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OG Organically certified
Green Harvest is an organically certified seed supplier with AusQual - Certified Organic. All our organically certified seeds are clearly marked. More info...

I just wanted to write and thank you for my order and your incredible service. I was very impressed even before my order arrived and even more so afterwards. I was so happy in fact, that I have just placed another order. It's nice to know that customer service still exists. Thanks so much.
Darren of Orroroo SA

Sprouted Seed
Sprouting can be an important part of a bird's diet, whether for poultry or caged birds such as parrots. Sprouting the seeds makes them far more nutritious than unsprouted seeds, providing the vitamins birds need on a daily basis. Most birds enjoy sprouted seed and the nutrients are more readily digested than in dry seed.
Sprouting suggestions for poultry:

Thanks once again for your wonderfully efficient service as usual. It was a thrill unpacking the contents. Once again I had the feeling that all is well with the universe when such good people and products make themselves felt through the mail!

Wendy of Geebung QLD

Poultry Supplies
Pecking order - place yours here!
Green Harvest has what you need to keep your flock happy, healthy and well-housed.
You'll find high-quality equipment and supplements for your chooks' feeding and watering needs. Our books are written for Australian conditions and cover chook health, housing, breed selection, breeding, pest management and much more. Grow essential greens for your poultry from our extensive range of seeds and plants for forage.

Open for national delivery and shop sales, the Incredible Edible Display Gardens are sadly still closed, recovering from flooding rains.
Equipment And Books
Poultry Forage
Amaranth Grain, Arrowroot, Chia, Chicory, Clucker Tucker™, Comfrey, Lemon Balm, Lucerne, Pigeon Pea, Plantain, Saltbush, Sunflower, Tagasaste, Tree Lucerne
Nutrient Supplements
Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Diatomaceous Earth for Animals, Funky Chicken, Hemp Meal, Kelp Meal, NatraKelp, Poultry Care Kit, Shell Be Right Kit
Chicken Feed
If your chooks have ever got loose in the vege garden you'll know that chickens love leafy greens, so why not plant them their own forage patch? You'll reduce food bills and provide your chooks with healthy food, shade and entertainment as well as improving their health, enhancing egg quality and lifting omega-3 levels. More information on poultry forage.

Healthy Chooks
Consider a nutrient supplement when weather or predators prevent free-ranging; dust the floor of the nest-box with diatomaceous earth to help prevent lice and mites. More information on chicken health.

From a humble chook pen to a poultry palace, your flock's accommodation should keep them safe, comfortable and healthy. More information on chicken housing.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF), Dehydrated
A sustainably produced animal feed
This Australian animal food is produced from food waste and biodegradable materials which will provide a very high value protein supplement suitable for a wide range of animals.
Who can eat them? BSF can be fed to fish, poultry, and pigs, as wells as pets, from birds to lizards and other reptiles, dogs and small mammals, frogs and other amphibians. It is not permissible for feeding to cattle, goats, or sheep.
How much to feed? For species such as reptiles and fish, they may be suitable as a main source of food. For poultry allow 1 to 2 tablespoons per day.
Nutrients: Approximately 40% protein, 34% fat, 10% fibre, and 3% calcium. For poultry a high intake of protein is crucial for feathers, eggs, and general health, and is especially critical when moulting or egg laying.
  • Contains an excellent calcium to phosphorus ratio providing essential building blocks for growth and egg production
  • The fat content provides essential energy
  • The fibre content is beneficial for maintaining a healthy digestive system
  • Rich in very absorbable key vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 100 % natural BSFL, dried at peak nutrient density. No preservatives. Store in a cool dry place.
TA212 Also available as part of a Shell Be Right Kit
TA213minimum 3 per order

More info about BSF...
Poultry Care Kit
No Norfolk Island / TAS / WA
Maximize the good health of your birds by adding in some of the essential requirements your chickens need, while reducing your feed costs and eat more nutrient packed home grown eggs. This super high-quality kit contains kelp meal, annual and perennial seeds, food grade hemp seed meal and food grade Diatomaceous Earth for internal and external animal health. More information on poultry forage...
25 g Clucker Tucker™ Seed Mix UT
450 g DE for Animals
250 g Hemp Seed Meal
250 g Kelp Meal
1 kg Funky Chicken Feed Mix
PD107SAVE $17.95
Shell Be Right Kit No Norfolk Island / TAS / WA
Although focused on poultry this kit can be used for all your farm and pet animals. High density nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals, protection from pests internal and external.
1 kg Hemp Seed Meal
1 kg Dehydrated Black Soldier Fly Larvae: 40% protein FREE
1 kg Kelp Meal
1 kg Funky Chicken Feed Mix
500 g DE for Animals
TA215SAVE $39.95
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