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We will not be taking orders by this website, in person, by phone or email. Our display garden and retail shop are closed forever.

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Phone calls will only be responded to sporadically and only in reference to orders placed prior to 2-11-2023. All the useful growing and organic pest management research and resources are available on this website for a while still.
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Watch this video produced by the Australian Applied Horticultural Research Agency.
Benefits of Exclusion Products
How to fence the pests out!
Exclusion is a delightfully simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access by fruit fly, codling moth, possums and birds to the fruit or vegetable you want to protect. In many situations it is much easier than spraying. It can mean covering:
  • the entire plant,
  • clusters of fruit, or
  • individual pieces of fruit.
The benefits are:
  • a once only application,
  • efficient use of time,
  • no sprays needed, and
  • 'kill 2 birds with 1 stone' as it may also solve problems with birds and possums, depending on your exclusion choice.
The main choices for exclusion are either: If in place early enough all of these will exclude fruit fly, codling moth and birds. Possums respond to smell and depending on the season and conditions in the local area may attempt and succeed in tearing open some of the exclusion products. It helps to remove any over-ripe fruit from the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which fruit bag or sleeve do I choose?
A. The short answer is that they all work and it is worth trying a few to see which suits your situation best. We often end up with several types of bags and sleeves on the one tree! All bags; Mesh Bags, PestGuard Bags, Paper Exclusion Bags and Stone Fruit Bags are an organic solution to protect fruit from fruit fly. Stone Fruit Bags are the easiest to use on fruits with either no stem or a very short stem, such as figs or some stone fruit. Mesh Sleeves are very quick and easy to apply over clumping fruit like plums, lychees or loquats. Nylon Pouches are a good choice to protect against codling moth. PestGuard Bags have been specifically designed around the size of tomato bunches. Mesh Bags and Sleeves also offer protection from birds and possums. Fruit bats will suck the fruit through any bag, so additional protection such as netting may be needed. Check the size of the bag to make sure the mature fruit will fit.

Q. How do I use it?
A. Early in the season, thin any fruit that requires it. Then simply place a bag over each remaining fruit or clusters of fruit. Tie on, taking care to avoid knots that will be hard to undo later.

Q. Which bag lasts the longest?
All bags will last longer than one season if treated with care. Mesh sleeves and bags are the most durable.

Q. Will my fruit ripen when covered?
A. Yes, it may also be larger and sweeter.

Q. When do I put the bag or cover on?
A. As soon as the fruit is pollinated i.e. when the flower petals drop. Some fruits, like tomatoes and capsicums, are self-pollinated and can be covered any time.
Build A Frame
Designed to create cages and frames for your garden to support shade cloth, bird net, formed insect net or exclusion fabric. This clever design uses standard hardwood 25 mm (1") 'tomato stakes' commonly available in 1.8 m, 2.2 m and 2.4 m lengths. The heavy duty 28 x 28 mm powder coated and welded steel square tubes are pre-drilled and can be configured as a 3 way corner or 4 way joiner. Square-off end of stake prior to inserting in tubes. 2 packs plus eighteen 2.2 m long stakes (not supplied) will make a frame of approx. H 2 m x L 6 m x W 2 m. 1 pack plus eight 2.2 m long stakes (not supplied) will make a frame of approx. H 2 m x L 2 m x W 2 m. Pack of 4 joiners and screws.

Connect A Frame
Use to construct plant supports, trellising, fruit cages, hot houses and netting frames.
  • Soft flexible ball for quickly joining bamboo canes
  • Each ball has 6 tapered holes for inserting round framing cross pieces
  • Framing pieces need to be a diameter of 10 - 12 mm (not supplied but easily obtained)
  • If you have a smaller diameter cane, try winding thick tape around the ends to fatten them up
  • Also, a creative outdoor activity for kids to build cubbies and cover with sheets or shadecloth
  • 8 per pack
TA205Reduced from $12.95

