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Post & Pack: seed (std,5g,25g,100g)=$7.50 or with other products: $12.95 in Qld or $15.95 interstate. More details.
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Jar Sprouter   Jar Sprouting Kit   Jar Sprouting Lids   Kitchen Seed Sprouter   Microgreens Kit   Microgreen Growing Tray   Microgreen Tray   Micro Snips   Seaweed Plant Starter   Seedling Tray   Wheatgrass Tray  
Jar Sprouter
From seed to salad or smoothie in under a week.
  • Perfect for the cultivation of all sprout types
  • Soak, rinse daily and eat fresh living greens
  • Glass wide mouth sprouter jar
  • Screw-on, food-grade (BPA free) plastic screened lid, with 2 size drainage holes, so small seeds do not fall out
  • Support legs for drainage and to allow air circulation
  • Start a new type or new batch every day and save on the bulk price discount for these jars
  • 8.6 cm diameter x 17 cm tall; holds 500 ml
TF219 Also available in a Jar Sprouting Kit
TF220minimum 3 per order
TF221minimum 6 per order
Jar Sprouting Kit
Grow Your own food garden in a Jar! Introductory Offer: Pay only $3.00 for the seed
One Jar Sprouter
Food Grade Alfalfa Seeds 25g
Organic Mung Bean Seeds 250g

Download for free: Green Harvest Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide (905KB)
Jar Sprouting Lids for Mason Jars
Have Mason jars? Turn them into kitchen bench food growing machines.
  • Sprouting lids to fit wide mouth Mason jars
  • Multi sized screen with support legs for air circulation and easy rinsing of all seed types
  • Made from BPA free plastic
  • 8.6 cm internal lid diameter
  • Pack of 4
Kitchen Seed Sprouter
Grow your own fresh, nutrient dense greens, in the house!
  • Ready to harvest in just 3 to 5 days depending on type of seed and air temperature
  • Just add seeds then water 2 to 3 times each day
  • No soil or messy mixes required
  • Place in filtered light, not direct sun
  • Grow up to four trays at a time or for continuous supply germinate one tray of seeds per day
  • 21 cm height x 15 cm diameter

Frequently Asked Questions (
Microgreens Kit
This kit will start your microgreens growing!
2 x Microgreen Trays
Drip Tray - ideal on kitchen benchtop; prevents spillage
100% Coir Peat Brick - natural coconut fibre, expands to 9 L
Microgreens Sunflower Seeds 250g
Microgreens Pea Seeds 250g
Seaweed Plant Starter 500 ml - provides micronutrients

TF161Save $$

Download for free: Green Harvest Sprouting, Wheatgrass and Microgreen Guide (722KB)
Microgreen Growing Tray with Water Reservoir
Growing microgreens at home could not be easier with this kitchen bench top microgreen tray.
  • No soil required, just a tissue or paper towel
  • Spray the seeds with water until roots develop
  • Once roots extend into the water reservoir keep this topped up
  • 27 x 15 cm wide, so fits on the narrowest of spaces
Microgreen Tray, Free Draining
Durable black plastic tray 33.5 cm x 14 cm; depth 5.5 cm; 2 fit into a Drip Tray or a Seedling Tray.
Use 2 of these trays for added variety and harvest succession in your bench-top cropping system.
TT143minimum 10 per order
TT149minimum 25 per order
Micro Snips
  • Harvest: baby leaf, herbs and microgreens
  • Deadhead flowers and tip back new growth
  • Spring action handles; easier to use than scissors or secateurs
  • Carbon steel blades for a long lasting sharp cutting edge
  • Compact; overall length 100 mm
Seaweed Plant Starter
Get your seeds, seedlings and cuttings off to a flying start with this seaweed concentrate made from organically certified Tasmanian Bull Kelp. Contains naturally occurring plant hormones for stimulating seed germination and early root growth. Dilute 1 capful (10ml) in 4 litres of water and use to soak your seedlings when transplanting; soak seed in a teaspoon of seaweed solution mixed with 500ml of water; dip cuttings into a 10ml in 100ml of water solution. Can also be used as a foliar spray.
Depending on application rate, this handy-sized 500ml bottle makes up to 200 litres of fertiliser solution.

Seedling / Wheatgrass Tray
This durable 35 cm x 29 cm black plastic tray is ideal for holding recycled pots, coco seed starters, homemade paper pots, 48 cell tray or for direct sowing of seed or wheatgrass. It also fits the Mini Greenhouse or 8 standard punnets. Made from Polypropylene (PP) Plastic #5 - this strong, tough waterproof material has a high resistance to heat which is why it is used in the manufacture of yogurt and margarine tubs, plastic cups and baby bottles, kitchenware, microwavable or takeaway / deli plastic containers and in the highest quality water bottles.
TT101minimum 10 per order
TT150minimum 32 per order
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Seed to WA: A $6.95 Quarantine Fee will be charged for all seed orders to WA. Green Harvest is sharing the cost of the quarantine fee with all our WA customers. Read more...
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