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Bronze Orange Bug Control Frances Michaels

October and November are when Bronze Orange bugs (Stink bugs) appear on citrus trees. The young ones are small and greenish, the next stage are a bright orange and the adults look like large spiny cockroaches but they all cause damage to your citrus trees by sucking sap. Bronze orange bug or 'stink' bug give away their presence by their foul smell. The young pale green nymphs appear in winter, their colour changes through orange to bronze as they grow to adults. They can be serious pests in some areas, causing flower and fruit drop by sucking on the stalks.

Suggested Organic Strategies
Hand removal is possible, use a bucket of hot water to knock the bugs into. It's possible to use an old vacuum cleaner to suck up the insects but the smell would definitely linger in the machine. Wear protective goggles, long sleeves and gloves as the caustic fluid squirted by these bugs is very dangerous and painful, particularly to the eyes.

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