010 (AUS)
Just about everything you could want to grow in your kitchen garden is covered in this invaluable handbook from one of Australia's most popular gardening writers.
From Amaranth to Zucchini, Annette McFarlane provides an authoritative and comprehensive guide to growing organic vegetables as well as mushrooms, edible weeds and flowers. In this fully revised edition there is advice on soil preparation, compost making, seed saving, propagation and germination. Grow bush food, heirloom vegetables and herbs to enhance Asian, Mexican and Greek cuisine. There are also interesting snippets throughout on all aspects of organic gardening. This is both an enjoyable read and a great resource for beginners and experienced gardeners. 256pp
The Wilderness Garden
Jackie French 2008 (AUS)
This will become one of your favourite gardening books! Jackie French, Australia’s leading organic garden writer has experimented with hundreds of new growing strategies and has developed many creative, natural ways of growing by letting the plants - and nature - do most of the work for her. Presented in a practical, informative and easily read book, your garden will thank you. 192pp

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