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Watch this video produced by the Australian Applied Horticultural Research Agency.
Fruit Fly - Public Enemy No.1
Fruit fly products, other than the highly undesirable blanket spraying of a systemic chemical, generally are effective for either male or female flies, not both. The exception to this is the newly released Insectrap, Cera Trap and Eco Naturalure, which are effective for both. Products that prevent female fruitflies from laying eggs are fundamental for achieving your aim of a luscious, ripe, home grown crop. Female flies are attracted to baits based on 'food attractants', as female flies need protein in order to begin egg laying. Bait products are most suitable for diverse gardens with a wide range of susceptible fruits or large orchards. The easiest 'set and forget' method is to install exclusion products early in the season.

The products that attract male flies are based on pheromones or 'sex attractants'. These include Qld Fruit Fly Trap and Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant. All are useful as monitoring tools, an effective 'early warning system' to help you recognize the start of the fruit fly season. Many gardeners will be familiar with the disappointment of only noticing fruit fly when it is too late and the fruit is stung and full of maggots. Traps for monitoring should be in place by late winter, in a position where they will be easily noticed. Many people find that by trapping large numbers of male flies, the local population of breeding fruit flies is reduced and that this helps reduce damage.

See also the Exclusion Products: PestGuard Bags, Stone Fruit Bags, Mesh Sleeve and covers: Floating Row Cover, Grow Tunnel Kit and Vege Net as they are excellent for protecting crops from fruit fly!

The exclusion product Apple Pouches are listed with other Codling Moth products

I have found that the Cera fruit fly trap system to be the only one I have ever seen work and be effective.
Gary of Dianella WA
Cera Trap
For the attraction and mass trapping of Queensland (Qld) and Mediterranean (Med) male and female fruit fly in tree crops. Not recommended for tomatoes, use exclusion products instead.
This well-designed and proven product (throughout Australia, Spain, Israel and Mexico) is the best trapping system we've seen for these destructive pests in WA, VIC, QLD and NSW. 'Set and forget', convenient and safe. Ready to use - just open the jar, attach the lid and hang adjacent to your susceptible crop. It will work as long as the syrupy bait is in the trap, roughly 3-4 months. This is a mass trapping system, i.e. its effectiveness depends on having multiple traps around and throughout your crops.
The use of Cera traps alone may not adequately control fruit fly and additional control methods may be required. When fruit fly intensity is high e.g. the previous year's crop was heavily stung, the orchard is within 5 km of rainforest or it is a particularly highly susceptible crop (tomato, stone fruit, large mango, rows of vegetables) an additional product will need to be used. At the beginning of the fruit fly season a cover spray with a product containing pyrethrum or spinosad or a bait spray such as Naturalure will help to reduce fruit fly to more manageable numbers.
The female flies need a protein feed before they lay eggs in fruit, so it's important to place the protein-based Cera Traps near to where the females rest. They'll rest in mature fruit trees with lots of foliage but if trees are very young, deciduous or plants are relatively small the flies will be 'overnighting' elsewhere in the garden. So, you need a number of traps to catch them on their way to the fruit. Cera Traps contain no insecticide: the flies can't escape from the jar and drown in the liquid.

Material Safety Data Sheet

When to use: at least 60 days prior to fruit ripening, when fruit is small and still developing. Even earlier use should have better results by catching the juvenile male fly.
Where to hang: northern side of the plant; within the foliage or crop; 1.5 metres above the ground.
Quantity required: in a backyard situation, where trees are 5 metres or more apart, it is highly recommended you place 2 traps per tree, minimum.
Life of traps: unopened traps can be stored in a cool place for a long time. The ingredients are activated only when the trap is opened and exposed to oxygen. Traps can be moved to other ripening crops after harvesting and are viable while there is still liquid in the trap (average 3 - 4 months). The waxy-looking solids in the trap are normal and do not stop it working.
Advantage over other baits: you do not need to spray every 7 days; Cera traps catch the male (non-fruit damaging) and female; no poisons in your harvest nor handling of pesticide infused products; commercially successful around the world, where homemade baits are hit and miss.

