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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
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Costa's World
Gardening for the Soil, Soul and Suburbs

Costa Georgiadis 2021 2005 (AUS)
This long-awaited book from the beloved host of ABC TV's Gardening Australia brings together all of Costa's gardening and sustainability knowledge. This is a book for the whole family that reflects Costa's philosophy and quirky sense of fun. Costa's World is a generous, joyous, fully illustrated gardening opus that celebrates the life-changing joy of chooks; kids in the garden; big ideas for small spaces; Costa?s favourite plants; growing the right plants for your conditions; biodiversity in the soil and garden; the power of community; the brilliance of bees and pollinators; easy-peasy permaculture; and much, much more. 318pp, full colour photos and wonderfully colourful original watercolours.

BC168Reduced from $45.00
Eat Your Garden: Organic Gardening for Home and Schools
Leonie Shanahan 2010 (AUS)
An inspirational book with simple instructions of how to achieve a healthy organic garden at home, school or community garden.
Includes practical details on
  • worm farms
  • herb spirals
  • tanks gardens
  • no-dig gardens
  • soil building
  • monthly planting guides
  • essential nutrition for garden and gardener
  • full cycle info from seed sowing to seed saving
Full colour step by step guide, 138pp

BE126Was $40.00
The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition
Bill Mollison 2011 (AUS)
A treasure trove for the adventurous cook and gardener, it provides step-by-step instructions for traditional methods of food fermentation, preserving and processing. Recipes and methods for making cheese, vinegar, tempeh, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, smoking fish and meat, salting, and pickling are drawn from many different cultures. There's also information on agricultural composts, silages and liquid manures. It is written with characteristic humour and insight with information from the most basic of beginnings - before refrigeration and often from the folklore of the traditional peoples of this world.
Chapters include: Storing, Preserving and Cooking foods; Fungi, Yeast, Mushrooms and Lichens; Grains; Legumes; Roots, Bulbs, Rhizomes; Marine and Freshwater Products, Fish, Molluscs and Algae; Beers, Wines and Beverages and much more. 244pp

BP146Reduced from $69.95
The Seed Savers Handbook
Michel and Jude Fanton 1993 (AUS)
Excellent reference especially for tropical gardeners who 'miss out' in many conventional gardening books. Learn to protect our global food heritage - and eat it too! Detailed descriptions of seed collecting, propagation and kitchen uses of more than 100 vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. 176pp

BS104Reduced from $36.95
Tropical Food Gardens: A Guide to Growing Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables in Tropical and Sub-tropical Climates
Leonie Norrington 2001 (AUS)
This excellent book is written in an informative, conversational style that is engaging and funny. Beautiful hand-painted graphics accompany the witty prose. This is easily the best book we have come across for northern gardeners. 160pp

BT100Reduced from $39.95
Seed Packs
Cooking With Edible Flowers Booklet and Seed Pack
Includes an informative booklet and three packets of seeds: grow pretty, tasty floral additions to your table. Edible Flower seeds: BC163Reduced from $22.10

Flower seed available here
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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
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Grow The Best Tomatoes Booklet and Seed Pack Save $6.45
Includes an informative booklet and three packets of seeds: grow tasty tomatoes for salads, cooking and preserving. Tomato seeds: BG139Save $6.45

Tomato seed available here
Pea Pack Save $7.95
Fresh peas, so easy and prolific.
TA211Save $7.95
Fruit Fly Control
As summer warms up and the fruit fly numbers increase, it is essential to trap the flies and reduce the number of breeding males. The following kits will do just that for months to come; they'll save you money and they all include our super successful and unique PestGuard Bags for fruit protection.
Fruit Fly Kit
Used for over 20 years by Queensland commercial orchardists, this re-usable trap and replaceable wick system is a simple "set and forget" strategy.
(Not suitable for WA Mediterranean Fruit Fly)
Material Safety Data Sheet

1 Qld Fruit Fly Trap and Wick
1 extra Qld Fruit Fly Wick
10 PestGuard Bags FREE

PF136Save $13.95
Cera Trap Kit
PF141Save $37.55
Full range of fruit fly products...
Great way to try 5 of our most popular organic products.