Flexi Frame
The world's first and only modular garden frame. Incredibly light-weight, easy to work with, strong and long-lasting. It takes just minutes to set them up, no tools required, no other parts needed. These extendible, modular frames allow you to easily shelter plants, provide trellising and enable versatility for use in any season in any climate.
  • Protect plants and seedlings from bandicoots, brush turkeys, possums, birds, hail, heat or cold
  • Pre-drilled holes for winding twine through the structure for ease of supporting your plants from flopping about or for vertical trellising of tomatoes, beans and peas
  • Square, round, rectangle, narrow or odd beds all suitable to cover
  • Modular, so you can take it apart and rebuild it to suit any garden shape and any plant, providing a frame you can use year-round, from seed to harvest
  • Throw any netting: shade, frost cloth, greenhouse plastic over the frames
  • Hubs and Elbows are made from a Nylon and Glass Mix while legs are from a Rigid UV stabilized PVC
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
Green Harvest FlexiFrame Brochure
Green Harvest 3 in 1 Flexi Frame
With this unique frame system, we have created a package where you can take the same components and make any 1 of the 3 possible shapes. Transform quickly from a low seedling greenhouse to a small fresh greens picking bed cover to a taller square frame or to a larger general-purpose structure.
  • Supplied as a flat pack, assemble any one of 3 shapes in minutes
  • Use any cover suitable to the season. Our Vege Net size 3 x 5 metre will keep out pest animals, insects and provide some sun and light frost protection
  • Weighing only 3 kg this so easy to put together; lift while assembled and place where needed
  • To extend the length just attach parts from another 3 in 1 kit and run them in line or reconfigure all the pieces for your unique special set up
  • Articulated legs allow you to adjust the widths, lengths and height as suits your individual garden bed. To adjust just rotate legs at the elbows to 'swing' them left or right, back or forward to fit into the required space. Or, by adding a string line through the pre-drilled holes in the legs, the harder you pull it, the narrow and higher the frame becomes
  • General purpose set up will cover an area 2.5 m long x 1.5 m wide with a height of 1.1 m
  • Includes: 2 hubs; 4 x bent elbows; 4 x 600 mm legs; 5 x 900 mm legs; Threading bodkin/needle (Does not include pegs or clamps to hold netting on, nor string for cross-bracing or trellising)
  • 3 x 5 metre net will cover all the designs
  • Add ons to consider: Twine or soft tie; tunnel stakes; Flexi Spike; Vege Net
Green Harvest Ultimate Flexi Frame
So many options here to protect plants from frost, hail, birds, insects, chooks, dogs, possums and brush turkeys.
We have put together this ultimately super flexible kit, just add appropriate net. Our 6 x 6 m vege net, (not supplied) will be suitable.
  • turn your frame into a climbing support for tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, etc by threading the string line thru the bodkin (both supplied) and weaving through the pre-drilled holes in the frame
  • includes: 2 hubs; 4 bent elbows; 4 straight elbows; 4 x 900 mm legs; 4 x 600 mm legs; 4 x 300 mm legs; 4 Flexi Leg Spikes; 4 net to frame clamps; threading bodkin; 25m soft plant tie
Flexi Leg Spike
  • Custom made to fit all Flexi Frame legs
  • Secures your frame to the ground
  • Provides stability in wind
  • Allows for full height of legs to be utilized
  • Pack of 4
Formed Insect Net
Protect your fruit from all pests!
This round one-piece, dome-shape formed net is designed for covering fruit trees. The sides overlap 600 mm to provide a door which allows for easy access to your crop. Longevity of this fabric is increased by placing the net over a frame (star pickets with poly pipe is most common) which gives the advantage of holding the net off the fruit and foliage which allows the tree to grow without getting tangled up in the net. This also gives greater protection from birds and flying foxes, and less likelihood of snagging or tearing when installing (as soon as fruit is set) or removing (as soon as the crop is fully harvested). Store clean and out of sunlight to extend its usable life. Made from the same material as the Vege Net: white, UV-stabilised, woven HDPE 2 mm netting, 45 gsm, 21% shade factor. Used to protect crops from insect infestation, sunburn, birds, pests, and temperature extremes.

2.8 x 2.8 m
For wider trees.