PF132minimum 3 per order Reduced from $28.95
PF134minimum 6 per order Reduced from $26.95

The 5 and 20 litre Cera Trap bulk liquids can be used to re-fill the 600 ml container.
PF131 Also available as part of a Cera Trap Kit
Fruit Fly Trap (bottle only)
For trapping and monitoring Fruit Fly
  • Use a commercial liquid attractant bait e.g. Wild May or Cera
  • You can make your own attractant bait if you prefer
  • Put out the traps early in the season and keep topped up until all the fruit is harvested
  • No poison required
  • The yellow top and the bait entice the fruit fly into the trap where it drowns
  • Can also be used with a different bait for house and bush flies
PF113minimum 4 per order

Cera Trap Kit Save $11.00
PF141 Save $11.00

This non-toxic, sticky, yellow, cylindrical trap attracts all fruit fly species, both male and female, via the food-grade feeding attractant which stimulates and guides them to the trap.
  • It is an excellent early detection and monitoring tool, especially for gardeners in TAS, SA and VIC new to fruit fly outbreaks
  • It gives multiple means to attract all Fruit Fly, with a bait, the shape of the trap and the yellow colour
  • In mild climates keep the traps in place year-round to catch and kill any early outbreaks
  • 2 traps for a tree up to 2 metres high or 4 traps for trees over 2 metres
  • Includes a mesh barrier to ensure that birds cannot touch the glue area and accidentally become stuck in the super-strong non-drying glue
  • The bait is effective for 3 - 4 months
PG103minimum 4 per order
PG118minimum 10 per order
PG122minimum 36 per order
Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait BFA Organic
Eco-Naturalure is a certified organic fruit fly bait used to create 'feeding stations' for fruit fly throughout your garden or orchard.
  • Contains a protein and sugar-based bait, highly attractive to both male and female fruit flies
  • Start early in the season for best control. As soon as petals drop or fruit forms it is time to take action
  • Contains the naturally occurring insecticide spinosad
  • Each application remains effective for 7 days, re-apply after rain
  • Regular weekly applications throughout the fruit ripening season are essential for control
  • Up to 100 applications are possible from 1 litre of product
  • Instead of spraying the whole tree or using bottle style traps you spray a small amount in a small area as a 'bait station'.
    • Foliar Application: Mix 10 ml with 60 ml water and then spray 1m² of the lower foliage to protect 50m²
    • Non Foliar usage: Mix 10 ml with 15 ml water and spray onto boards (such as a 300 mm x 300 mm; recycled coreflute, formica, painted timber, plywood) placed at each end of a small garden or in a tree canopy

Material Safety Data Sheet

More information on Eco Naturalure...

PF129 + overweight or remote freight charge if applicable
Fruit Fly Kit
Used for over 20 years by Queensland commercial orchardists, this re-usable trap and replaceable wick system is a simple 'set and forget' strategy.
(Not suitable for WA Mediterranean Fruit Fly)
Material Safety Data Sheet

1 Qld Fruit Fly Trap and Wick
1 extra Qld Fruit Fly Wick (no Charge)
10 PestGuard Bags

PF136Save $5.95
Qld Fruit Fly Trap
New and Improved Trap Design
Fruit Fly Traps are used to monitor Queensland fruit fly; the plastic container includes a wick impregnated with a sex attractant combined with an insecticide (malathion) that kills on contact. Male flies are attracted from up to 500 metres away for up to 6 months.
(Not suitable for WA Mediterranean Fruit Fly)
Material Safety Data Sheet

PF102 Also available as part of a Fruit Fly Kit
PF103minimum 3 per order

Replacement Wicks for Fruit Fly Traps
PF104 Also available as part of a Fruit Fly Kit
PF105minimum 5 per order
The exclusion bags together with the Wild May fruit fly attractant were just fantastic last year. We picked unblemished apples of several varieties and quinces. About 90% of the bags are reusable...
Pam from Galston NSW
Wild May Fruit Fly Attractant BFA Organic
A pesticide-free lure for attracting and killing the male Queensland fruit fly. This product, derived from native essential oils, has been used with great success in South East Queensland to reduce the impact of fruit fly. Twenty millimetres of this liquid is used undiluted as a 'wet trap' to attract the male flies and they either drown or dehydrate. Traps must be recharged as soon as the liquid evaporates. 4 traps to a hectare is advisable.
(Not suitable for WA Mediterranean Fruit Fly)

Our area seems to be infested with fruit flies from late September and up to last year it had been impossible to grow unaffected large-fruiting tomatoes, even when I sowed them in July! We put the Exclusion Bags over every raceme of fruit, tying them off with the covered wires around the stem. Being enclosed like that also seemed to cause them to ripen more quickly. How pleased we were to eat unmarred Peach, Pineapple, Red Colossus and Pink Queen tomatoes for the first time from our own bushes. The bags proved waterproof and reusable several times over.
Jude Fanton, Director, The Seed Savers' Foundation
See also:
Information on organic fruit fly control...

Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
Australia and International Organic Certification
OG Organic Certification for Australia
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