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Build A Frame   Diamond Sharpener   Grass Hook   Hand Sickle   Harvesting Sickle   Jute Twine   Kama   Lopper   Micro Snips  
Pea and Bean Net   Plant Tie Clips   Pruning Pack   Pruning Saw   Scissors: Multi-Purpose   Secateurs   Sickle Kit   Smooth Edge Sickle   Spiral Plant Support   Spiral Topper   Tie - Soft Elastic  
Build A Frame
Designed to create cages and frames for your garden to support shade cloth, bird net or exclusion fabric. This clever design uses standard hardwood 25 mm (1") 'tomato stakes' commonly available in 1.8 m, 2.2 m and 2.4 m lengths. The heavy duty 28 x 28 mm powder coated and welded steel square tubes are pre-drilled and can be configured as a 3 way corner or 4 way joiner. Square-off end of stake prior to inserting in tubes. 2 packs plus eighteen 2.2 m long stakes (not supplied) will make a frame of approx. H 2 m x L 6 m x W 2 m. 1 pack plus eight 2.2 m long stakes (not supplied) will make a frame of approx. H 2 m x L 2 m x W 2 m. Pack of 4 joiners and screws.
PE197minimum 3 per order
Diamond Sharpener
This fine-grade sharpener is embedded with the earth's hardest mineral - diamonds. It is excellent for sharpening secateurs and loppers without the hassle of taking them apart. It is also useful for scissors, shears all knives and other tools which need sharpening. The millions of diamond cutting surfaces on this professional diamond sharpener are permanently bonded in a stainless steel alloy. Performs the combined functions of conventional stones, steels and ceramic sticks quickly and easily, without oil or water.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE ON KNIVES: lay blade flat on diamond surface, elevate blade spine slightly (approx thickness of blade itself), rub in a circular motion, periodically alternating sides. Start with a firm pressure to establish an edge, once edge established finish with light pressure.
Hand Sickles
A sickle is a hand-held agricultural tool with a variously curved blade typically used for harvesting grain crops or cutting succulent forage chiefly for feeding livestock (either freshly cut or dried as hay). The genealogy of sickles with serrated edge reaches back to the Stone Age, when individual pieces of flint were first attached to a 'blade body' of wood or bone.

The diversity of sickles that have been used around the globe is staggering. Between the dawn of the Iron Age and present, hundreds of region-specific variants of this basic forage-cutting tool were forged of iron and later steel.
One noteworthy feature of sickles is that their edges have been made in two very distinct manners/patterns - smooth or serrated. While both can (albeit with a different technique) be used for cutting either green grass or mature cereals, it is the serrated sickle that still dominates the duty of harvesting grain/grasses.

The Green Harvest range of sickles are simple and easy to use making them a must have for the garden. The curved sharp serrated blade type is typically drawn when cutting while the smooth edge type is swung. Just select the one that suits your job or purchase the kit to try them all. When you use one of these tools it reminds us that whether we are cutting grasses with edible grains to harvest or lemongrass as mulch for our orchard or perhaps arrowroot and comfrey for our animals or compost bins we are supported on the shoulders of our ancestors.
Sickle Kit
Includes: TC156Save $10.95
Grass Hook
Curved like a scythe, the serrated blade is perfect for cutting materials for compost or mulch such as: TC153

Also available as part of a special sickle kit
Hand Sickle
More deeply curved like a scythe, this serrated blade type is perfect for cutting materials for compost or mulch such as lemon grass, vetiver grass, arrowroot or comfrey as well as slashing green manures. Blade length 400 mm, wooden handle 120 mm, weight 200 grams
TC129minimum 3 per order
Harvesting Sickle
This smallest and lightest sickle is great for harvesting herbs, vegies and picking fruit from the garden. Amazingly useful for separating roots when re-potting Blade length 90 mm, wooden handle 150 mm, weight 60 grams.
TC136minimum 12 per order

Also available as part of a special sickle kit
This light-weight Asian-style sickle has a 160 mm long carbon steel ground tooth blade which make it ideal for getting in close to plants; for cutting weeds at the base of trees and shrubs and for harvesting non-woody mulch plants. Wooden handle is 210 mm long.
TC120minimum 6 per order
TC123minimum 12 per order

