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Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
All products containing DE sold by Green Harvest use 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is untreated, unheated agricultural diatomaceous earth not the diatomaceous earth used in swimming pool filters, which is dangerous and has no pest control properties.
Each product is packaged, marketed and registered by a different company who have chosen to offer this multi-purpose, safe product in a container, size and label suitable to a specific pest problem. All labels, MSDS, application suggestions are available on our website.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a form of silica that can kill insects by desiccation, by absorbing their waxy, oily, outer layer. When this thin, waterproof layer is damaged, the insect or insect egg loses water and dies. DE also has microscopically razor sharp edges, which works as an abrasive sandpaper to kill the insects. This killing action is a mechanical not a chemical one. If kept dry, DE has an indefinite shelf life and remains effective for as long as it is present. DE, also called 'sharp sand', or 'fossil dust' is sourced from the fossilised remains of freshwater single-celled plants.

Uses: Internationally, DE has a wide range of uses in organic agriculture and household pest control. It is included in products which are registered, marketed and certified for the control of cockroaches, silverfish, ants, fleas, flies, ticks, lice, earwigs, aphids, white fly, beetles, loopers, mites, snails, slugs, leaf hoppers, and head lice. It is also used as an ingredient in biodynamic tree paste and in products for the control of internal parasites of stock: poultry, goats and sheep. Green Harvest uses it to protect stored vegetable seed organically.

New Insecticides Innovation
Probably the most effective naturally occurring protective powder is diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth will control the pests as long as the powder remains. In this respect diatomaceous earth is an ideal pesticide; it is residual but non-toxic.
Extracted from Diatomaceous Earth: A Non Toxic Pesticide Macdonald J. 47(2): 14, 42 (May 1986)

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What is Diatomaceous Earth?
Green Harvest DE Fact Sheet
DE All Purpose OG certified product for organic gardens
SILICA RICH™ diatomaceous earth is an Australian made product which provides an easy way of building critically important soil silica levels. This unique granulated form allows the DE to disperse readily when in contact with soil moisture.
Silica has many important benefits to plant health:
  • increased photosynthesis
  • increased physical strength
  • increases the ability to absorb nutrients
  • reduction of pest and fungal attacks
  • increased tolerance to environmental stress such as heat, drought, salinity and soil toxins

DE has long been an excellent soil additive due to its ability to absorb water as well as to be a rich source of plant available silica, but the crumbly inconsistent particle size and powder types have made it difficult to store, manage and apply in a consistent manner. This form solves those problems.

Typical Analysis
Granulated form made into 2 - 5 mm agricultural grade granules
  • Soluble Amorphous Silicon 26%
  • Magnesium (Mg) 2.2%
  • Insoluble Silicon 2%
  • Iron 1.8%
  • Calcium (Ca) 2.1%

  • around plants and garden beds 250 g (1 - 3 handfuls )per square metre
  • as a bird dust bath
  • make a tree paste with clay to smother insects hiding in the trunk
  • super Absorbent for oil or other spills
  • kitty litter or dog kennel uses

DE for Animals FG
Non Toxic 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
DE Animals is a powder that will do wonders for all your animals including: kill internal worms and parasites; kill ticks and fleas; add essential minerals and vitamins to the diet (silica, calcium, magnesium, potassium and 13 others). Suitable for dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, alpacas, all poultry and show birds. Mix with food or water for internal use or when spread on the skin, applied to roosts, dust baths, bedding material and nest boxes it is the world's best non-toxic, non-chemical approach for all insect problems. Recommended chook uses: 30 gm per 1 kg grain; 1 teaspoon in water every 3 months. Further recommendations on the package and website. 1.9 litre (approx. 450 g) resealable bag.

