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Coco Fibre
Coco fibre syn. coir fibre is the green alternative to peat. Coco fibre products are made from the shell of coconuts. They are a renewable, natural product free from genetic modification and are acceptable for organic growing.

Seed Raising Block
Included in our Microgreens Kit.
Just add water to this 1 kg block and within minutes you'll have 15 litres of seed raising mix. It is also valuable to add to potting mix or compost. Although the coconut is sustainable managed this is not a certified organic product. N: 16 (present as ammonium, nitrate, urea) P: 3 K: 12.5 and also contains essential micro-nutrients (sulphur, magnesium, iron, boron, manganese and zinc). Fills 4 Seedling Trays or 8 Microgreen Trays and is also useful for striking cuttings.
TP189minimum 3 per order

Coir Peat Brick
These 100% coco bricks have so many uses. When added to soil they will substantially improve structure, break up hard clay and increase water holding capacity in sandy soils for up to 5 years. Great for worm farms, add to potting mix for baskets and containers, mix into trees holes, top dress pot plants and use for propagation of cuttings. One brick expands up to 9 litres when water is added.
TP199minimum 5 per order

Coir Bale
  • Sustainably sourced, fine grade coconut pith
  • Produced to professional standards for commercial production nurseries. This is what we use at Green Harvest!
  • 4.5 kg compressed bale + 24 litres water = 60 litres
  • Ideal for seed raising, seedlings, adding to potting mixes (try 50%), raised beds, sandy soils or any container (ceramic, plastic, grow bags)
  • Buy the bale and save money
  • Best to soak the entire amount, then store in a bin for using as required.
Coco Grow Block
These cubes are derived from renewable coconut husk. Supplied as a dry flat plate shape they swell rapidly when soaked in water or a liquid fertiliser (e.g. seaweed) solution. Place a single seed in the centre. When plant develops roots through the biodegradable netting, plant it out. Perfect for one-step, no-mess seed raising (no seed raising mix required, no pots or containers required, no thinning, no pricking out, less watering). The high water holding capacity and air filled porosity result in rapid rooting and stronger root development, which leads to quicker vegetative growth. Save money and time while establishing healthy robust seedlings. Excellent for hydroponics and if put in a shallow water holding tray the medium will stay continually moist. Expands to a 50 mm x 50 mm cube.

20 Grow blocks fit neatly into our seedling tray, not supplied, but available here...
Coco Pellets
These circular discs swell when soaked in water. Place a single seed in the centre. When the plant develops roots through the biodegradable netting, plant it out. Perfect for one-step seed raising (no potting mix required, no thinning, no pricking out). Makes a plug 35 mm wide x 35 mm tall approximately (size may vary due to the manufacturing process).
TP100Reduced from $10.00
Jiffy Pots - Square
Add your own potting mix to this biodegradable pot; especially good for vegetables that suffer transplant shock such as tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants. It has an 55 mm diameter across the top of the pot and is 60 mm deep.
Forestry Tube and Tray Pack
This specially designed compact tray and tube system will hold 40 (50 mm wide x 120 mm deep) tubes. The dimensions of the tray with tubes in it are 410 mm long x 260 mm wide x 150 mm high. A good system for stem or leaf cuttings and propagation of tree and shrub seed, as the tubes allow vigorous root development. Save yourself lots of money by doing your own propagation!
TT145minimum 12 per order
Super Tubes are similar but larger.
Forestry Tubes
These (50 mm wide by 120 mm deep) specially designed tapered tubes are used in the system above or you can closely pack them in a styrofoam box.
Planter Bags
  • Expand your growing area: decks, driveways, path edges
  • Produce: leafy greens, potatoes, herbs, tomatoes, flowers, strawberries and fruit
  • Create a no-dig food garden by simply filling with potting mix, compost, worm castings, fertiliser and plants
  • High yields in a small area
  • Saves time by focusing within the bag all watering, fertilizing, pest control and harvesting
  • Crop rotation done easily
  • Accommodates different conditions needed by specific plants eg. blueberries requirement for an acidic pH
  • Control soil conditions and build soil in a consolidated space. Excellent if your soil has a high clay or sand content
  • Contain invasive and aggressive varieties
  • Isolate from invasive tree roots and soil diseases like phytophthora and nematodes
  • Sturdy, long-lasting and used by the hundreds of thousands in the container stock and nursery industry
  • Reinforced stitched handles and round base
  • Made from Polypropylene (PP) Plastic #5 - this strong, tough waterproof material has a high resistance to heat which is why it is used in the manufacture of yogurt and margarine tubs, plastic cups and baby bottles, kitchenware, microwavable or takeaway/deli plastic containers and in the highest quality water bottles
  • Easy to cover and protect from pests and the elements
  • To fill your bags: use a premium growing or potting mix and add coco/coir peat. The top 200 mm of the bed needs to be a higher nutrient content. This can be achieved with mushroom compost and adding plenty of composted manures and worm castings
  • Best results will be achieved by incorporating all major nutrients and microbes as present in Life-Force Gold and Life-Force Micro Force

