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Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies is permanently closed as of 5pm on 1-11-2023.
We will not be taking orders by this website, in person, by phone or email. Our display garden and retail shop are closed forever.

Phone:07 54357000
Phone calls will only be responded to sporadically and only in reference to orders placed prior to 2-11-2023. All the useful growing and organic pest management research and resources are available on this website for a while still.

Green Frenzy sale with Green Harvest

Stock up on all your seed needs
Home Garden Packets $2.00 each
Australian Gardening Calendar
Penguin Adult Publishing 2005 (AUS)
The Australian Gardening Calendar is a handy small book that will become your favourite garden tool. Whether you own a few pots, a vegie patch or a grand garden, it's just what you need: an easy-to-use, month-by-month guide to garden care, covering every climatic zone from the tropical north to the chilly south.
Here you'll find information in spades, including: jobs for each month, what and when to plant, when and how to prune, what's in flower or fruit now, composting, mulching and being water-wise. 198pp

BA113Reduced from $18.00
Costa's World
Gardening for the Soil, Soul and Suburbs

Costa Georgiadis 2021 (AUS)
This long-awaited book from the beloved host of ABC TV's Gardening Australia brings together all of Costa's gardening and sustainability knowledge. This is a book for the whole family that reflects Costa's philosophy and quirky sense of fun. Costa's World is a generous, joyous, fully illustrated gardening opus that celebrates the life-changing joy of chooks; kids in the garden; big ideas for small spaces; Costa's favourite plants; growing the right plants for your conditions; biodiversity in the soil and garden; the power of community; the brilliance of bees and pollinators; easy-peasy permaculture; and much, much more. 318pp, full colour photos and wonderfully colourful original watercolours.

BC168Reduced from $45.00
Introduction to Permaculture
New Edition 2011 (AUS)
Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay
Easy to read permaculture primer. Includes site analysis, planning and design methods, energy efficiency, urban permaculture, garden layouts, orchards, home garden, structures, woodlots and animal systems plus an extensive plant species list. 208pp

BI100Reduced from $46.95
Seed Packs
Cool Season Seed Collection No WA Save $13.00
7 of our most popular seed types
Broccoli 'Green Magic'
Carrot 'All Seasons'
Beetroot 'Detroit'
Lettuce Mix may include:
'Marvel of Four Seasons', 'Freckles',
'Salad Bowl Red', 'Salad Bowl Green',
'Buttercrunch', 'Royal Oakleaf',
'Brown Romaine', 'Green Mignonette',
'Lollo Rossa', 'Parris Is Cos'
Pea Sugarsnap 'Cascadia'
Good Bug Mix
Leek 'Giant Carentan'

SC368Save $13.00
Warm Season Seed Collection No WA Save $10.00
Our most popular 7 types of warm season vegetable seeds:
Basil Sweet 'Genovese'
Bean Bush 'Simba'
Sweet Corn 'Jolly Roger'
Cucumber 'Muncher'
Lettuce Mix may include:
'Marvel of Four Seasons', 'Freckles',
'Salad Bowl Red', 'Salad Bowl Green',
'Buttercrunch', 'Royal Oakleaf',
'Brown Romaine', 'Green Mignonette',
'Lollo Rossa', 'Parris Is Cos'
Tomato Roma 'San Marzano'
Zucchini 'Black Beauty'

