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Complete Preserves - Easy and delicious recipes for making and using your own preserves
Sally Wise (AUS)
Two delicious books as 1 volume: A Year in a Bottle (2008) and Out of the Bottle (2010)
Get not only great value, but also a wealth of knowledge from these combined books. A Year in a Bottle centres on the act of creating preserves, while Out of the Bottle, gets you using those preserves to create delicious dishes.
Sally Wise has been a passionate preserver of fruits and vegetables for over three decades, explaining the methods and basic chemistry of preserving and goes on to share more than 100 recipes for jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles, cordials and spreads. Be tempted by her intriguing recipes such as 'Rhubarb Fizz' or 'Apricot Worcestershire Sauce'.
There is clear advice on techniques, with straightforward explanations of basic preserving methods, in both metric and imperial. Also included: a helpful trouble-shooting chart; a chapter on drying; sugar-free recipes and tables on preparing fruit and vegetables for freezing. These recipes, emphasizing temperate Australia, will help you make the most of your excess of apricots, apples, crab-apples, pears, plums, chillies, blackberries, cherries, rhubarb, tomatoes, tamarilloes, lilly pillies, passionfruit, strawberries, raspberries, roses and many more. Create both new and old favourite dishes from your very own home-made preserves. 481pp


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Cooking With Edible Flowers
Miriam Jacobs 1999 (USA)
A lovely guide to using edible flowers in cooking. There's advice on the best blossoms to eat, hints on preparing flowers for the dinner table and common sense cautions regarding flowers in food. Be inspired by 26 pages of easy to follow recipes: ever thought of making Basil flower salad or Marigold pilaf? How about creating aromatic Ras el Hanout spice blend with dried rose petals? Embark on a floral food adventure! Black and white illustrations. 32pp

BC160 Also available as part of a book and seed pack
Cooking With Edible Flowers Booklet and Seed Pack Save $4.85
Includes an informative booklet and three packets of seeds: grow pretty, tasty floral additions to your table. Edible Flower seeds: BC163Save $4.85

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Growing and Using Garlic
Glenn Andrews 1998 (USA)
A simple introduction to growing garlic, this booklet covers soil preparation, when to plant, watering and harvesting. Includes recipes to showcase your home-grown garlic: try Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic; Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia or Soupe au Pistou. Yum. Resources listed are US. 32pp


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The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition
Bill Mollison 2011 (AUS)
A treasure trove for the adventurous cook and gardener, it provides step-by-step instructions for traditional methods of food fermentation, preserving and processing. Recipes and methods for making cheese, vinegar, tempeh, soy sauce, bamboo shoots, smoking fish and meat, salting, and pickling are drawn from many different cultures. There's also information on agricultural composts, silages and liquid manures. It is written with characteristic humour and insight with information from the most basic of beginnings - before refrigeration and often from the folklore of the traditional peoples of this world.
Chapters include: Storing, Preserving and Cooking foods; Fungi, Yeast, Mushrooms and Lichens; Grains; Legumes; Roots, Bulbs, Rhizomes; Marine and Freshwater Products, Fish, Molluscs and Algae; Beers, Wines and Beverages and much more. 244pp

BP146Reduced from $69.95
The Weed Forager's Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia
Adam Grubb & Annie Raser-Rowland 2012 (AUS)
'Cast aside those weed goggles' advises Costa Georgiadis in the foreword to this handy foraging reference. To appreciate weeds, we need to look at them in a different light - to see them for their many positive properties and benefits. Weeds are pioneers, the first plants to inhabit disturbed ground. They help prevent erosion, rebuild soil fertility and structure and create habitat. Many of these useful plants are edible or have medicinal benefits; so why aren't we all weed foragers? With this pocket-sized book, you'll be able to identify and use 20 common weeds using concise descriptions, colour photographs and botanical illustrations. The 10 rules of weed collecting will help the novice forage confidently and safely for their first weed-based meal. Nettles, amaranth, thistles, chickweed, nasturtiums, dandelions - there could be a weed salad just a short walk away! There are interesting anecdotes and some weedy recipes - I can't wait to make Prickly Pear Pizza and Nettle Gnocchi. Colour photographs and illustrations throughout. 166pp

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