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Small seed orders only (small, 5g, 25g, 100g sizes) any quantity is $7.50 Australia wide.
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Seed Storage
The best place to store seed is in a sealed container in your fridge. Seed stored in a hot garden shed or garage that can reach temperatures greater than 40° in summer will simply die. Seed stored open to the air where it can take up moisture will lose viability.

I love the simplicity of this site. I also love the fact that all the seeds I have purchased from you up to now have germinated, if I want two plants I only need to sow two seeds.
Chris of Woodbury QLD

OG Organically certified
Green Harvest is an organically certified seed supplier with AusQual Certified Organic. All our organically certified seeds are clearly marked. More info...

Hi, I had meant to write earlier but was too busy in the garden!! I want to say how impressed I am with the quick receipt of my order and how delighted I was with the enclosures - the Gardening Resource Guide, the advice on seed raising and the Spring Green Notes. It all gives a feeling of belonging. So different to the usual responses one experiences in business these days. And the info is so very helpful. My order was placed on the 27th, received on the 29th and the first seeds were in the ground on Saturday the 30th. As an additional bonus the first seeds to 'rise to the occasion' showed themselves this morning. These were the Lettuce Freckles. 4 days!! Makes gardening worthwhile. I am a pensioner in a retirement village and the little bit of gardening I can do brings so much pleasure. I regret that I won't be contributing much to your profits, but I am so pleased to have found your business.
Don of Corinda, Qld.

Seed Raising Checklist
  • Is it the right time of year to sow it? Seeds sown in too cold a soil will rot.
  • Do I have the necessary equipment?
  • Have I read the growing instructions?
  • Is the seed raising mix sterile to avoid damping-off problems?
A freeSuccessful Seed Raising Guide is included with your first seed order from Green Harvest to make this job much easier.
Weed Alert
We recognise that although humans have moved around seeds and plants for centuries far from their native habitats, any plant has the potential to become a 'weed' outside its natural environment. We encourage you to keep this in mind, before ordering seed you should check your local government's weed list. Also local Landcare organisations may be a source of information concerning plants considered undesirable in your area.
Here is a List of Garden Plants Best Avoided.

Seeds - buy online organically grown, untreated, heirloom, vegetable, herb and flower seed for Australian gardeners

Open only for national delivery and click, pay and collect sales (no post & pack charges) The Retail shop and Incredible Edible Display Gardens are closed, all sales must be via phone or this website.

