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Flea Control Frances Michaels

Fleas are parasites of warm-blooded animals and thrive in warm, humid conditions. An adult female lays between 4 to 8 eggs every time she feeds on blood and may lay several hundred eggs in her lifetime. The flea's lifecycle from egg to larvae, to pupa and then to adult may take as little as 18 days or more than a year if conditions are unfavourable.

Regularly comb pets with a fine-toothed flea comb, bathe pets regularly and have pets only sleep in one area. Using the dog as a 'host' can help in control, comb them first, and then let the dog wander around the house attracting fleas and then comb them again. This will let you know if the numbers are dropping. Remember to regularly wash anything the dog sleeps on. Constant vacuuming will help but getting the carpets steam-cleaned would be better. Follow-up with continual vacuuming of carpets and furniture.

Suggested Organic Strategies
  • Fleas deposit their eggs in less-travelled areas like behind doors and under furniture, also in an animal's bedding. Regular vacuuming helps and storing the vacuum bag in the freezer between vacuumings will make sure all the fleas vacuumed are dead, although often the dust kills them. Removing the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner and sealing the opening with clear sticky tape will let you know if fleas are hatching and trying to escape.

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