Also available as part of a special hand tool pack or sickle kit
Smooth Edge Sickle
Light-weight sickle with the longest handle which transfers power of your arm into an efficient swinging/chopping action ideal for harvesting grains and short grasses or cutting tough weeds and undergrowth. Use this particularly for green foliage, light thin green stems, clearing sweet potato vines prior to harvest and tip pruning vigorous summer vines. Blade length 185 mm, wooden handle 390 mm, weight 180 grams.
TC138minimum 6 per order
Jute Twine 100m
  • Made from plant fibre, a botanical relative of Egyptian Spinach
  • Ideal garden tie material for trellis and seasonal support
  • Soft on plants
  • Other uses: wrapping gifts; marking out straight rows
  • Fully biodegradable, just compost after the season's use
Lopper - Spear and Jackson
  • Geared bypass design for more cutting power with less effort
  • Carbon steel heat treated blade
  • Lightweight aluminium handles
  • Padded blue grip for extra comfort
  • Total length 450 mm
  • Cutting capacity 25 mm
  • Total weight 660 grams
  • 10 year guarantee
TC135 Also available as part of a pruning pack
Micro Snips NEW
  • Harvest: baby leaf, herbs and microgreens
  • Deadhead flowers and tip back new growth
  • Spring action handles; easier to use than scissors or secateurs
  • Carbon steel blades for a long lasting sharp cutting edge
  • Compact; overall length 100 mm
Pea and Bean Jute Net
Secure this plant fibre netting on a frame of timber, bamboo or to a more permanent structure to provide a versatile support for tendril and twining plants such as peas and beans. Great technique to create privacy or garden rooms by using the all-important vertical space. Fully biodegradable and compostable after the season's use.

Dimensions: 1.8m x 2.7m
TA170minimum 5 per order
TA171minimum 15 per order

Dimensions: 1.8m x 100m
Plant Tie Clips
With these super easy to use C shaped, re-usable and bendy plastic clips you will not have to use string, twist tie or rope to attach your climbing plants to wire or bamboo supports. Suitable for climbing annuals and perennials or keeping a young plant upright on a bamboo stake. Suits big stems without crushing them.
Pruning Pack
Keep your secateurs and loppers handy and sharp with this kit.
TC140 Free Sharpening Stone and Secateurs Pouch - Valued at $21.95

More information on fruit tree pruning...
Ryset 'Jaws' Folding Pruning Saw
This handy, lightweight – less than 200 grams – pull action pruning saw has a comfortable padded grip that reduces fatigue and slippage. The blade is 190 mm long, impulse hardened and chrome plated. It features Japanese 'Tri-Edge Tooth Design' making each pull stroke clean and easy. The push-button double locking system ensures safe stowage and stability during use; it locks only in the full open or closed position. Designed to cut live and dead wood. Excellent for the occasional or regular user and unlike loppers does not require strength to hold, transport or operate. Just fold up and put in a bucket or pocket, saw length when unfolded 420 mm. No replacement blade. 12 month manufacturer's guarantee.


Scissors: Multi-Purpose
This great tool can be used in Garden, Kitchen, Camping, Fishing, Workshop or Office.
We challenge you to cook a meal with just this one tool!
  • smooth rust resistant stainless-steel blades
  • soft feel ergonomic handles
  • bone hook for cutting through white meat
  • bottle opener
  • nut and seafood cracker
  • fish scaler
  • garlic crusher
  • herb and flower harvesting or trimming
  • take apart for thorough cleaning
Ryset Secateurs
  • sold by the thousands each year into commercial fruit picking areas
  • this professional quality tool is ideal for the home gardener
  • bypass style
  • lightweight, strong, drop forged aluminium handles and hard chrome finished blades
  • cutting capacity is 25mm diameter
  • length 220mm
  • 12 month manufacturer's replacement guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship
  • made in Taiwan
Spear and Jackson Bypass Secateurs
These lightweight secateurs have comfortable soft-grip handles and smooth cutting action. They have carbon steel blades and a strong, lightweight aluminium body. Maximum cutting diameter 19 mm. One year manufacturer's guarantee. A good brand at a fantastic price. Made in Taiwan.
Also available as part of a pruning pack
Spiral Plant Support Twin Pack
Protect, train and support your climbing and rambling plants with this spring construction, stretchable plant support. Make a beautiful display of flowering plants such as sweet peas; grow climbing beans, indeterminate tomatoes, snowpeas, and much more. To use, fasten the wide base of the spiral into the ground using the three pegs supplied, then stretch the support up and fasten the top to a cane or stake of your choice. Made from durable epoxy coated steel, this will also serve as a convenient frame for protective netting. Width at base 290 mm; maximum height 1.5 metres. Base is strengthened with three spokes.
Stake not supplied; comes as flat pack for easy storage. 2 spirals in each box.
TA112Reduced from $29.95
Spiral Topper
The simplest way to create a stunning support for climbing plants.
  • Insert 4 tomato stakes, 25 - 30 mm (1"), of any length into this topper / hat, and attach with wood screws
  • Made of heavy duty 28 x 28 mm, powder coated and welded steel square tubes
  • When constructed it creates a 4 post obelisk with a 1.1 m square base
  • Spiral top adds interest and beauty to your garden
Tie - Soft Elastic
Soft-Tie is a continuous elastic ribbon, approximately 30 mm wide, which bunches up to form a flexible 5-6 mm round tie. It is very soft, flexible and elastic, making it very gentle on plants. Easy to tie, wrap and cut. Ideal for use when staking tomatoes, flowers and fruit trees.

Colour provided may vary from image.
General pruning rules...

Books with practical information on pruning include the following:

Pruning for Fruit
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