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Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies is permanently closed as of 5pm on 1-11-2023.
We will not be taking orders by this website, in person, by phone or email. Our display garden and retail shop are closed forever.

Phone:07 54357000
Phone calls will only be responded to sporadically and only in reference to orders placed prior to 2-11-2023. All the useful growing and organic pest management research and resources are available on this website for a while still.
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Food Cube Wicking Garden Beds
  • Raised and self-watering garden bed as a one piece unit
  • Add growing media (not your own soil) and plants, no fabric to clog up or replace, no rocks and pipes required
  • Add liquid fertilizers, worm juice, compost tea, as well as compost, worm castings etc to enliven the growing mix
  • 315 mm soil depth, perfect for all your vegetables and herbs
  • 1 m² of internal growing area plus with good plant selection trailing plants can cascade down the 500 mm tall cube side walls and a trellis added for extra vertical production
  • Recycled UV stable plastic, made in Australia
  • Variable water height adjustment: 110 L water reservoir to keep plants alive for approximately 10 days in summer and over 30 days in winter with each filling
  • Modular, connect many cubes in a row and water them all at once from a single point with the optional rubber coupling
  • Universal attachment points allow for a range of netting or support options to trellis plants or keep pests out of the garden
  • 'Dress panels' or facades can be added
  • Easy to assemble, each cube is 28 kg empty, fits in a van or ute easily
  • Mosquito proof water inlet and aeration vents minimises root rot by allowing roots to 'breath' while having access to water constantly
  • With consistent water at the root zone your plants will be healthier, grow faster, be less stressed by heat and cold. The plants access moisture as needed saving you time and guesswork as to soil moisture and your plants requirements
  • Suitable for urban farms whether at ground level or roof top, car parks or poor soils
  • Small productive food gardens are achievable at schools, nursing homes, units, community gardens and right outside your door
This product requires prepayment prior to collection from our warehouse in Maleny Qld 4552
These products are still available. If you are interested in these products please 'Email me' and we will get back to you to answer your questions.
TP239   $535
TP241   $499
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