Exclusion keeps them all out! Be it bird, fruit fly, fruit bat or other intruder into your harvest. PE245Save $17.85

Full range of exclusion products...
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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
Locals: Click, Pay & Collect from Witta (postcode 4552) - no postage & packaging charges.
Pest Control
Apple and Pear Kit
Protection for 4 - 6 trees. Catches males and females, excludes larvae from boring into the fruit.
1 x Codling Moth Single Pack
1 x Fruit Tree Grease Band 175 cm long and 10 cm wide
1 x pack of 100 Nylon Pouches
PC123Save $11.90
Bed and Board Kit
  • (1) Insect Hotel filled with bamboo pieces
    • hang from the attached bracket, in a sheltered position
    • up to 2 metres on a wall, shed, fence, pole, etc
    • face East to North-East to catch the morning sun
    • the bamboo tubes offer safe nesting for solitary native bees, ladybirds, lacewings and native parasitic wasps
  • (1) Predalure beneficial insect attractant
    • attracts beneficial predatory insects. Field trials have shown increased populations by up to 500% of:
      • lacewings
      • ladybirds
      • hover flies
      • predatory bugs, mites and beetles
  • (1) packet of Good Bug Mix for feeding the good bugs
PB19123% off, while stock lasts
Citrus Care Kit
Warning to Victoria
Protect your trees from most citrus pests and the ants farming them. Mealy bug, scale and black sooty mould can be controlled so you get the delicious, home grown citrus you expect.
Eco-Oil: Used to suffocate on contact a wide range of insects, in all life stages and thought to have a repellent quality to flying female insects. Can also be used safely throughout the garden for control of whitefly, sap sucking insects and two spotted mite. Made from certified organic, Australian grown canola oil.
Horticultural Glue: Stops climbing insects in their tracks! Apply this glue around a tree trunk to prevent insects from climbing into the tree. Be very cautious if you are considering using a non-horticultural glue or other sticky substance on your plants; we hear many stories of people killing their trees this way.
Tree Wrap: To band the tree prior to applying the glue and make it easier to clean off or reapply glue if necessary. This horticultural clear tape is slightly elastic and 25 mm x 50 m.

1 Tree Guard Glue 150ml tube
1 Eco-Oil 250 ml
1 Tree Wrap 25 mm x 50 metres
1 Green Harvest researched and written citrus care leaflet

PB171Save $15.90

More information on organic citrus care...
Efekto Fly Trap
An absolutely amazing, guaranteed fly trap, used and recommended by 20 local councils across Australia. Anyone who's seen one working buys one. Great for stables, sheep stations, cattle pens and dairy yards. The large 2.75 L, durable hard plastic container is designed to let flies enter but not leave. Comes with 4 pungent non-toxic bait sachets which each last 4-6 months.

PF117 Reduced from $54.95
Grease Band
Warning to Victoria
Here's the quickest and most convenient way to exclude ants from your trees and shrubs.
  • Pre-glued band
  • 175 cm long and 10 cm wide
  • Twist wire supplied to secure the band at the top and bottom
  • Cut it to any length (make sure to overlap by 8 cm)
  • Measure the distance around the trees you want to cover at 45 cm above soil level and add 8cm for overlap
PG128Reduced from $15.95
Sprouting and Microgreens Kits
Jar Sprouting Kit
Grow Your own food garden in a Jar! Introductory Offer: Pay only $3.00 for the seed
One Jar Sprouter
Food Grade Alfalfa Seeds 25g
Organic Mung Bean Seeds 250g