Shop online by starting at Amaranth to Asparagus, then browse all seed categories by clicking 'Next page'. Or you can view the list of all available seeds.
Amaranth to Asparagus
Amaranth 'Red', 'Red Calaloo', Grain, Angled Luffa, Artichoke - Globe 'Imperial Star', 'Violet Star', Asparagus 'Connover's Colossal', 'Mary Washington', 'Sweet Purple'
Bush Beans 'African Premier', 'Borlotti Red Rooster', 'Cherokee Wax', 'Dragon's Tongue', 'Italian Romano', 'Jade', 'Provider', 'Royal Burgundy', 'Simba', 'Strike', Climbing Beans 'Blue Lake', 'Giant of Stuttgart', 'Lazy Housewife', 'Purple King', 'Rattlesnake', 'Scarlet Runner', 'Wonder of Venice', Adzuki Bean, Broad Beans 'Aquadulce', 'Coles Dwarf', 'Crimson Flowered', Soybean 'Edamame', New Guinea Bean 'Kobu', Rice Bean, Tepary Bean 'Pawl', Tropical Beans 'Poor Man's', 'Madagascar', 'Climbing Snake', 'Ruby Moon', 'Winged'
Beetroot to Brussels Sprouts
Beetroot 'Bulls Blood', 'Chioggia', 'Cylindrica', 'Detroit', 'Golden Detroit', Beet Sugar, Broccoli 'Di Ciccio', 'Green Magic', 'Green Sprouting Calabrese', Raab 'Spring Rapini', 'Romanesco', 'Spigariello Liscia', Brussels Sprouts 'Long Island Improved', Burdock - Japanese 'Takinogawa Long'
Cabbage, Collards and Bok Choy
Cabbage 'Early Jersey Wakefield', 'Golden Acre', 'Red Acre', 'Red Express', 'Savoy Perfection', 'Savoy Vertus', 'Violaceo di Verona', Cabbage - Ethiopian, Chinese Cabbage 'One Kilo Slow Bolt', Collards 'Georgia Southern', Bok Choy Pak Choi 'Chokito', 'Red Choi', 'Tokyo Bekana'
Cape Gooseberry and Capsicum
Cape Gooseberry, Capsicum 'Big Red', 'California Wonder', 'Chinese Giant', 'Chocolate Beauty', 'Corno di Toro', 'Emerald Giant', 'Golden Calwonder', 'Hungarian Sweet Wax', 'Marconi Red', 'Perennial, 'Sweet Banana',
Carrot and Cauliflower
Carrot 'All Seasons', 'Baby Amsterdam', 'Colour Mix', 'Nantes', 'Paris Market', 'Purple Dragon', 'Purple Sun', 'Red-Core Chantenay', 'Red Kuroda', 'Scarlet Red', Cauliflower 'Sixty Days', 'Snowball Improved', 'Violet Sicilian'
Celery to Chilli
Celery 'Tall Utah', Celeriac 'Caesar', Celtuce, Chia, Chicory 'Red Dandelion', 'Red Palla Rossa', Chilli 'Anaheim', 'Birdseye Thai', 'Bishops Crown', 'Cayenne Colour Mix', 'Cayenne Red Hot', 'Habanero Chocolate', 'Habanero Red', 'Hungarian Hot Wax', 'Jalapeno', 'Magnum', 'Maui Purple', 'Paprika', 'Rocoto Tree', 'Serrano', 'Shishoto', 'Trinidad Scorpion Yellow'
Corn to Cucumber
Corn 'Hopi Blue', 'Popcorn', Sweet Corn 'Bicolor', 'Jolly Roger', 'Max', Cossack Pineapple, Cucamelon, Cucumber 'Giant Russian', 'Lemon', 'Long White', 'Marketmore', 'Poinsett', 'Richmond Green', 'Spacemaster', 'Straight Eight', 'Suyo Long', Cucumber Bolivian 'Caigua', 'Giant', Cucumber Lebanese 'Muncher', Kiwano, West Indian Gherkin
Eggplant to Gourd
Eggplant 'Black Beauty', 'Early Long Purple', 'Golden Egg', 'Greek', 'Ping Tung Long', 'Thai Pea', 'Turkish Orange', Endive 'Pancalieri Fine Cut', Escarole 'Eros', Fennel 'Bronze', Florence Fennel 'Romanesco', Serpent Gourd
Flowers and Bee Forage
Anise Hyssop, Calendula 'Pacific Beauty', 'Pink Surprise', California Poppy 'Mission Bells', Columbine 'McKana's Giants', Cornflower 'Blue Boy', Cosmos 'Picotee', 'Sea Shells', 'Sensation Mixed', Dame's Rocket 'Purple', Give Bees A Chance, Hollyhock 'Summer Carnival', Love-in-a-Mist, Marigold 'Fiesta', 'Sparky', Nasturtium 'Black Velvet', 'Jewel Mix Double', Phacelia, Poppy 'Iceland Mix', Queen Anne's Lace, Salvia 'Victoria Blue', Siberian Wallflower, Snapdragon 'Colour Mix', 'Madame Butterfly Rose', Statice 'Seeker Blue', Stock 'Column', Strawflower 'Sultane Mix', Sunflower 'Evening Sun', 'Sunbird', Sweet Alice 'Carpet Of Snow', 'Magic Circles', 'Royal Carpet', 'Alyssum Benthamii', Sweetpea 'Elegance Mid Blue', 'Mammoth Choice', 'Multiflora Colorama Mix', Sweet William 'Tall Mixed', Viola 'Johnny Jump Up', Yarrow - Red 'Cerise Queen', Zinnia 'Scarlet Flame'