SC367Save $10.00
Fruit Fly Control
As summer warms up and the fruit fly numbers increase, it is essential to trap the flies and reduce the number of breeding males. The following kits will do just that for months to come; they'll save you money and they all include our super successful and unique PestGuard Bags for fruit protection.
Full range of fruit fly products...
Pest Control
Buzz Cockroach Traps
Warning to Victoria
  • Baited and ready to use sticky traps
  • Ideal within homes and commercial premises where geckos are not present
  • Attracts with a natural built in lure
  • Fits flush against walls and counters
  • Multiple entry points for maximum catch
  • Use wherever it is either inadvisable or prohibited to apply poison sprays or 'bombs'
  • Target food preparation areas, child and pet zones
  • Not suitable for households with lizards and frogs as guests
  • 6 traps per pack
Citrus Care Kit
Warning to Victoria
Protect your trees from most citrus pests and the ants farming them. Mealy bug, scale and black sooty mould can be controlled so you get the delicious, home grown citrus you expect.
Eco-Oil: Used to suffocate on contact a wide range of insects, in all life stages and thought to have a repellent quality to flying female insects. Can also be used safely throughout the garden for control of whitefly, sap sucking insects and two spotted mite. Made from certified organic, Australian grown canola oil.
Horticultural Glue: Stops climbing insects in their tracks! Apply this glue around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Be very cautious if you are considering using a non-horticultural glue or other sticky substance on your plants; we hear many stories of people killing their trees this way.
Tree Wrap: To band the tree prior to applying the glue and make it easier to clean off or reapply glue if necessary. This horticultural clear tape is slightly elastic and 25 mm x 50 m.

1 Tree Guard Glue 150ml tube
1 Eco-Oil 250 ml
1 Tree Wrap 25 mm x 50 metres
1 Green Harvest researched and written citrus care leaflet

PB171Reduced from $49.95

More information on organic citrus care...
Citrus Gall Wasp And Med Fly Trap
  • this non-toxic, sticky, yellow, rectangular trap attracts adult Citrus Gall Wasp (Aust. Wide) and Mediterranean Fruit Fly (in WA only)
  • food-grade food attractant which stimulates and guides the wasp or fly to the trap
  • provides multiple ways to attract and control these damaging pests; with a bait, the shape of the trap and the yellow colour
  • install the traps between August and February
  • 2 traps for a citrus tree up to 2 metres high or 4 traps for citrus trees over 2 metres
  • includes a mesh barrier to ensure that birds cannot touch the glue area and accidentally become stuck in the super-strong non-drying glue
  • bait is effective for 3 to 4 months
PC126 Reduced from $14.95
Clothes Moth Trap Reduced from $24.95
Clothes moths like warm weather and high humidity. Most of the damage is done to bedding and clothing during storage in the warmer months. Unlike other moths, clothes moths are not attracted to the light but prefer dark crevices to hide in. It is the larvae (caterpillars) that do the actual damage but although it appears that they feed on wool and other natural fibres, what they are really eating is the human residue left on the clothes. The larvae are unable to fully develop on completely clean fabric; they need the proteins, mineral salts and Vitamin B complex found in dirt, sweat and food particles.

So the secret to non-toxic control is a combination of washing, tightly sealed storage containers, regular vacuuming of cupboards and wardrobes and pheromone traps. Protect your families' health by avoiding chemical controls such as naphthalene (mothballs) and paradichlorobenzene (PDB) as they are highly toxic. Even camphor carries a risk, particularly to children. More information on organic clothes moth control...

A single clothes moth can lay up to 200 eggs at a time and its larvae can damage your expensive woollens. The clothes moth trap is not just a repellent - it traps moths.
  • Contains 2 pheromone (sex attractant) and two sticky trap
  • No insecticide
  • No moth ball odour on clothes
  • Lasts 3 months
PH106 Reduced from $24.95
DE for Tomatoes and Vegetables
Non Toxic 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) + pyrethrin
Tomato and Vegetable Dust by Amgrow is a multi-purpose insecticide containing DE (89%), Pyrethrin (1%) and Piperonyl Butoxide (10%). Pyrethrin provides the immediate knockdown while DE kills by damaging the skin of the insect so it dehydrates. For control of pests in the garden and outside the house, including aphids, caterpillars, codling moth, flies and ants. 150 g shaker pack.

