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Leek   Lettuce   Luffa  
Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum
Leeks are best grown as a cool season annual crop and are frost hardy; they love rich, loamy, well-composted soils. In cold temperate areas sow August - September; in warm temperate areas sow May - February; in subtropical areas sow March - August; in tropical areas leeks are unlikely to do well. Seed germinate best between 13 - 24C soil temperature. Seed takes 7 - 10 days to germinate; it takes 8 - 10 weeks for seeds sown in trays to be ready to transplant.
Leek 'Blue Solaise' UT
Heirloom, gourmet French leek variety with deep blue-green leaves that have a purple tinge in cool weather. This variety is considered very ornamental and can be used in flower gardens. The large stalks have a sweet mild flavour. Leeks are delicious vegetables, the white shaft plus 10-15 cm of the green leaves are eaten. Days to harvest: 100 - 120
SL248approx. 100 seeds
Leek 'Giant Carentan' UT
Old French variety; mild flavoured, extremely tender leek; very large, creamy white stalks and blue-green leaves; vigorous, fast growing, hardy and tolerates very cold weather.
SL103approx. 100 seeds
SL236 No WA
Leek 'Giant Musselburgh' OG
Syn. 'Scotch Flag', 'American Flag'
'Giant Musselburgh' is a large Scottish heirloom leek named after a coastal town well-known for its market gardens. These large, very tender leeks have an excellent, mild flavour. The thick blue-green leaves are very attractive and form an upright fan shape. The white stems can be 5 - 7 cm in diameter. Leeks are easy to grow and delicious in soups, stir fries and stews. It is hardy and tolerates very cold weather. Days to harvest: 120 - 170.
SL102approx. 100 seeds
Lactuca sativa
Lettuce requires a rich, well-drained soil with constant moisture, it dislikes acidity. Lettuces can be sown all year in most of Australia, if very hot or cold periods are avoided. Select the correct variety for the time of year and the area you live in. Generally avoid growing solid hearting varieties during hot weather, as they are prone to bolt or to bacterial diseases. In tropical areas only the lettuces marked H for 'hot and humid' should be selected; the sowing time in these areas is limited to April through July. Lettuce seed will not germinate over 30C. The best germination is at a soil temperature between 15 - 20C. In the warmer months chilling the lettuce seed in the fridge for a few days before sowing will improve germination. Direct sow or sow into seedling trays for later transplanting. Cover seed lightly to 5 mm deep as lettuce needs light to germinate, firm down and keep moist. Space plants 20 - 30 cm apart. Prepare soil with compost or well-rotted manure and added potash, feed regularly with liquid manure, mulch well. Avoid watering in the heat of the day. Growing under shadecloth is beneficial in hot areas.
'Organic Lettuce Mix' H OG
Contains a colourful mix of 'cut and come again' lettuces; mix may include 'Marvel of Four Seasons', 'Freckles', 'Salad Bowl Red', 'Salad Bowl Green', 'Buttercrunch'; 'Royal Oakleaf', 'Brown Romaine', 'Green Mignonette', 'Lollo Rossa', 'Parris Is Cos'.
SL144approx. 500 seeds
SL188 No WA
SL198 No WA
See also Organic Salad Mix.
Iceberg / Crisphead Types
Avoid growing iceberg types during hot or humid weather. These lettuces are unsuitable for tropical areas.
'Great Lakes' OG
'Great Lakes' is a classic iceberg type with crisp, crunchy, tender, light-green leaves and large solid hearts. It is a popular, easy-to-grow home garden lettuce. It is slow to bolt. Days to harvest: 88 full size.
SL128approx. 250 seeds
Leaf Lettuce Types H
Leaf lettuce types are the easiest to grow; heat resistant and very vigorous. The leaves of the heads do not close tightly but form an open rosette. The leaves are 'cut and come again' giving a long harvest without picking the whole head. Sow all year. Best type for salad mixes.
'Biscia Rossa' OG
An Italian heirloom, crisp and crunchy looseleaf lettuce with long green and red ruffled leaves. It forms open loose heads that can be harvested as an entire head or a few outer leaves at a time. It has a low to moderate bolting resistance, so is best grown in temperate areas in spring and autumn. Keep the plants mulched so the leaves stay clean. Days to harvest: 50 - 55 full size.
