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Organic Citrus Care Leaflet is included with the initial purchase of all tree banding glue products.
Horticultural Glues
Horticultural glues are very effective organic controls to prevent crawling insects from feeding, mating and spreading diseases in woody plants (roses, citrus, apples, etc.). This includes: codling moth, tent caterpillars, procession caterpillars and ants. Controlling ants reduces scale, aphid and mealy bug problems, as the ants protect these pests from predators. The recommendations vary as to the width of application, from wide to multiple narrow glue beads. Ants will be stopped by a narrower band of glue than, for example, caterpillars. Other uses include keeping ants or geckos out of electronic watering systems or security sensors.

More information on organic ant control...
Frequently Asked Questions

What is horticultural glue? It is a sticky non-drying glue made from natural gum resins, vegetable oil and wax.

How many trees will it cover? Trappit® will cover a minimum of 10 trees while Tree Guard Glue will cover approximately 12 tree trunks that measure about 30 cm in diameter, depending, of course, on your skill in applying it and the amount you use per tree.

Do I need to band the tree prior to applying the glue? This is highly recommended especially for young, thin-barked trees and smaller trees. Citrus is known to have particularly sensitive bark. Citrus trees are often killed by applying substances such as axle grease to their bark. By banding you protect the tree and lengthen the life of the glue. In addition, re-application or removal is far easier. You can use Tree Wrap, cling wrap, duct tape or masking tape.

Why are there still ants in the tree? They may be trapped and will soon die, or they may have found a way to bypass the glue. Check you have removed branches touching the ground and that there are no gaps underneath the tree banding material.

How long will the glue stay effective? Generally until it is covered with insects or dust. Banding the tree first, extends the glue's effectiveness because it stops the oil component being absorbed by the tree bark and so stops the glue from drying out.
Kill nesting ants, queen and all with this effective control.
  • For outdoors use a shallow container to keep sun and breezes off
  • Ants drink the bait then take it back to the nest where it is shared with the other ants and queen
  • Active ingredient is boron (borax decahydrate) mixed with a sweet attractant lure
  • Boron is mined from the soil
  • Boron-based products are the most effective, least-toxic pesticides available for domestic use

Other Boron based products
Citrus Care Kit
Not to Victoria
Protect your trees from most citrus pests and the ants farming them. Mealy bug, scale and black sooty mould can be controlled so you get the delicious, home grown citrus you expect.
Eco-Oil: Used to suffocate on contact a wide range of insects, in all life stages and thought to have a repellent quality to flying female insects. Can also be used safely throughout the garden for control of whitefly, sap sucking insects and two spotted mite. Made from certified organic, Australian grown canola oil.
Horticultural Glue: Stops climbing insects in their tracks! Apply this glue around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Be very cautious if you are considering using a non-horticultural glue or other sticky substance on your plants; we hear many stories of people killing their trees this way.
Tree Wrap: To band the tree prior to applying the glue and make it easier to clean off or reapply glue if necessary. This horticultural clear tape is slightly elastic and 25 mm x 50 m.

1 Trappit® Barrier Glue 75 ml mini-caulking gun
1 Eco-Oil 250 ml
1 Tree Wrap 25 mm x 50 metres
1 Green Harvest researched and written citrus care leaflet
all packed in a re-usable calico bag.

PB171Save $5.00

More information on organic citrus care...
Ants on your plants?
Not to Victoria
Here's the quickest and most convenient way to exclude ants from your trees and shrubs. This pre-glued band placed around the trunk also prevents a wide range of crawling insects (such as caterpillars) from ascending trees, shrubs, vines and woody plants. Supplied as a single roll 175 cm long and 10 cm wide, you can cut it to any length (make sure to overlap by 8 cm). For example, trees with a diameter 6 cm will need approximately 31 cm of the band and cover 5 trees. To figure out how many bands you will need, just measure the distance around the trees you want to cover at 45 cm above soil level. Supplied with twist wire which is used to secure the band at the top and bottom.
PG129minimum 4 per order
PG130minimum 10 per order
Trappit® Barrier Glue
Not to Victoria
Apply this glue in 2 or 3 narrow bands, 5 cm apart around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Banding is recommended.
How to use Trappit® Glue...
Material Safety Data Sheet
Trappit® Tube with Plunger
Covers approx. 10 trees. 75 ml
PG110 Also available as part of a Citrus Care Kit
PG111minimum 3 per order
PG112minimum 12 per order
Tree Guard Glue
Not to Victoria
  • Stops climbing insects
  • Physical, non-chemical pest barrier
  • Waterproof, non-drying, horticultural glue
  • Protects 24 hours a day until covered in insects or dust
  • Stops the creepy crawlies from entering trees, letter boxes, irrigation controls, etcetera
  • Codling Moth (apply as soon as flowering starts)
  • Elm Leaf Beetle, and Pear and Cherry Slug
  • Ants (the likely cause for aphids, scale and sooty mould)
  • Earwigs, weevils, moths and caterpillars (including the dreaded Procession Caterpillar)
  • Application - apply Tree Wrap around the tree trunk, about 30-50 cm above ground level and at least 10 cm wide. Use a spatula or paint scraper to smear a thin layer (about 2 mm) of glue on to the wrap. Or make your own card traps by spreading on cardboard for indoor use or core flute for outdoor use
  • Will cover approximately 12 tree trunks that measure about 30 cm in diameter
  • 500 gram tub
Material Safety Data Sheet

PG109minimum 3 per order
Grafting Tape For Use With Horticultural Glue
Banding your trees is a two-step process. The first step preferably is to use a banding material underneath the horticultural glue. To do this first fasten this horticultural, slightly elastic, rot-proof, clear non-sticky tape (or some other waterproof banding material) around the tree trunk. This is crucial for young trees, particularly citrus, which have very sensitive bark. Using a banding material provides a non-absorbent surface for the glue, reducing the application rate, extending the life of the glue and making for easy removal after the insect season. This is an easy and inexpensive banding material, just wrap well so that each layer overlaps the prior one. Slightly elastic, rot proof, clear PVC tape. Tape length is 50 metres (150') long.
TG110 Also available as part of a Citrus Care Kit
Yellow Sticky Roll Trap
Not to Victoria
Double-sided, 15 cm wide, sticky ribbon is used to encircle the perimeter of your growing area or can be placed along crop rows to mass-trap flying insects such as whiteflies, aphids, fungal gnats, grasshopper and thrips. Can also be used to band trees to keep ants and other crawling insects off.
  • Easy to cut
  • 100 metre long roll, ideal for large area trapping
  • Insert round stick in centre for ease of unrolling

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Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
Australia and International Organic Certification
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
Not to Victoria Regulation 62: Sale, use or setting of glue traps that can trap an animal is banned. Sale, use or setting of a glue trap for the purposes of capturing an insect is only permitted where the trap has a cage, or is of a design, that prevent an animal contacting the adhesive surface.
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