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Citrus Care Kit   Citrus Leafminer Trap   Eco-Oil   Gall Wasp Citrus Guard   Insectrap   Yellow Card Trap  
You can find information on Organic Citrus Care here.
Citrus Care Kit
Warning to Victoria
Protect your trees from most citrus pests and the ants farming them. Mealy bug, scale and black sooty mould can be controlled so you get the delicious, home grown citrus you expect.
Eco-Oil: Used to suffocate on contact a wide range of insects, in all life stages and thought to have a repellent quality to flying female insects. Can also be used safely throughout the garden for control of whitefly, sap sucking insects and two spotted mite. Made from certified organic, Australian grown canola oil.
Horticultural Glue: Stops climbing insects in their tracks! Apply this glue around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Be very cautious if you are considering using a non-horticultural glue or other sticky substance on your plants; we hear many stories of people killing their trees this way.
Tree Wrap: To band the tree prior to applying the glue and make it easier to clean off or reapply glue if necessary. This horticultural clear tape is slightly elastic and 25 mm x 50 m.

1 Tree Guard Glue 150ml tube
1 Eco-Oil 250 ml
1 Tree Wrap 25 mm x 50 metres
1 Green Harvest researched and written citrus care leaflet

PB171Save $5.00

More information on organic citrus care...
Citrus Leafminer Trap
A trap and pheromone lure for male citrus leafminer moth. The larvae cause a distinctive silvery trail on the leaf surface and twisted, curled new growth on citrus trees. A best-seller in the USA with one trial in a commercial orchard showing an average of 100 leafminers caught per day compared with up to 40 with alternative products. The lure is placed on a sticky pad inside the card trap and hung in trees when new growth appears or at the first signs of damage. Each trap lasts 8 - 12 weeks on the tree; unopened lures stored in the fridge will last 2 years. One trap is needed for a small tree, 1-2 for large or badly infested trees. For high infestations or preventative protection, Eco-oil is helpful as it controls and inhibits the landing on the leaves by the females. Material Safety Data Sheet

PB168minimum 5 per order
Eco-Oil BFA Organic
Eco-Oil is a registered miticide/Insecticide. It is a botanical oil that contains canola oil, eucalyptus oil, melaleuca oil and several surfactants. Surfactants help the oil stick to the leaf. It controls pests by contact, so complete coverage of plants is important. For best results spray at the first sign of infestation. Repeat application may be necessary. Eco-Oil controls citrus leafminer, scale, two-spotted mite, aphids, whitefly and various sap-sucking insects. Oil sprays should not be used at temperatures above 35°C. Do not apply to plants suffering heat or moisture stress. Application rate is 5-10 mL per litre of water.

How does it work?
When eco-oil is applied directly onto an insect, including aphids, mites and whiteflies it blocks the breathing holes and prevents the carbon dioxide from being expelled from the body. This effectively smothers the insect. For best results, spray at the first sign of infestation as a very unique feature of this product is called Herbivore Induced Plant Protection Odours (HIPPO). HIPPO mimics the compounds produced by plants when they're under attack - which attract beneficial insects to eat the pests in your garden. When eco-oil is applied to citrus leaves it prevent the nocturnal citrus leafminer moth from landing and laying her eggs into the leaves. Both the smell and the oil layer left by the spray deters the moth. Material Safety Data Sheet

Benefits of using eco-oil
  • eco-oil has no significant impact on beneficial insect numbers
  • under sunlight eco-oil dissipates faster than petroleum-based oils, resulting in less risk of phototoxicity
  • there is no withholding period when sprayed on edible crops
  • there is no chemical residue left on plants
  • no protective clothing needs to be worn
  • it smells better than petroleum-based oils
  • it is manufactured in Australia using Australian grown canola oil, which helps support Australian farmers
PB155 Also available as part of a Citrus Care Kit
Citrus Gall Wasp
The swelling growths caused by the citrus gall wasp are obvious. Constant attacks will weaken your tree and cause it to produce less fruit.
Citrus Gall Wasp lay their eggs just beneath the surface of the citrus tree branch, acting as a host for the larvae to nest and grow inside the branch while feeding on the tree's sap flow. Restricted sap flow will cause swelling of the branch leading to leaf-drop, reducing the tree's ability to absorb sunlight to create the energy it needs to produce more leaves, flowers, and fruit. The galls will cause the tree to become very weak and if left untreated on the tree, can destroy your tree over time.
Gall Wasp Citrus Guard
This product is a wettable powder of refined Kaolin clay combined with a seaweed powder to help your citrus through the strain of fending off the gall wasp
  • Barrier film to discourage adult wasps from laying eggs
  • Application seasons: Begin in late winter through until early Autumn or apply when the weather is consistently over 20 degrees
  • Frequency of application: Fortnightly to monthly applications are required and applied to the point of runoff (drenched)
  • Method of application: Using a small container, slowly mix 50g (3 tablespoons) of powder per litre of water while constantly stirring to prevent clotting. Add mixed contents into the sprayer bottle, seal then shake vigorously to ensure contents are mixed thoroughly.
Watch this video produced by the Australian Applied Horticultural Research Agency.
This non-toxic, sticky, yellow, cylindrical trap attracts adult Citrus Gall Wasp via the food-grade feeding attractant which stimulates and guides the wasp to the trap.
  • It gives multiple ways to attract and control these damaging pests, with a bait, the shape of the trap and the yellow colour
  • Install the traps between August and February
  • 2 traps for a citrus tree up to 2 metres high or 4 traps for citrus trees over 2 metres
  • It includes a mesh barrier to ensure that birds cannot touch the glue area and accidentally become stuck in the super-strong non-drying glue
  • The bait is effective for 3 - 4 months
PG103minimum 4 per order
PG118minimum 10 per order
PG122minimum 36 per order
Yellow Card Trap
Warning to Victoria
Simple and very effective, each trap is a 100 x 160 mm weather-proof, cardboard sheet. Suspend the trap above the crop, every 2 to 3m. Whiteflies, aphids and fungal gnats are attracted to the yellow colour and stick fast to the non-drying glue. Beneficial insects are not attracted.

You can find information on Organic Citrus Care here.
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Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
Warning to Victoria Regulation 62: Sale, use or setting of glue traps that can trap an animal is banned. Sale, use or setting of a glue trap for the purposes of capturing an insect is only permitted where the trap has a cage, or is of a design, that prevent an animal contacting the adhesive surface.
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