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Live Plants Need Your Attention
It is important to deal with any plants you purchase immediately. Dormant plants must be kept in a suitable environment or they may quickly deteriorate.

Thank you. I received my order of plants from you today and they are in perfect order.

I have been buying live plants on line for at least a year now. I am very impressed with how you pack them. The corrugated cardboard method used in this last consignment, I think, is a very good idea as it acts as a buffer to the heat. Some companies pack the plants in plastic, and in this weather they stew - especially if the box had been placed in the sun at any stage.

Thank you for supplying such wonderful and hard-to-find plants.

Margaret of Dalby QLD
We are in South Australia, and last week I phoned through an order for some plants that we have been trying to find for a while. I would like to thank you very much for delivering top quality tubers and propagation material, very promptly. The care and planting sheets with the tubers were excellent, and the person who put my order through was friendly and helpful. I was rather surprised and delighted when they were dispatched the same day. You will be my first place to look for bulbs in the future. If you want to put my email on your site, you are most welcome, thank you very much indeed, kindest regards

Sonia from Echunga SA

Edible Plants - buy online for growing in Australia - seed potatoes, garlic bulbs, elephant garlic bulbs, rhubarb crowns, strawberry plants, yacon tubers, oca tubers, waterchestnut corms and summer leafy greens.

Open for national delivery and shop sales, the Incredible Edible Display Gardens are sadly still closed, recovering from flooding rains.