Material Safety Data Sheet
How Diatomaceous Earth kills parasites
Other Animal Care products

PD106 Also available as part of a Poultry Care Kit
DE for Home and Garden FG
Non Toxic 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
An all-purpose safe, natural product useful throughout the house and garden. This silica rich mineral can be used as an ingredient for: cleaning of silver, copper pots, wallpaper; oil spills; any and all household or garden pests; control of weevils in nuts, seeds and grains; soil improver and growth enhancer; used extensively for bed bugs and hive beetle; deodorizer for refrigerator, shoes, cupboards, garbage bins etc. Search the internet for recipes, hints and a long list of benefits. For treatment of structures, apply mainly to structural cracks, crevices and inaccessible areas. It may leave a visible residue on treated surfaces and should not be used where such residues are unacceptable.

Material Safety Data Sheet
How to use DE on Bed Bugs
Using Diatomaceous Earth on plants

Food Grade does not mean it is a food, it simply means it can be added to food, ie parts per million to grain silos, or when mixed with feed or seed at 1 kg DE / tonne of seed. Only our DE for Humans is registered for human consumption as a food supplement.
In addition the manufacturer adds...
There is nothing about raw diatomite (diatomaceous earth) that is harmful to human health. In theory, it is perfectly safe for human consumption and many people, all over the world, consume it on a regular basis for various purported health benefits. Even though our diatomite is the purest diatomite mined in Australia (typically 90-95%) and nothing is added to the diatomite during processing, we do not recommend our products for human consumption. This is because we don't prepare them under the aseptic conditions government regulations require for products designed for human consumption.
DE for Humans FG
Non Toxic 100% Food Grade DE (Amorphous Silica) for Human Consumption - Natural Silica Food Supplement
Made from Australian Diatomaceous Earth which is derived from the remains of Prehistoric Freshwater Plankton, or Diatoms, sourced from the same mine as all our other DE products. This is the highest silica content product in the world and is more absorbable than other food supplement products which are often less than 10% silica.
Benefits of Silica in the human diet, also known as Silicon, it is a combination of silicon and oxygen, the two most abundant elements on our planet:
  • Create and maintain collagen
  • Healthy bones and cartilage
  • Healthier hair and nail growth
  • Strengthening of teeth and gums
  • Improve the elasticity of the skin
  • Essential to life in that it is required for the body to carry out ongoing metabolic functions

Packed in an approved food handling facility. No packaging claims are made as to the efficacy of this for human parasite control. However, there is plenty of information on the internet about the success of DE for this very purpose. You can be sure that this product is of the highest human food grade standard as it has all the certificates and testing to prove it as well as being suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and 100% GMO free.

How to take: Start with 1 gram and build up to 5g per day. Mixes easily in water, milk, fresh juice or smoothie.

More Info...
DE for Tomatoes and Vegetables
Non Toxic 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) + pyrethrin
Tomato and Vegetable Dust by Amgrow is a multi-purpose insecticide containing DE (89%), Pyrethrin (1%) and Piperonyl Butoxide (10%). Pyrethrin provides the immediate knockdown while DE kills by damaging the skin of the insect so it dehydrates. For control of pests in the garden and outside the house, including aphids, caterpillars, codling moth, flies and ants. 150 g shaker pack.

PB162Reduced from $19.95
PB163minimum 3 per order Reduced from $17.95

Material Safety Data Sheet
Product Label
Pest Pistol Duster
This unbreakable plastic 'bellows' style duster is perfect for Diatomaceous Earth which is best applied as a fine dust. Fitted with a filter that helps prevents clogging and a pointed nozzle tip that makes getting into hard to reach cracks and crevices or on animal coats simple. Suitable for pest eradication in the home, garden, chicken coop and used commercially in hotels, cruise ships and by professional pest exterminators. It is easy to fill the 220 g capacity pistol with any garden dust. As the DE All purpose (PD122) is a more coarse and heavier grade we do not recommend using this applicator.

Meets National Organic Standards - products with either ingredients permitted for use in organic farms or acceptable cultural strategies for pest control. This standard is detailed in the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS) 2010 as defined by Standards Australia. Organic growers should always check with their own certifying organisation for the acceptability of any product.
OG Organic Certification for Australia
FG Food Grade
UT Untreated Seed or Plant
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