Fruit Trees, Shrubs and Vines
Agati, Cherry Guava 'Gold', Cherry Strawberry Guava, Gliricidia, Japanese Raisin Tree, Moringa, Passionfruit 'Panama Gold', Tamarillo 'Ecuadorian Orange',
Good Bug Mix
Green Manure Cool Season
B. Q. Mulch, Fava Bean, Fenugreek, Green Manure Kits 20 mē, 1000 mē, 4500 mē, Lupin, Oats, Subclover, Woolly Pod Vetch
Green Manure Warm Season
Buckwheat, Cowpea, Green Manure Kits 20 mē, 1000 mē, 4500 mē, Japanese Millet, Lablab, Millet 'French White', Mung Bean, Soybean
Angelica, Basil 'Sweet Genovese', 'Dark Opal', 'Greek Mini', 'Lime', 'Persian', 'Prospera', 'Sacred', 'Thai', Bergamot, Borage 'White', Caraway, Catnip, Chervil, Chamomile 'English', 'German', Chives 'Onion', 'Garlic', Coriander 'Fiesta Green', 'Mexican', 'Slowbolt', Cumin, Dill, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Licorice, Marjoram - Sweet, Mexican Tarragon, Mitsuba, Parsley 'Triple Curl', 'Giant of Italy', 'Hamburg Root', Peppermint, Purple Coneflower, Sage - Common, Salad Burnet, Stevia, Thyme - Common, Winter Savory, Yarrow - White, Zaatar
Hot and Humid
Agati, Amaranth 'Red', 'Red Calaloo', Grain, Angled Luffa 'Long Ridge', Bean 'Poor Man's', Bitter Melon, Butterfly Pea, Capsicum 'Big Red', 'California Wonder', 'Chinese Giant', 'Corno di Toro', 'Emerald Giant', 'Hungarian Sweet Wax', 'Perennial, 'Sweet Banana', Ceylon Spinach, Chilli 'Anaheim', 'Birdseye Thai', 'Bishops Crown', 'Cayenne Colour Mix', 'Cayenne Red Hot', 'Habanero Chocolate', 'Habanero Red', 'Jalapeno', 'Magnum', 'Maui Purple', 'Paprika', 'Rocoto Tree', 'Serrano', 'Trinidad Scorpion Yellow', Cucumber 'Giant Russian', Eggplant 'Golden Egg', Egyptian Spinach, Gliricidia, Jicama - Climbing Yam Bean, Kailaan, Kangkong, Lagos Spinach, Madagascar Bean, Mibuna, Moringa, Mung Bean, New Guinea Bean 'Kobu', Onion - Welsh 'Deep Purple', 'Ishikura Winter Long', Perilla 'Red Shiso', Pigeon Pea, Rosella, Serpent Gourd, Shungiku, Snake Bean Climbing 'Red Dragon', 'Red Noodle', Squash 'Chilacayote', Timor Lettuce, Wax Gourd, Winged Bean
Jicama to Kohlrabi
Jicama - Climbing Yam Bean, Kailaan, Kale 'Blue Curled Scotch', 'Cavolo Nero', 'Dwarf Siberian Improved', 'Red Winter', Kohlrabi 'Purple Vienna', 'White Vienna'
Leek to Luffa
Leek 'Blue Solaise', 'Giant Carentan', Lettuce 'Bronze Mignonette', 'Brown Romaine', 'Buttercrunch', 'Danyelle', 'Darwin', 'Freckles', 'Great Lakes', 'Little Gem', 'Lollo Rossa Darkness', 'Marvel of Four Seasons', 'Organic Lettuce Mix', 'Parris Island Cos', 'Red Tango', 'Royal Oakleaf', 'Salad Bowl Green', 'Salad Bowl Red', 'Summer Harvest', 'Timor', Luffa
Living Mulch
Barrel Medic, Cover Crop Kits 1000 mē, 4500 mē, Lucerne 'Sequel', 'Hunter River', Crimson Clover, Red Clover, White Clover, Wynn's Cassia
Melon to Mustard
Melon 'Ein Dor', 'Hales Best Rockmelon', 'Honeydew Green Flesh', 'Honey Rock', 'Petit Gris De Rennes', 'Piel de Sapo', 'Zatta', Melon - Bitter, Melon - Jam, Mustard 'Golden Streaks', 'Osaka Purple', 'Red Giant', 'Ruby Streaks', 'Wasabina'
Microgreen Seeds this link will take you to the Microgreen Seeds
Okra to Onion
Okra 'Hill Country Red', 'Mammoth Spineless', 'Red', Onion 'Early White', 'Gladalan Brown', 'Golden Brown', 'Long Tropea Red', 'Mini Purplette', 'New Zealand Creamgold', 'Red Rippa', 'Red Rock', 'Rossa di Milano', 'Tanami Red', 'Texas Early Grano', Welsh Onion 'Crimson Forest', 'Deep Purple', 'Evergreen Bunching', 'Ishikura Winter Long'