Download for free: Green Harvest Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide (905KB)
Microgreens Kit
This kit will start your microgreens growing!
2 x Microgreen Trays
Drip Tray - ideal on kitchen benchtop; prevents spillage
100% Coir Peat Brick - natural coconut fibre, expands to 9 L
Microgreens Sunflower Seeds 250g
Microgreens Pea Seeds 250g
Seaweed Plant Starter 500 ml - provides micronutrients

TF161Save $13.30

Download for free: Green Harvest Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide (722KB)
Full range of microgreen and sprouting products...
Tools, Propagation Equipment and Fertilisers
Grafting and Budding Kit Save $31.95
Garden Grafter
Ryset Grafting Knife FREE
Grafting tape: 12 mm x 50 m
Booklet: Grafting Fruit Trees

TG122Save $31.95
Full range of grafting products...
Hand Tool Pack Save $15.90
All our best-selling unique tools in 1 pack!:
1 Hori Hori Soil Knife
1 Kama
1 Ho-Mi Little Hoe
TH173Save $15.90
Full range of hand tools...
Heat Mat and Thermostat Save $14.40
Purchase: TP228 Save $14.40
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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
Locals: Click, Pay & Collect from Witta (postcode 4552) - no postage & packaging charges.
Seed Starter Heat Mat
  • Warms root area by up to 10°C above room temperature
  • Flat with no lip or edge
  • Can be used for any pot or tray size
  • To create a larger heated area, put multiple pads next to each other
  • Flexible, just roll up and put away when season is over
  • Durable, water proof and easy to clean
  • As it sheds water if used indoors consider adding one of our drip trays to hold your pots
  • 500 mm X 250 mm
  • Thermostat optional extra
  • Uses only 18 watts
TP223Reduced from $55.95
Included in our Heat Mat and Thermostat.
Seed Starting Kit
  • 1 seed tray and germination cover which allows for seedling growth up to 11 cm
  • 2 x 10 cell bio-degradable punnets
  • 60 x 5.5 cm deep bio-degradable pots
  • 10 x seedling labels
  • 10 x bed markers
  • 1 x marker pencil
  • 1 x micro trowel / seedling lifter
  • 1 x two-sided dibber
Fill the pots with our Coir Fibre Block
TP220 Reduced from $29.95
Sickle Kit
Includes: TC156Save $15.00
Full range of pruning products...
Tree Planting Pack
1 weed mat + 1 tree sleeve
Stakes not included.

More information on tree care...

Poultry Care
Poultry Care Kit
No Norfolk Island / TAS / WA
Maximize the good health of your birds by adding in some of the essential requirements your chickens need, while reducing your feed costs and eat more nutrient packed home grown eggs. This super high-quality kit contains kelp meal, annual and perennial seeds, food grade hemp seed meal and food grade Diatomaceous Earth for internal and external animal health. More information on poultry forage...
25 g Clucker Tucker™ Seed Mix UT
450 g DE for Animals
250 g Hemp Seed Meal
250 g Kelp Meal
1 kg Funky Chicken Feed Mix
PD107SAVE $17.95
Shell Be Right Kit No Norfolk Island / TAS / WA
Although focused on poultry this kit can be used for all your farm and pet animals. High density nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals, protection from pests internal and external.
1 kg Hemp Seed Meal
1 kg Dehydrated Black Soldier Fly Larvae: 40% protein FREE
1 kg Kelp Meal
1 kg Funky Chicken Feed Mix
500 g DE for Animals
TA215Save $39.95
Poultry Feeder with Cover and Waterer Kit Save $23.95
Includes: TA123 Save $23.95
Full range of poultry supplies...

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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
Locals: Click, Pay & Collect from Witta (postcode 4552) - no postage & packaging charges.

Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
Warning to Victoria Regulation 62: Sale, use or setting of glue traps that can trap an animal is banned. Sale, use or setting of a glue trap for the purposes of capturing an insect is only permitted where the trap has a cage, or is of a design, that prevent an animal contacting the adhesive surface.
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