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Backyard Poultry - Naturally
Alanna Moore 2014 Third Edition (AUS)
An excellent resource, both entertaining and informative, providing all the information needed to raise healthy poultry without using harmful chemicals. It covers breeds, housing, breeding, feeding, herbal medicines and poultry in Permaculture. This latest 3rd edition contains all of the information that has led it to be the book for domestic poultry raising in Australia but, now it has, full colour plates, extra breed photographs and includes more natural remedies! 161 pp

Poultry Feeder with Cover
Reduce food spillage and vermin attraction with this dispenser for grain mix or grain and pellet mix. The feeder tray has divisions which physically reduces the chicken's ability to swipe the grain out and onto the ground. The rear hooks attach directly to wire mesh or can be bolted to any surface. For maximum effectiveness in preventing access by rodents, fix with a bracket to a smooth wall so the feeder is well off the ground. The feeder tray should be slightly lower than the chicken's head height so they can clearly see where the food is (some chickens are brighter than others!). Made from UV resistant PVC and ABS plastic - won't heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastics. Built-on cover prevents your money from being wasted by protecting the feed from getting rained on and helps to hide the feed from rodents, possums and birds. Holds approximately 3 kg. Height 50 cm. Works well with grain mixes that 'flow'; poultry feed with molasses mixed in can clump and clog the feeder but mixing with loose grain can solve this problem.
TA160 Also available as part of a Kit
Poultry Waterer
Give your chickens the fresh, clean water they need while overcoming the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water with this chook operated water dispenser. When the chickens come to drink, their beak moves the yellow 'tongue' (like a float valve) which dispenses more water into the drinking cup. The unit has a rear hook to attach directly to wire mesh or fix a bracket to a wall or fence so the waterer is off the ground. Made from UV resistant PVC and ABS plastic - won't heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastics. Holds approximately 4 L of water or add some liquid Natrakelp for Animals to keep them healthy, via the easy fill top cover. Height 50 cm.
TA122 Also available as part of a Kit
Poultry Feeder with Cover and Waterer Kit save $19.95
Includes: TA123 save $19.95
Poultry Drinker Cup
Useful if you've broken your drinker cup and need a replacement, or want to have a go at making your own poultry waterer. Valve operated and working with gravity fed pressure, it only allows a small amount of water in the cup at any one time. When the chooks drink from the cup, the water level goes down and is automatically replenished.


Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
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