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Organically certified
Green Harvest is an organically certified seed supplier with ACO - Australian Certified Organic (BFA). All our organically certified seeds are clearly marked with the bud logo as your guarantee of quality. More info...

Sprouted Seed
Sprouting can be an important part of a bird's diet, whether for poultry or caged birds such as parrots. Sprouting the seeds makes them far more nutritious than unsprouted seeds, providing the vitamins birds need on a daily basis. Most birds enjoy sprouted seed and the nutrients are more readily digested than in dry seed.
Sprouting suggestions for poultry:

Poultry Supplies
Pecking order - place yours here!
Green Harvest has what you need to keep your flock happy, healthy and well-housed.
You'll find high-quality equipment and supplements for your chooks' feeding and watering needs. Our books are written for Australian conditions and cover chook health, housing, breed selection, breeding, pest management and much more. Grow essential greens for your poultry from our extensive range of seeds and plants for forage.
Equipment And Books
Poultry Forage
Amaranth Grain, Arrowroot, Chia, Chicory, Clucker Tucker™, Comfrey, Lemon Balm, Linseed, Lucerne, Pigeon Pea, Plantain, Saltbush, Sunflower, Tagasaste, Tree Lucerne
Nutrient Supplements
Chicken Feed
If your chooks have ever got loose in the vege garden you'll know that chickens love leafy greens, so why not plant them their own forage patch? You'll reduce food bills and provide your chooks with healthy food, shade and entertainment as well as improving their health, enhancing egg quality and lifting omega-3 levels. More information on poultry forage.

Healthy Chooks
Consider a nutrient supplement when weather or predators prevent free-ranging; dust the floor of the nestbox with diatomaceous earth (available as Absorbacide™ from Green Harvest) to help prevent lice and mites. More information on chicken health.

From a humble chook pen to a poultry palace, your flock's accommodation should keep them safe, comfortable and healthy. More information on chicken housing.

Poultry Care Kit
No Norfolk Island / TAS / WA
Maximize the good health of your birds by adding in some of the essential requirements your chickens need, while reducing your feed costs and eat more nutrient packed home grown eggs. This super high-quality kit contains kelp meal, annual and perennial seeds, food grade hemp seed meal and food grade Diatomaceous Earth for internal and external animal health. More information on poultry forage...
25g Clucker Tucker™ Seed Mix UT
450g DE for Animals
250g Hemp Seed Meal
250g Kelp Meal
PD107SAVE $7.95
Natra-Kelp Liquid Seaweed For Animals BFA Organic
Natra-Kelp Liquid Seaweed is a supplement for your animals, providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Made from sustainable Southern Tasmanian Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum), it can be administered orally, mixed with food or in water. The bacterial fermentation process used to liquefy the kelp increases the digestibility and palatability of the liquid and maximises the nutrient content. Improvements in animal health can include increased resistance to internal parasites, improved condition of coat or feathers, and higher quality of products such as milk, eggs or meat. Recommended for dairy and beef cattle, horses, calves, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, poultry, dogs and cats. This kelp is not readily available in the retail market but is used by organic farmers internationally. Dosage rate information included on bottle. More information from the manufacturer

My experience with Natrakelp liquid seaweed has been twofold - with my working sheepdog stud 'Campaspe Working Dogs', and as a farm manager with commercial sheep and cattle. Initially I began using Natrakelp with my dogs and pups, with such great results that I then began experimenting with sheep.

The results with the dogs were a complete absence of fleas even in breeding and rearing conditions, and a vast reduction or elimination of worms (or the effects of worms). For over 10 years, and probably nearer 15, I have not treated a single dog for fleas, and only very occasionally have I treated dogs with chemical worm treatments. This includes pups. My pups are virtually never wormed in their entire life, and look shiny and healthy.

The dogs or pups I have had to treat for worms are those I have purchased from other people, which have not been fed with Natrakelp. I certainly do not claim that Natrakelp will instantly rid a sick dog of worms, but over time it certainly allows the animal to overcome them in the majority of cases (no doubt some sickly animals for genetic reasons or such like will not be able to be helped).

And most importantly, Natrakelp is improving the dog's overall health in all sorts of unseen ways, instead of being detrimental to it as is the case when toxic chemical treatments are applied.

After seeing the great and obvious benefits with the dogs, I then began using Natrakelp with sheep, to the point where I also eliminated all use of chemical worming of lambs and sheep. It is impossible to claim all the benefits are due to Natrakelp, as I also fed the livestock many other minerals which were also no doubt important, but I feel the Natrakelp plays a major role. When seaweed was available along with many other minerals in individual mineral, adlib feeding, so that the stock could choose exactly which minerals and how much to eat, seaweed was consumed more than any other mineral.

And the new trials showing improvements in feed conversion etc., from the addition of Natrakelp to the diet, are a great testimony to its benefits.

Personally, I believe that Natrakelp is a great aid in the breeding and rearing and production of any livestock, and it is a major part of my supplement program, and of my recommendations to my clients in my farm consulting business.


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