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Beetroot   Broccoli   Brussels Sprouts   Burdock  
Beta vulgaris
Sow beetroot spring to autumn, in mild areas all year round is possible. Sow directly where it is to grow, 12 mm deep in rows 30 cm apart. Keep the soil moist. Thin out to 10 cm apart, each seed yields multiple plants, so thinnings can be transplanted or used as 'baby' salad greens. Beetroot is a heavy feeder, prepare the soil by adding compost or organic fertiliser, pH should be neutral to slightly alkaline. Start harvesting when still 'baby beet' size, older roots can get woody. The leafy tops are useful as cooked greens.

Beetroot 'Bulls Blood' UT
This beautiful beetroot has deep reddish-purple metallic leaves! The young leaves are delicious and very popular in salad mixes. Beets are good too, especially harvested as baby beets. The beetroots are dark red with pretty pink rings inside.
SB463approx. 100 seeds
SB142 No WA

Beetroot seed can be grown as a nutritious and decorative microgreen.

Information on Growing Microgreens
Beetroot 'Chioggia' UT
Traditional Italian gourmet beet, with attractive rosy pink skin outside, inside has striking rings of red and white. Pickle and slice thinly or use raw. Use the tops in salads.
SB439approx. 100 seeds
SB442 No WA
Beetroot 'Cylindrica' UT
Syn. 'Cylindra; far the easiest beetroot to peel and slice. An heirloom variety with a long, deep, dark red, cylindrical root that retains sweetness even when mature. It grows to 15 - 20cm in length and up to 5cm wide. Tops are delicious steamed. Days to harvest: 60 days full-size, but you can start harvesting when still 'baby beet' size.
SB278approx. 100 seeds
SB312 No WA
Beetroot 'Detroit' OG
High yielding globe-shaped deep crimson root with smooth skin, tops useful as greens, attractive dark green foliage with red veins. Eat raw, steamed or as soup; excellent flavour.
SB116approx. 100 seeds
SB302 No WA
SB141 No WA
Beetroot 'Golden Detroit' UT
Heirloom golden yellow beet inside and out with light green, yellow veined tops. Both the roots and the tops are sweet and tender with a milder flavour than red beetroot and they do not bleed when cut. The young leaves are excellent as a microgreen and in salad mix.
SB433approx. 100 seeds
SB436 No WA
SB437 No WA
Brassica oleracea var. italica
Broccoli is an annual cool season crop and frost hardy. It is vigorous and easy to grow in full sun but dislikes shade. Seed germinates best at 18 - 23C soil temperature and takes 5 - 10 days. Sow 6 mm deep into a seed tray or seedbed and transplant seedlings deeper, first removing the seed leaves and planting up to the 1st set of true leaves, this stabilizes the plant and speeds its maturity. Space plants 40 cm apart with rows 60 cm apart. Broccoli likes a rich, well-drained soil with a pH 6.5 - 7.2. It is a heavy feeder, prepare the soil by adding compost. Keep soil moist; add organic fertiliser early and mid-season. Harvest while heads are still tight and dark green for the best flavour.
Sow When:
Temperate areas: from late December - May; in very cold areas sow in early spring and again from October - February.
Subtropical areas: Late autumn to early winter; heirloom open-pollinated cultivars are unlikely to do well; hybrids such as 'Green Magic' are a better choice. In Brisbane and further north seedlings should be transplanted after March, as March is the worst month for caterpillars.
Tropical areas: Unlikely to produce well.