1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8 m
Formed and Fitted.
  • Designed to fit over a garden bed up to 1.2 m wide and 1.2 m long with a maximum height of 1.8 m
  • Square top of 1.2 m
  • No door in this smaller formed and fitted net
  • Just lift to access your small garden bed or valuable shrub
  • Rests gently on sturdy plants
  • Use with the build a frame for a more robust structure
Mesh Exclusion
This innovative product is made of durable, UV resistant fly screen. It is tied closed with an attached long lasting 'brickies string'. Complete protection from fruit fly is assured when the fruit does not rest against the material. These bags may also provide protection from birds and possums. Fruit bats may manage to suck the fruit through the bag.

Mesh Sleeve
This sleeve, open at both ends, is designed to slide along a branch and protect heavy bearing fruit that is hard to cover and tie individually, like plums and apricots. Sleeves can be overlapped and offer a cost effective option to full tree coverage.

Small Mesh Sleeves 600 mm x 300 mm

Large Mesh Sleeves 900 mm x 350 mm

Mesh Bags
This bag suits any individual or small clustering fruit.

Small Mesh Bags 300 mm x 300 mm

Nylon Pouch
Keep apples and pears, mango, avocado, persimmon and many other fruits insect free all season with this proven alternate method to traps and pesticides.
  • home apple and pear growers, in the USA, have used these nylon 'sockettes' successfully for many years to prevent access to the fruit by the codling moth larvae
  • cover the fruit as soon as the petals drop and the expandable pouch will protect all season long
  • easier to use than bags - simply slip them over the young fruitlets and they expand as the fruit grows
  • condensation is not a problem as the pouches 'breathe'
  • close the pouch by tying a knot or with a twist-tie or rubber band
  • covering the fruit in this way may also help reduce bird damage
  • pack of 100 pouches

Other codling moth products.
Our area seems to be infested with fruit flies from late September and up to last year it had been impossible to grow unaffected large-fruiting tomatoes, even when I sowed them in July! We put the Exclusion Bags over every raceme of fruit, tying them off with the covered wires around the stem. Being enclosed like that also seemed to cause them to ripen more quickly. How pleased we were to eat unmarred Peach, Pineapple, Red Colossus and Pink Queen tomatoes for the first time from our own bushes. The bags proved waterproof and reusable several times over.
Jude Fanton, Director, The Seed Savers' Foundation
PestGuard Bags are THE organic tomato solution!
With this unique product, designed by Green Harvest, you will be able to protect your tomato bunches from many of the major pests including fruit fly and tomato grub. PestGuard Bags are made of spun bonded polypropylene that is UV stable, however, it is still considered to have an 'in-use' life of only 1-3 years. Air, water and foliar-based fertilisers will penetrate the white gauze-like fabric, which has a 20% shade factor, much lower than shadecloth. Slip the lightweight 300 x 300 mm bag on and close with the attached tie to protect the entire tomato bunch. Please note these bags are not strong enough to cope with a hungry possum or fruit bat! Product is supplied as a Pack of 10.
Paper Exclusion Bags
Our most requested product is back (only temporarily).
These horticultural waxed-paper fruit bags with a built-in twist-tie are suitable for citrus, guava, persimmons, mangoes, avocado, tomatoes, etc.
  • The small gap at the bottom of the exclusion bag is for condensation drainage and does not allow fruit fly to enter or in any way affect the bag's effectiveness.
  • Simply open bag, enclose fruit and use the twist-tie to attach to the fruit stem.
  • For some fruit trees you can prune the growing tip back to the cluster of fruit and slide the bag over the end to protect the entire cluster.
  • These bags are used by the millions around the world as they keep off pest insects, provide some sun protection and most birds will not realize there is fruit for the picking.
  • If possums or fruit bats are common in your area you may want to consider one of our other exclusion products (mesh or tree covers) as they can rip / tear these bags to access the fruit.
  • Repels rain and most people get more than one season's use.
  • 220 x 320 mm, one size only.
  • Pack of 100 bags.
Stone Fruit Paper Exclusion Bags
Paper Exclusion Bag that is easier to use for stone fruit including peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots. Often these fruit have a very little stem or no stem at all, which can make other exclusion bags more difficult to use. This horticultural waxed-paper bag is specifically designed to attach around the lateral branch rather than the fruit stem. 200 mm x 150 mm. Pack of 25.

