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Aphid Control Frances Michaels

Aphids syn. greenfly are sucking insects that have a large number of natural enemies including lacewings, hoverflies, ladybeetles and parasitic wasps. They tend to be a problem where the use of pesticides is wiping out the natural enemies or at times of the year when natural enemies are not present in large numbers.

Suggested Organic Strategies
  • Avoid high nitrogen fertilisers as high nitrogen levels stimulate aphid reproduction
  • Leave a few aphid-infested older plants such as broccoli in place. This will allow beneficial insects such as the tiny wasps that parasitise aphids to complete their lifecycle. Encourage a year-round supply of flowering plants attractive to beneficial insects by planting a Good Bug Mix
  • Use horticultural glues to keep ants that farm aphids out of your citrus trees. This will make it a lot easier for the predators to pick the aphids off.
  • Hang yellow sticky card traps above susceptible plants to catch the first generation of winged aphids flying in.
More information on design for pest balance...

Suggested Products:
Horticultural Glues
Amgrow Tomato and Vegetable Dust
Yellow Sticky Card Trap

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