SL132approx. 250 seeds
'Black Seeded Simpson' H OG
An heirloom lettuce popular for over 150 years for its light green, ruffled tender leaves and delicate flavour. The large upright plants are widely adapted and tolerant to heat, drought and frost. Loose leaf lettuces are useful to 'cut and come again', as you can just pick leaves as required. Keep the plants mulched so the leaves stay clean. Days to harvest: 50 full size.
SL106approx. 250 seeds
'Darwin' H UT
'Darwin' lettuce is a compact, light green, oakleaf type lettuce that is particularly suited to hot areas. It is the hardiest, most heat resistant lettuce and is slow to bolt. Loose leaf lettuces are useful to 'cut and come again', as you can just pick leaves as required. Keep the plants mulched so the leaves stay clean. Days to harvest: 28 salad mix; 42 full size.
SL235approx. 50 seeds
'Lollo Rossa Darkness' H OG
'Lollo Rossa' has frilly leaves heavily tinged with red. It is heat tolerant and very decorative both in the garden and in salads.
SL152approx. 250 seeds
'Red Tango' H OG
'Red Tango' is an improved oakleaf type lettuce with rich burgundy, tightly ruffled leaves and a sweet, mild flavour and crisp texture. It forms a uniform, medium and compact rosette and is fast growing and decorative. Loose leaf lettuces are useful to 'cut and come again', as you can just pick leaves as required. Keep the plants mulched so that the leaves stay clean. Days to harvest: 32 salad mix; 40 - 55 full size.
SL268approx. 250 seeds
SL270 No WA
'Royal Oakleaf' H OG
'Royal Oakleaf' is a leaf lettuce with large, deep-lobed, tender, sweet, dark-green leaves with thick midribs. It copes well with summer heat as it holds flavour and texture well and is slow to bolt. Its leaves resist turning bitter even in hot temperatures. It is a good choice for salad mixes. Days to harvest: 28 salad mix; 50 to full size.
SL171approx. 250 seeds
'Salad Bowl Green' H OG
'Salad Bowl Green' is a fast growing lettuce with bright, lime green, long wavy leaves that are deeply notched; it forms a large, dense rosette. It copes well with summer heat as it holds flavour and texture well and is slow to bolt. It is also a good choice in colder areas for its ability to grow rapidly even in early spring. It is a good choice for 'cut and come again' salad greens. Days to harvest: 28 salad mix; 45 - 50 full size.
SL140approx. 250 seeds
'Salad Bowl Red' H OG
'Salad Bowl Red' is a leaf lettuce with long, burgundy red, deeply-lobed leaves; it forms a large, compact rosette. The inner leaves are reddish-bronze. It copes well with summer heat and is very slow to bolt. It is fast growing and decorative. It makes a good addition to baby leaf mixes. It is a good choice for 'cut and come again' salad greens. Days to harvest: 28 salad mix; 45 - 50 full size.
SL142approx. 250 seeds
SL151 No WA
'Timor' H UT
Lactuca indica
syn. Indian Lettuce
Indian Lettuce is a close relative of lettuce but grows faster, taller and is hardier to hot temperatures and high humidity. It will grow across a wide climate range from cooler areas to the tropics. It is a fast-growing, upright leafy green that can grow as high as 2 m. It has a semi-perennial habit and can be cut back after flowering to re-shoot. It will grow in full sun, but plants grown in partial shade will produce larger, more tender leaves. Very young, tender leaves are eaten raw in salads, older leaves can be cooked like spinach. The leaves have a somewhat bitter flavour, closer to chicory than lettuce. It is also used in traditional medicine. It self-sows readily and care should be taken to avoid weediness. A useful plant for poultry forage systems. In temperate areas sow late spring; in subtropical and tropical areas sow all year. Seed germinate best between 20 - 26C soil temperature. Seed takes 4 - 10 days to germinate.
ST240approx. 100 seeds
Butterhead / Boston / Bibb Types
Butterhead types have small heads with soft, butter-textured leaves. They are slow to bolt and retain sweetness in the heat. Butterhead types are highly rated for salad mixes. Generally they can be sown all year, but avoid very hot periods. The tender leaves can be damaged by very heavy rain.
'All Year Round' UT
Lettuce 'All Year Round' is an heirloom butterhead variety that has been popular with home gardeners for over 100 years for its excellent flavour. It forms a medium sized head with soft, buttery-textured green leaves and a compact, crisp heart. It is suitable for planting most of the year, avoiding the very hottest weather. Days to harvest: 53.
