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Mealy Bug Control Frances Michaels

These small, white, powdery-looking insects are sapsuckers that attack a wide range of plants including indoor plants, citrus and custard apples. Adults are generally 3-4 mm long. Ants can be responsible for moving them from plant to plant. The presence of mealy bugs will also encourage black sooty mould to appear on the leaves.

Suggested Organic Strategies
  • Use horticultural glues around tree trunks to aid biological control of mealy bugs, as ants defend these pests from attack by their natural enemies to maintain their supply of honeydew.
  • Spraying with chemical insecticides often encourages the mealy bugs as the sprays will kill off all their natural enemies.
  • Natural enemies include wasp parasitoids and ladybeetles. The adult wasps feed on nectar, planting a Good Bug Mix will help attract these 'good bugs'.
  • Beneficial insects are available commercially to control this pest from Bugs for Bugs ph 07 41654663.
Suggested Products:
Horticultural Glues

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