  Planter Potato Squat PopUp
Litres 20 and 35 75 100 400
Plants Endive / Witfloof
Water plants
Vine berries
Jerusalem Artichoke
Paw Paw
Stone fruit
Sweet potato
Any tree on dwarf root stock
Any garden plants
Annual or perennial

Mini Planter Bag
This 20 litre woven bag has a diameter of 280 mm and height of 330 mm. Perfect for holding your new fruit trees or native shrubs in a commercial quality container. You get the same depth as the 35 litre bag but require far less material to fill it. Suits perennial vegetables and the reinforced stitched handles makes it easy to move according to heat, light and moisture requirements. Try growing your tropical plants in these and moving in and out of a greenhouse as the seasons change.
TP216minimum 10 bags per order

Planter Bag
Ideal for smaller shrubs and young fruit trees awaiting planting out at a new site. Highly productive in the home water garden (water chestnuts, arrowhead and more). If your soil is poor or difficult to work, here's a way to grow chillies, eggplant, capsicums and more. These bags are used in propagation and production nurseries, horticulture and professional landscaping but are small enough to use on the balcony. Great size for moving a plant indoors in colder weather. Diameter is 370 mm and height is 330 mm - 35 litre capacity.
TP164minimum 10 bags per order
TP143minimum 25 bags per order
Potato Planter Bag
These large professional quality planter bags are ideal as a productive alternative for raising potatoes. Planting instructions: 1/3 fill the bag with good quality potting mix, compost etc. Put 3 - 5 spuds on the surface then cover with a few centimetres more of mix. When shoots emerge, add mix to cover; continue to 'hill up' as shoots re-emerge until foliage is above the top of the bag. By this method you can increase your yields hugely as potatoes will produce along the entire buried stem (at least 400 mm, a depth many Australian soils will not achieve) Potatoes are ready for harvesting when the majority of the tops have withered; this can be from 12 to 20 weeks after planting, depending on the variety. Diameter is 460 mm and height is 460 mm - 75 litre capacity.
TP187minimum 10 bags per order
TP188minimum 25 bags per order
Squat Bag
Ideal for growing shallow rooted perennial plants or others which tend to surface root. With an extra-large capacity they are also suitable for planting shrubs and a huge variety of plants as a permanent pot. To really use the root zone (full bag depth) consider combining a tree on dwarf rootstock surrounded by vegetables and flowers. You will also find these bags indispensable in the garden as they are the perfect size for carrying green garden waste. With the strong reinforced stitched handles you can drag your pruning and grass cuttings to the compost bin. Diameter is 530 mm and height is 460 mm - 100 litre capacity.
TP204minimum 11 bags per order
PopUp Garden Planter Bag
Position for easy kitchen harvesting and where it will receive at least 6 hours early day-time sunshine. No tools or construction required just unfold, fill and plant. With a 400 litre capacity (the size of an average hay bale) this bag is perfect, far simpler to set up for use as a no-dig, raised garden bed and at a fraction of the cost. You can use several to ensure your crops are rotated on a regular basis. Feed your family organically by planting a wide range of vegetables. You can also plant trees, shrubs and your favourite perennial plants such as asparagus whether you own or rent just top dress each winter with organic fertilizer, worm castings, manures and compost for fantastic crops. Diameter is 920 mm and height is 600mm - 400 litre capacity.
TP206minimum 20 bags per order

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Small Spaces Collection
Super Tubes and Trays
With these larger 90 mm x 150 mm tubes you can grow your plants to a bigger size to allow better root development prior to transplanting. Or you can try compact herb or veggie growing.
Tree Bags
  • 5 litre volume
  • commercial grade
  • minimum 2-year life
  • folds flat when not in use
  • black plastic bags
  • 160 mm square x 200 mm tall
  • further discounts apply for 3,000 or more
TP201minimum 250 bags per order
TP202minimum 500 bags per order
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Successful Seed Raising
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Seed-Raising Checklist
  • Is the seed viable?
  • Is it the right time of year to sow it?
  • Do I have the necessary equipment?
  • Have I read the directions?
  • Is the seed-raising mix sterile to avoid damping-off problems?
A free Successful Seed-Raising Guide is included with the 1st seed order from Green Harvest to make this job much easier.

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