SL111approx. 250 seeds
'Bronze Mignonette' UT
Syn. 'Brown Mignonette' is a 'butterhead' lettuce type. It is an excellent home garden variety; easy to grow with exceptional eating qualities and is slow to bolt. It has ruffled, soft, reddish-brown tinged leaves, a loose heart and is very tender and sweet. It is suitable for planting for most of the year. Days to harvest: 25 days salad mix; 46 days full size.
SL203approx. 250 seeds
SL215 No WA
'Buttercrunch' OG
'Buttercrunch' has ruffled leaves surrounding a soft, buttery, blanched cream coloured heart. The small, compact heads have an excellent flavour; the outer leaves are very dark green, thick, crisp and juicy; the inner leaves are very tender. It is highly rated for microgreens or salad mixes. The soft leaves are damaged by heavy, wet season rain so avoid sowing in subtropical areas from November onwards. Days to harvest: 28 days salad mix; 50 - 55 days full size.
SL126approx. 250 seeds
SL192 No WA
'Marvel of Four Seasons' OG
syn. 'Merville de Quatre Saison', 'Continuity'.
A French heirloom lettuce introduced in 1885. It has beautiful ruby-red and rose-pink outer leaves with a tightly folded green centre. The leaves are extremely tender and sweet. This variety is best grown at cooler times of the year. Days to harvest: 50 - 60 to full size.
SL148approx. 250 seeds
Cos / Romaine Types
Cos lettuces have thick, juicy, crisp leaves with a sweetness unmatched by other lettuces; they are used for Caesar salads; very hardy and resistant to bolting.
'Brown Romaine' H UT
syn. 'Rouge d'Hiver'
Non-hearting cos / romaine type with long leaves and an upright head. Thick, juicy, crisp leaves with a sweetness unmatched by other types. The leaves have an attractive, mahogany edging. It is heat resistant and slow to bolt. Days to harvest: 60 to full size.
SL256approx. 250 seeds
SL258 No WA
'Freckles' OG
syn. Forellenschuss, Trout Back
'Freckles' is an heirloom, heat-tolerant, cos / romaine lettuce. It is slow to bolt in warmer weather. The deep green, glossy, tender leaves with their attractive wine red splashes give a striking look to salads. The red colour darkens as the leaves get older. Days to harvest: 68 to full size.
SL169approx. 250 seeds
'Little Gem' OG
syn. 'Sucrine'
'Little Gem' is an upright, compact mini-cos with a crisp, blanched, sweet heart and green outside leaves. The leaves are tender and juicy with a great flavour. It is useful for small spaces and containers. This is an excellent lettuce for Caesar salad. It is hardy, heat resistant and slow to bolt.
SL185approx. 250 seeds
SL187 No WA
'Parris Island Cos' H OG
'Parris Is Cos' is an excellent romaine lettuce with crisp leaves and a sweet flavour. It is an upright lettuce with dark green, savoyed outer leaves and a creamy white heart. A vigorous grower that copes well with transplanting. It is hardy, heat resistant and slow to bolt. This is a good lettuce for Caesar salad. Days to harvest: 66 to full size.
SL138approx. 250 seeds
'Summer Harvest' H UT
syn. 'Canasta'
Our favourite! A fast growing lettuce with an excellent taste and texture; very high resistance to bolting; crunchy green, red-tipped ruffled leaves around a cream coloured, crisp heart. Copes extremely well with summer heat and humidity. Days to harvest: 55 to full size.

SL218approx. 250 seeds
SL220 No WA
Luffa H UT
Luffa aegyptiaca previously syn. Luffa cylindrica
syn. Loofah, Vegetable Sponge
A vigorous annual vine. Young fruits are used as squash substitute, mature fruits are dried and used as a bathroom sponge. Sow in spring. Suitable for temperate, subtropical and tropical areas.
SL113approx. 15 seeds
At Green Harvest we are passionate about open-pollinated, heirloom seed as we believe it is a resource belonging to all people, not a product to be exploited by a few. Open-pollinated vegetable seeds are genetically diverse treasures that have been passed on from generation to generation of gardeners. We invite you to contact us if you would like to help us preserve open-pollinated seed varieties in Australia. More information on seed saving...
Australian native plant
OG organically certified with AusQual - Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
Green Harvest specialises in seeds which are:
  • organically certified
  • guaranteed germination
  • open-pollinated
  • heirloom
  • not GMO (genetically modified)
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