PB162Reduced from $16.95

Material Safety Data Sheet
Product Label
Eco-Neem BFA Organic
This proven effective control of two-spotted (red spider) mite, aphids, curl grubs, lawn armyworm, caterpillars, citrus leafminer, mealybugs, sooty mould and whitefly on ornamentals and fungus gnats in potting soil is made from a pure extract of neem seed, stabilised in a vegetable oil based carrier. Eco-Neem works in two ways: it stops the insect from moulting and progressing in its life cycle, thereby severely disrupting its growth and development; it also stops the insect wanting to feed, resulting in starvation. Safe to beneficial insects (which don't eat foliage) this broad spectrum, botanically based insecticide, is very effective at low rates (dilute 1 - 3 ml in a litre of water for foliar application; up to 5ml in a litre of water as a soil drench). Although registered overseas for a wider range of pest control, in Australia this product currently has approval only for use on non-food crops. Eco-neem is internationally certified as an organic input for use on food crops and non-food crops. A review is underway regarding the number of crops covered in Australia towards matching the existing overseas approvals for this product. Made from a renewable resource so has a low 'carbon footprint'.
Active constituents: 11.82g/L AZADIRACHTIN A and B present as 29.55g/L Azadirachta indica extract.
Dilute 1 - 3 ml in a litre of water for foliar application; up to 5 ml in a litre of water as a soil drench.
Grasshoppers: Mix at a rate of 3 ml per litre of water. Spray at the first sign of grasshoppers and repeat spray every 7 days as needed.

Material Safety Data Sheet

PB138Reduced from $44.95
Nature's Way DIPEL Caterpillar Control BFA Organic
A pest control mainstay for organic growers worldwide. Dipel contains Bacillus thuringiensis, (Bt) which is highly effective and specific against most species of leaf eating caterpillars including lawn armyworm syn. lawn grub, cotton bollworm, cabbage moth, cabbage white butterfly, green looper, lightbrown apple moth, native budworm, pear looper, vine moth, soybean looper and tobacco looper. This biological control is a bacterial stomach poison for all caterpillars, which is mixed with water and sprayed onto both sides of foliage. It must be ingested by the actively feeding caterpillar which dies 3-4 days later. It is not a contact spray. It is totally safe for beneficial insects, including ladybirds and bees as well as fish, birds, mammals and pets. Bt is broken down by sunlight within a few days, so repeated applications may be necessary. Supplied as 1 carton containing 4 packs of 10 grams with each 10 grams making up to 10 litres of spray. Active constituent: 8640 International units of potency per mg of Bacillus Thuringiensis var. Kurstaki. Material Safety Data Sheet

PB169 Reduced from $39.95
Slug and Snail Trap
A safe, effective and reusable snail trap which keeps bait pellets away from pets and moisture. Bury the trap so the rim is level with the ground, half-fill it with beer, which holds an irresistible attraction to slugs and snails, who will then happily drown! Also useful for earwigs if baited with soy sauce and a thin film of vegetable oil on top.
PS102 Reduced from $11.95
Sprouting and Microgreens Kits
Jar Sprouting Kit
Grow Your own food garden in a Jar! Introductory Offer: Pay only $3.00 for the seed
One Jar Sprouter
Food Grade Alfalfa Seeds 25g
Organic Mung Bean Seeds 250g

Download for free: Green Harvest Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide (722KB)
Full range of microgreen and sprouting products...
Tools, Propagation Equipment and Fertilisers
Bonus Pack Snackmaker

Food preserving at its best: Limited offer (2 only), less than RRP
  • Snackmaker with 500w motor
  • 5 extra trays
More info...

This will give you: 10 trays, 1 solid sheet and 1 mesh sheet.
Our range of food processing equipment...
Connect A Frame
Use to construct plant supports, trellising, fruit cages, hot houses and netting frames.
  • Soft flexible ball for quickly joining bamboo canes
  • Each ball has 6 tapered holes for inserting round framing cross pieces
  • Framing pieces need to be a diameter of 10 - 12 mm (not supplied but easily obtained)
  • If you have a smaller diameter cane, try winding thick tape around the ends to fatten them up
  • Also, a creative outdoor activity for kids to build cubbies and cover with sheets or shadecloth
  • 8 per pack
TA205Reduced from $12.95
Grafting and Budding Kit Reduced from $98.80
Garden Grafter
Ryset Grafting Knife
Grafting tape: 12 mm x 50 m
Booklet: Grafting Fruit Trees