View today's list of all available plants. Other plants are available seasonally. To be notified as soon as plants become available you can request an email notification where you see: Email me
Agati to Finger Lime
Agati, Aloe Vera, Apple Cactus, Asparagus 'Mary Washington', 'Purple Passion', 'Sweet Purple', Baby Sunrose, Bay Tree, Blueberry 'Biloxi', 'Gulf Coast', 'Sunshine Blue', Bunya Pine, Callistemon 'Wildfire', Cape Gooseberry, Capsicum 'Perennial', Cassava 'Yellow', Ceylon Hill Gooseberry, Cherry Guava 'Gold', Chilli 'Bishops Crown', 'Birdseye Thai', 'Jalapeno', 'Rocoto Tree', Chinese Artichoke, Chinese Potato, Citrus Cumquat 'Nagami', Citrus Lemon 'Eureka', Citrus Kaffir Lime, Citrus Rangpur Lime, Citrus Tahitian Lime, Cocoyam, Coffee Arabica, Curry Leaf Tree, Dragonfruit, Elderberry, Elephant Garlic, Everlasting Onion, Feijoa, Fig 'Black Genoa', Finger Lime 'Red Champagne', 'Torakina Pink'
Garlic to Kiwiberry
Garlic 'Australian Red', 'Australian White', 'Elephant', 'Glenlarge', 'Italian Late', 'Italian Pink' , 'Oriental Purple', 'New Day Mix', Grape 'Menindee Seedless', 'Red Globe', Groundnut Hopniss, Grumichama, Horseradish, Jaboticaba, Jackfruit, Japanese Raisin Tree, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kiwiberry 'Issai'
Ginger and Spices
Black Pepper Vine, Cardamom Leaf Ginger, Cardamom - True, Cinnamon Tree, Galangal 'Monkey Puzzle', 'Red', Ginger 'Jumbo', Ginger - Myoga, Ginger - Pink Torch, Ginger - Puyang, Ginger - Red Back, Ginger - Red Tower, Kencur, Krachai / Chinese Keys, Tasmanian Pepper, Turmeric 'Madras', Turmeric - Temulawak, Vanilla Bean
Anise Hyssop, Basil 'Sacred', Bergamot 'Red', Catnip, Chamomile - English, Coriander - Mexican, Curry Plant, Garlic Chives, Geranium 'Peppermint Scented', Gotu Kola, Jasmine Tea, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Licorice, Licorice Herb, Marjoram - Sweet, Mexican Tarragon, Mint - Moroccan, Mint - Native, Mint - Pennyroyal, Mint - Peppermint, Mint - Vietnamese, Onion Chives, Oregano - Italian, Purple Coneflower, Rosemary 'Savor', Sage Fruity, Pineapple, Salad Burnet, Sea Celery, Society Garlic 'Fairy Star', 'White', Thyme 'Lemon', Winter Savory, Yarrow - White, Zaatar
Lavender to Pomegranate
Lavender 'Avonview', Leek 'Babington', Leek - Perennial, Lemongrass 'East Indian', 'West Indian', Lilly Pilly 'Resilience', Mauka, Mulberry 'Majestic Dwarf', Native Pigface, Oca - NZ Yam, Olive 'Manzanillo', Panama Berry, Pandan, Passionfruit 'Panama Gold', 'Panama Red', Passionfruit Marigold, Pepino 'Kendall Gold', Pineapple 'Pure Gold', Pomegranate 'Wonderful'
Leafy Greens
Aibika 'Deep Cut', 'Large Round', 'Large Vee', 'Red Stem', Betel Leaf, Brazilian Spinach, Ceylon Spinach, Cranberry Hibiscus, Egyptian Spinach, Kangkong, Katuk Sweetleaf, Lebanese Cress, Moringa, Mushroom Plant, Okinawa Spinach, Peruvian Parsnip, Rock Samphire, Sambung Nyawa, Sheep Sorrel, Sorrel - Garden 'De Belleville', 'Red Vein', Surinam Spinach, Summer Leafy Greens Pack, Tahitian Spinach, Vap ca Houttuynia Vegetable Fern
'Desiree', 'Dutch Cream', 'Kennebec', 'King Edward', 'Kipfler', 'Nicola', 'Pinkeye', 'Pink Fir Apple', 'Purple Congo', 'Red Lady', 'Ruby Lou', 'Sapphire', 'Sebago', 'White Star'
Rhubarb to Strawberries
Rakkyo Onion, Raspberry 'Tulameen', Rhubarb 'Ever Red', 'Red Dragon', Saffron Crocus, Salvia 'Black and Bloom', Mexican Bush Sage, 'Mystic Spires', 'Purple and Bloom', 'Salvatore Blue', 'Roman Red', Shallots 'Golden', 'Red', Stevia, Strawberries - Alpine 'Mignonette', 'Rujana', Strawberries - Ever Bearer 'Fresca', 'Ruby Red', Strawberries - Main Crop 'Joy', 'Lowanna'
Soil Improvers
Arrowroot 'Rojo', Comfrey, Lotononis, Pigeon Pea, Pinto Peanut, Saltbush, Tagasaste, Vetiver Grass 'Monto', Wynn's Cassia, Yarrow 'Colorado Mix', 'Red', 'White'
Sweet Potato to Yam
Sweet Potato 'Beauregard', 'Hawaiian Sunshine', 'Kumara', 'Molokai Purple', 'Northern Star', 'Purple Raven', Tamarillo 'Ecuadorian Orange', Tamarind, Taro 'Bun-long', 'Chinese', 'Pacific', Tea, Tree Onions, Ugni - Chilean Guava, Upland Cress, Wallflower 'Bowles Mauve', West Indian Arrowroot, Yacon, Yam Elephant Foot, 'Greater'
Water and Bog Plants
Arrowhead, Pickerel Rush, Rice Paddy Herb, Sacred Lotus 'Paleface', Water Celery, Watercress, Waterchestnuts, Waterlily 'Sunset'
Now available for planting: Strawberries, Raspberries, Jerusalem Artichokes and Full List.

How are Plants Provided?
Plants are available seasonally as bare-rooted tubers, crowns, corms or rhizomes and in various pot sizes.
Plants in pots are provided in Mini Pots, Tubestock and Super Tubes. The plants are small, sturdy and ready to go straight into the garden. Using smaller pots means the cost of shipping the plants is kept to a minimum so there is no extra cost to you other than the normal postage charge.

Mini Pot - 50 mm wide x 75 mm deep
Tubestock are Forestry Tubes - 50 mm wide x 120 mm deep
Super Tube - 90 mm wide x 150 mm deep

List of Plant Growing Information
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