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Earwig Control Frances Michaels

Earwigs are generally nocturnal and easily recognisable by the strong pincers in their rear end. Most native species are predatory while some, including an introduced species, are considered minor pests that feed on a range of fruit and vegetables. Overall, they are usually considered beneficial as their prey includes caterpillars. They hide in damp places, under leaf litter, bark and stones and in compost heaps; they lay their eggs in the soil.

Suggested Organic Strategies
  • Create a trap by crumpling newspaper and stuffing it inside a flower pot. Later destroy the paper with the earwigs inside it.
  • Clean up garden debris that is creating a hiding place. Keep in mind that this is only useful if earwigs are causing a problem. If not, you might be cleaning up the homes of a range of beneficial predatory insects such as carabid beetles and centipedes.
  • Use a trap baited with soy sauce and a thin film of vegetable oil on top.

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