Tunnel Stake
Whether you want to 'take care' of vampires or create a structure to hang netting off to cover a garden bed or small fruit tree, these stakes have you covered.
  • Australian hardwood.
  • Easy to hammer in the ground, nice sharp pointed end. Easy to remove or just leave for the next crop.
  • 'Turned' so that 32 mm diameter rural, green stripe, class B, poly pipe will fit snugly over it.
  • 32 mm (1¼ inch) diameter rural, class B, poly pipe is easy to come by and cut to cover a garden bed or small tree
  • Dimensions: approx 350 mm long of which 150 mm is 'shaved and turned' to slide the pipe down
  • For a 3 metre long garden bed tunnel you will need:
    • 3 pieces of 32 mm diameter poly pipe of a suitable length (not supplied by us)
    • 6 Tunnel Stakes - hammer into soil 1 m from each end of fabric cover in order to close the ends, the remaining 2 install half way along
    • 5 m netting (vege net is perfect at 3 x 5 m long). Other cover options include shade cloth; clear plastic; bird netting; frost cloth.
    • 6 Jumbo Peg Clamps
    • for maintenance, weeding, pruning, harvesting and mulching un-clip the jumbo peg clamps and pull the netting to one side.
  • For a tree cover try:
Vege Net
Protect your veges from fruit fly, fruit piercing moth, other flying insects, birds and extremes of cold and heat. The Vege Net is made of knitted, white HDPE (high density polyethylene) monofilament; UV stabilised (5 year manufacturer warranty) with a 21% shade factor.
This 'throwover' net is not edged and can be cut to size as needed. Most plants will push it up as they grow. Placing directly on woody plants is not recommended. Versatility, longevity and affordable price make this net a must-have for frost, shade or pest protection. Hole size is approximately 2 x 1 mm.

VEGE NET - new smaller sizes
Dimensions: 1.8 x 4 m

Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8 m
Formed Insect Net, formed and fitted for covering all sides.

Dimensions: 3 x 5 m

VEGE NET - new larger sizes
Dimensions: 6 x 6 m, 6 x 10 m and 6 x 20 m

Full Roll: 2.8 x 100 m

Full Roll: 6.0 x 100 m

Are you a primary producer?
You may be eligible for a government grant for protective netting
Vege Net Fruit Protection Bags
This fine woven Vege Net is threaded with a drawstring, is breathable, re-usable, non-toxic and see-through for ease of determining ripeness. Place over individual fruit or clusters to keep all creatures away.

Small 15 x 25 cm Pack of 10:

Large 30 x 30 cm Pack of 10:
Vege Net Fruit Protection Sleeves
Nearly 1 metre long and open at both ends with drawstring closures, this netting is designed to slide along a branch to quickly protect fruit that are hard to cover individually or trees which are vigorous or cumbersome to get a tree net over. Will protect from all insects, sunburn and birds. It is a lighter weight, more flexible material than our other sleeve style and is a very cost-effective option to full tree netting.

Vege Net Fruit Protection Sleeve 90 x 30 cm Pack of 5:
Uses of Exclusion Fabrics
  • on a frame, protecting fruit from fruit fly,
  • protecting tomatoes and capsicums from fruit fly,
  • protecting strawberries from birds,
  • protecting cabbage, broccoli etc from caterpillars,
  • protecting seedlings in early spring from frost,
  • protecting lettuces from summer heat,
  • reducing transplant shock in seedlings, and
  • reducing heat stress in the summer garden.
More information on organic fruit fly control...

Photo courtesy Jan D. of Beaudesert

Covering garden beds with Vege Nets or Floating Row Cover will protect crops from birds, possums and fruit fly.

This brochure is from an organisation that wants people to use Wildlife Friendly Netting (2MB).

Buy Vege Net

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Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies is permanently closed as of 5pm on 1-11-2023.
We will not be taking orders by this website, in person, by phone or email. Our display garden and retail shop are closed forever.

Phone:07 54357000
Phone calls will only be responded to sporadically and only in reference to orders placed prior to 2-11-2023. All the useful growing and organic pest management research and resources are available on this website for a while still.
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