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Ryset Tree Sealant - Grafting Sealant
Ryset is a non-toxic, solvent-free, water based bitumen sealant. It forms a tough, flexible, waterproof and UV-stable film, which resists moisture penetration, bacteria growth and disease. Ideal for sealing plant grafts, protecting pruning wounds and filling/sealing cracks and wounds in trees.

Tree Wound Dressing - Pruning and Grafting Sealant
This durable sealant is used for the protection of major wounds and cuts on all types of trees, shrubs, bonsai and vines, plus all forms of grafting. Especially useful when major pruning exposes the main trunk of Avocado, Citrus or Mango. It forms a protective crack-free barrier that expands and contracts during varying weather conditions, sealing cuts and wounds and keeping grafts free from fungus and infection, for 3-4 years. It is made from a water based white acrylic and is bitumen-free. Contents are long lasting if container is sealed properly.

Please note: when applying the temperature must be above 12C. Wash brushes immediately in water. There is no known solvent once dressing is dry so avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing to prevent possible irritation and damage. Be sure to use gloves and safety clothing when applying.

Grafting Tape
Slightly elastic, rot proof, clear PVC tape. Both tape lengths are 50 metres long.

TG105 Also available as part of a Grafting and Budding Kit
TG11025mm wide
Grafting and Budding Kit Save $25.00
Garden Grafter
Ryset Grafting Knife
Grafting tape: 12 mm x 50 m
Booklet: Grafting Fruit Trees

TG122Save $25.00
Grafting and Budding Knife
This knife has a straight, stainless steel blade with a bark lifter for ease of budding.
  • Folding blade
  • Ideal for all types of grafting and budding
  • Also used for pruning of small water shoots and suckers
  • 12 month replacement guarantee
TG109 Available as part of a Grafting and Budding Kit
Garden Grafter
Get a perfect match with this super easy to use all in one tool. This cleverly designed tool looks and operates like a pair of secateurs. You can trim unwanted branches and prepare woody stems and rootstock. Then use the other part of the tool which cuts a V notch into the rootstock and scion for a perfect match. Works on up to 14 mm diameter rootstock. Best results are achieved when the stem size for both pieces is very close and the materials are not dry or old and hard. Simply slide the donor stem (scion) into the groove of the stock plant and wrap with grafting tape. You will save heaps of money and can get a huge increase in yield by multi-grafting existing fruit trees, starting your own seed of trees and top grafting, extend the life or change the variety by slowly working an older tree or cultivar over to other modern or improved varieties. Ideal for "having a go" at grafting, no replaceable blades.
TG111 Available as part of a Grafting and Budding Kit
Manual Grafting Tool
  • 3 blades for 2 types of grafting
  • V and Omega blades for accurate grafting of scion wood to rootstock of natives, nuts and fruits and very popular for tomatoes in recent times. Useful for up to 14 mm diameter rootstock.
  • Chip budding or T-graft blade is used when a single bud is inserted into the side of the root stock. No need for a separate budding knife anymore.
  • Save time and increase grafting success as these are is as easy to use as secateurs
  • Made in Italy, this tool is solid and well-built from robust metal and hard plastic
  • Ideal for new or experienced hobby grafters and small horticulture operations
  • Convert seedling rootstock of mango, apple, pear, cherry, walnut, custard apple, persimmon, avocado, etc by grafting a piece of a named cultivar to your established plant
  • You can now multi graft the same tree with a few varieties, to extend the season and make a smaller area more productive
  • Spare parts available

Tree Stac
  • Adhesive for protection of plant wounds (storm damage, pruning and grafting)
  • Non-toxic
  • Forms a flexible film to protect against bacteria and harsh weather
  • 300 gram tub
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