Parsnip to Peanut
Parsnip 'Cobham Improved', 'Lancer', Asparagus Pea, Pea 'Snowpea Melting Mammoth', 'Snowpea Yakumo', 'Snowpea Oregon Sugar', 'Sugarsnap Cascadia', 'Sugarsnap Sugar Bon', 'Golden Podded', 'Greenfeast', 'Telephone', Peanut 'Virginia Bunch', Pigeon Pea
Poultry Forage this link will take you to the Poultry Supplies Shop
'Australian Butter', 'Baby Blue', 'Buttercup', 'Galeux D'Eysines', 'Golden Nugget', 'Jack Be Little', 'Jarrahdale', 'Kent', 'Lumina', 'Musquee de Provence', 'Pawpaw', 'Queensland Blue', 'Red Kuri', 'Small Sugar', 'Styrian Hulless', 'Violina', 'Waltham Butternut', 'Winter Luxury'
Radish to Rosella
Radish 'Black Spanish', 'Cherry Belle', 'Daikon Radish Miyashige', 'Daikon Radish Mini Purple', 'Easter Egg', 'French Breakfast', 'Pink Beauty', 'Purple Plum', 'Watermelon', Rhubarb 'Victoria', Rosella
Salad Greens
Corn Salad 'Large Dutch', Golden Purslane, Miner's Lettuce, Minutina, Perilla 'Red Shiso', Rocket 'Sylvetta', Salad Mix, Saltwort, Sorrel - Garden 'De Belleville', Sorrel 'Red Vein', Upland Cress, Watercress
Salsify to Spinach
Salsify 'Mammoth Sandwich Island', Saltbush 'Old Man De Koch', Silverbeet 'Barese', 'Colour Mix', 'Fordhook Giant', 'Lucullus', 'Magenta Sunset', 'Orange Fantasia', 'Perpetual', 'Ruby', 'Southern European', Spinach English 'Bloomsdale Long Standing', 'Red Vein', 'Winter Giant'
Sprouting Seeds this link will take you to the Sprouting Seeds
'Baby Green Hubbard', 'Chilacayote', 'Delicata', 'Gem', 'Golden Scallopini', 'Green Button', Ronde De Nice', 'Spaghetti' / 'Vegetable Spaghetti', 'Sweet Dumpling', 'Yellow Crookneck'
Stir Fry Greens
Ceylon Spinach, Egyptian Spinach, Kangkong, Lagos Spinach, Mibuna, Mizuna, Shungiku, Tatsoi, Warrigal Greens, Yukina Savoy
Tomatillo to Turnip
Tomatillo, Turnip and Swede Swede 'American Purple Top', Japanese 'Tokyo Market', 'Golden Globe', 'Hidabeni Red', 'Purple Top Milan', 'Purple Top White Globe'
'Beefsteak', 'Black Krim', 'Black Russian', 'Cherokee Purple', 'Cherry Black', 'Cherry Camp Joy', 'Cherry Cocktail', 'Cherry Pearly Pink', 'Cherry Rainbow', 'Cherry Red Pear', 'Cherry Yellow Pear', 'Green Zebra', 'Grosse Lisse', 'Moneymaker', 'Mortgage Lifter', 'Oxheart', 'Riesentraube', 'Roma San Marzano', 'Scorpio', 'Thai Pink Egg', 'Tommy Toe', 'Tropic', 'Yellow Currant', 'Yellow Perfection'
Watermelon to Zucchini
Watermelon 'Bush Jubilee', 'Charleston Gray', 'Crimson Sweet', 'Golden Honey', 'Golden Midget', 'Moon and Stars', 'Sugarbaby', Wax Gourd, Zucchini 'Black Beauty', 'Cocozelle', 'Costa Romanesque', 'Golden', 'Grey'
About Green Harvest Seed
Understanding which climate zone you live in will help you choose the best plants for your area and also the correct sowing time. Are you looking for what to sow now?
About Our Seeds
Seeds per Gram
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Successful Seed Raising
Grower's Seed List, updated daily
Seed to WA: A $6.95 Quarantine Fee will be charged for all seed orders to WA. Green Harvest is sharing the cost of the quarantine fee with all our WA customers. Read more...
Australian native plant
OG organically certified with AusQual - Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
Green Harvest specialises in seeds which are:
  • organically certified
  • guaranteed germination
  • open pollinated
  • heirloom
  • not GMO (genetically modified)
More information about our seeds.
A free Successful Seed Raising Guide is included with your first seed order from Green Harvest.
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