TG122Reduced from $98.80
Full range of grafting products...
Heat Mat and Thermostat Reduced from $105
Purchase: TP228 Reduced from $105
Mini Greenhouse
This propagator gives you the best chance of raising your own seed or cuttings successfully! The sturdy, clear plastic vented lid fits snugly over the 290 x 340 mm seedling tray to create a stable, warm and humid environment. Allows for plants to grow 190 mm tall. Made from Polypropylene (PP) Plastic #5 - this strong, tough waterproof material has a high resistance to heat which is why it is used in the manufacture of yogurt and margarine tubs, plastic cups and baby bottles, kitchenware, microwavable or takeaway / deli plastic containers and in the highest quality water bottles.

TP111Reduced from $34.95

You may also need a 48 cell growing tray and a drip tray
Full range of propagation supplies...
Seaweed Plant Starter
Get your seeds, seedlings and cuttings off to a flying start with this seaweed concentrate made from organically certified Tasmanian Bull Kelp. Contains naturally occurring plant hormones for stimulating seed germination and early root growth. Dilute 1 capful (10ml) in 4 litres of water and use to soak your seedlings when transplanting; soak seed in a teaspoon of seaweed solution mixed with 500ml of water; dip cuttings into a 10ml in 100ml of water solution. Can also be used as a foliar spray.
Depending on application rate, this handy-sized 500ml bottle makes up to 200 litres of fertiliser solution.

TS146Reduced from $17.95
Seed Starter Heat Mat
  • Warms root area by up to 10°C above room temperature
  • Flat with no lip or edge
  • Can be used for any pot or tray size
  • To create a larger heated area, put multiple pads next to each other
  • Flexible, just roll up and put away when season is over
  • Durable, water proof and easy to clean
  • As it sheds water if used indoors consider adding one of our drip trays to hold your pots
  • 500 mm X 250 mm
  • Thermostat optional extra
  • Uses only 18 watts
TP223Reduced from $55.95
Included in our Heat Mat and Thermostat.
Soil pH Test Kit
These pH test kits have been developed by CSIRO. They are very simple and fast to use and an information booklet is included.

Up to 20 tests
TM129Reduced from $24.95

Up to 100 tests

More information on soil pH...
More information on organic soil improvement...
Poultry Care
Poultry Feeder with Cover and Waterer Kit Reduced from $129.90
Includes: TA123 Reduced from $129.90
Full range of poultry supplies...

At Green Harvest we are passionate about open-pollinated, heirloom seed as we believe it is a resource belonging to all people, not a product to be exploited by a few. Open-pollinated vegetable seeds are genetically diverse treasures that have been passed on from generation to generation of gardeners. We invite you to contact us if you would like to help us preserve open-pollinated seed varieties in Australia. More information on seed saving...
Australian native plant
OG organically certified with AusQual - Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
Green Harvest specialises in seeds which are:
  • organically certified
  • guaranteed germination
  • open-pollinated
  • heirloom
  • not GMO (genetically modified)
More information about our seeds.
A free Successful Seed Raising Guide is included with your first seed order from Green Harvest.
Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
Warning to Victoria Regulation 62: Sale, use or setting of glue traps that can trap an animal is banned. Sale, use or setting of a glue trap for the purposes of capturing an insect is only permitted where the trap has a cage, or is of a design, that prevent an animal contacting the adhesive surface.
Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies is permanently closed as of 5pm on 1-11-2023.
We will not be taking orders by this website, in person, by phone or email. Our display garden and retail shop are closed forever.

Phone:07 54357000
Phone calls will only be responded to sporadically and only in reference to orders placed prior to 2-11-2023. All the useful growing and organic pest management research and resources are available on this website for a while still.
No liability will be accepted by Green Harvest, its owners or employees as to the accuracy of any information. No responsibility will be taken for damage to property or persons due to information given about a product or technique. No responsibility will be taken for the loss of a crop or income due to information given about a product or technique.
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