Broccoli seed for sprouting
Broccoli 'Di Ciccio' OG
'Di Ciccio' is a reliable, open-pollinated, Italian variety first introduced in 1890. The central blue-green head is 7 - 10 cm wide with an extended harvest of side shoots produced once the central head is harvested. It has an excellent flavour; good for steaming, stir-fries and for freezing. Days to harvest: 50-60; harvest while heads are still tight and dark green. Heirloom open-pollinated cultivars like 'Di Ciccio' are unlikely to do well in QLD; hybrids such as 'Green Magic' are a better choice.
SB241approx. 150 seeds
SB243 No WA
SB120 No WA
Broccoli 'Green Magic' H UT
'Green Magic' is a widely adapted hybrid broccoli producing a tender, tight, beautiful dark green, 15 - 23 cm wide, semi-domed head. It has a very good flavour and crisp texture. It is cold, heat and stress tolerant and even better, very resistant to downy mildew. It is suitable for growing in Queensland during winter. Days to harvest: 57; harvest while heads are still tight and dark green. This is an F1 hybrid so is not suitable for seed saving.
SB400approx. 30 seeds
Broccoli 'Green Sprouting Calabrese'
Heirloom Italian variety producing tender, mild tasting, deep blue-green central heads, continues producing side shoots for several weeks after harvesting the main shoot. Seed is suitable for sprouting. Heirloom open-pollinated cultivars like 'Green Sprouting Calabrese' are unlikely to do well in QLD; hybrids such as 'Green Magic' are a better choice.
SB121approx. 150 seeds OG
SB122 OG
SB123 OG No WA
SB470 UT No WA
SB471 UT No WA
Are you looking for Kailaan or Chinese Broccoli seeds?
Broccoli Raab 'Spring Rapini'
Broccoli Raab is a traditional Italian vegetable grown for its tender stems, leaves and tiny button-sized heads. It has a mildly pungent, spicy flavour and is very nutritious. Best planted as a cool season crop in warmer areas; sow spring in cold areas.
SB164approx. 150 seeds OG
SB119 UT
Broccoli 'Romanesco' UT
Romanesco broccoli is an Italian heirloom regarded as one of the world's most visually attractive vegetables. The lime green head illustrates a fractal pattern, with spiral conical florets within a larger spiral. It can be eaten raw or lightly cooked, and has a nutty, slightly spicy broccoli flavour. Romanesco is a cool season crop; sow Jan-March to mature during winter.
SB175approx. 150 seeds
SB177 No WA
SB406 No WA
Broccoli 'Spigariello Liscia' UT
Syn. Minestra Nera, Leaf Broccoli
A Southern Italian heirloom broccoli variety grown for its leaves. The flavour is something between broccoli and kale but with a tender crunchiness. It is a great cut-and-come-again vegetable as it produces over a long season. Removing the small flowering heads will extend the season. Use it steamed, in stir-fries and salads. It is easy to grow and will tolerate warmer conditions without bolting much better than regular broccoli. Days to harvest: 21 baby leaf, 45 full size.
SS128approx. 100 seeds
Brussels Sprouts
Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group
The quality and colour of sprouts is improved by frost and they have a long growing season of 8 to 9 months, so they are more suitable for cooler areas. Steam lightly to retain colour when cooked. Sow seed in time for transplanting in mid summer in cooler areas and for transplanting late January-February in warmer areas. Always harvest sprouts from the bottom before they begin to open; stripping the leaves off just above and below the young sprout will help it to develop, as will pinching out the top once the plant is fully developed.
Brussels Sprouts 'Long Island Improved' UT
'Long Island Improved' produces firm, dark green sprouts with a good flavour.
SB227approx. 150 seeds
SB264 No WA
SB423 No WA
Burdock - Japanese 'Takinogawa Long' UT
Arctium lappa
Japanese Burdock syn. Gobo is a hardy, biennial herb growing to 1.5 - 2 m high. It has broad, heart-shaped leaves and purple flowers. Its slender roots, brown-skinned with white flesh, grow to 60 cm long. Young leaves can be used in salad or cooked like spinach; young roots can be peeled and sliced in salads. Older roots are stir-fried or cooked like parsnips. Roots can also be pickled. Burdock has been valued in Japan for centuries for its medicinal properties. Sow in spring or autumn, direct where it is going to grow, in deeply-dug ground. Harvest from spring plantings in 3 to 5 months. Prevent the plants flowering and setting seed to avoid weediness.
SB201approx. 15 seeds
At Green Harvest we are passionate about open-pollinated, heirloom seed as we believe it is a resource belonging to all people, not a product to be exploited by a few. Open-pollinated vegetable seeds are genetically diverse treasures that have been passed on from generation to generation of gardeners. We invite you to contact us if you would like to help us preserve open-pollinated seed varieties in Australia. More information on seed saving...
Australian native plant
OG organically certified with AusQual - Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
No TAS / WA quarantine between states restricts the sale of seed to some states
Green Harvest specialises in seeds which are:
  • organically certified
  • guaranteed germination
  • open-pollinated
  • heirloom
  • not GMO (genetically modified)
More information about our seeds.
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