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We also have other leafy greens that require cooking, and lettuce seeds.
Corn Salad syn. lamb's lettuce, mche
Valerianella locusta
Corn Salad's name derives from its origins as a weed growing in cornfields. It is an annual, cool season crop and frost hardy. It forms a rosette of dark green leaves. Easy to grow and a pleasant alternative to lettuce for salads, with a delicate, nutty flavour. It can also be cooked for use in soups and omelettes and as a spinach substitute. A good source of vitamins C and A. Sow from late summer in temperate areas and late autumn in subtropical areas. It is very unlikely to do well in tropical areas. Soil temperature needs to be 10 - 21C for good germination. Grow it in full sun to partial shade. It requires fertile, well drained soil with a pH 6 - 7. It is a heavy feeder so add compost. Keep the soil moist and the plants mulched. Protect well from snails and slugs.
Corn Salad 'Large Dutch' UT
Corn Salad is an annual cool season crop and frost hardy. 'Large Dutch' forms a rosette of large, tender, dark green leaves 20 cm high. Easy to grow and a pleasant alternative to lettuce for salads, with a delicate, nutty flavour. It can also be cooked for use in soups and omelettes and as a spinach substitute. Sow late summer to mid-autumn in temperate areas. Sow late autumn to early winter in subtropical areas. Unlikely to do well in tropical areas. Days to harvest: 50.
SC550approx. 150 seeds
Purslane / Pigweed from Weed to Vegetable
Scientists report that purslane Portulaca oleracea, which is palatable either raw or cooked, is extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been claimed to reduce the risk of heart disease. It also contains levels of Vitamin E, six times higher than spinach. Reference: Hortideas 10 (2)

Golden Purslane H UT
Portulaca oleracea var. sativa
syn. Pursulane
Popular salad leaves in France with a crisp texture and mild taste. Golden leaves are juicy and tender and 4 times the size of the wild herb. Excellent source of natural antioxidants, very high in vitamins. Copes well with hot weather. Suitable for temperate, subtropical and tropical areas.
SG100approx. 150 seeds
Miner's Lettuce UT
Claytonia perfoliata
syn. Winter Purslane
Miner's Lettuce is a small, trailing plant with dainty, heart-shaped, fleshy leaves and tiny, white flowers. It is an annual plant to 25 cm high, suitable for cool season growing and very frost hardy. It prefers partial shade to heavy shade and cool, damp conditions. The leaves look attractive in salad and have a fresh flavour. It is nutritious, high in vitamins and minerals, easy to grow in the right spot and will re-grow after cutting. It can also be cooked as a spinach substitute. It germinate best at 12 - 20C soil temperature. Sow in autumn to early winter in temperate areas; late autumn to winter in subtropical areas; it is unlikely to do well in tropical areas. The soil should be fertile, well drained, with a pH range 6 - 7. Days to harvest: 42; in the right conditions will self-sow the following year.
SM150approx. 75 seeds
Minutina UT
Plantago coronopus
Syn. Buckhorn's Plaintain, Erba Stella
A unique, cold weather salad green prized in Italy for its mild nutty flavour. It is a small plant with a rosette of slender green leaves. It will regrow after cutting and is extremely cold hardy. It will provide a crunchy texture to salads without fibre; the flower buds are edible.
SM153approx. 100 seeds
Perilla 'Red Shiso' H UT
Perilla frutescens crispa
Syn. Beefsteakplant, Summer Coleus This Japanese culinary herb is a very aromatic plant, with a flavour between mint and basil. It is a great addition to salads and a very ornamental garnish. The leaves are popular in Japan for flavouring raw fish, bean curd, pickles and tempura. It is also used to give a scarlet colour to pickled plums and preserved ginger. The plants prefer a sunny open position in moist, fertile, well-drained soil. The seeds germinate at 20 - 22C; germination is slow and can take up to 30 days. Sow spring to early summer in temperate areas; spring to summer in subtropical areas; during the dry season in tropical areas. Days to bloom: 80 - 85 days.
SP172approx. 50 seeds
Rocket UT
Eruca sativa
syn. Arugula
Rocket is a popular, fast growing, spicy salad green. The young rocket leaves have the best flavour, after flowering the leaves become bitter. Rocket will tolerate any soil in full sun, although it prefers a moderate to rich loam. Self sows readily. Sow rocket seed early spring and autumn, 1 cm deep, cover with seed raising mix or fine soil. Sow direct where it is to grow. Space 15 cm apart.
SR255approx. 150 seeds
Rocket 'Sylvetta' UT
Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Syn. Wild rocket, roquette, selvatica
A completely different plant to standard rocket. 'Sylvetta' has dark green, deeply indented leaves with a piquant, peppery flavour. It is slower growing with small, yellow, edible flowers.
The plant tends to sprawl, so needs a bit of room; it also may self sow. It is more heat and cold tolerant than standard rocket. A unique addition to a salad and can also be added to stir-fries.
It prefers a moderate to rich loamy soil. Grows from full sun to partial shade. Sow seed spring and autumn, avoid sowing during hot weather. Keep soil evenly moist for tender leaves that are not too spicy. Days to harvest: 50
SR180approx. 100 seeds
Salad Mix
Imagine a salad that includes many taste and texture sensations: bitter, sweet, tangy, crunchy and tender. Growing a salad mix is probably the simplest way to boost the vitamins and anti-oxidants in your diet. The seeds selected for our mixes are available separately in small packets or as bulk quantities. Seasonal variation in supply may mean the mix contents vary slightly from the description.

Detail of seeds included currently, it may change seasonally:
Beetroot Bulls Blood, Beetroot Detroit, Chicory Red Dandelion, Endive, Kale Red Winter, Lettuce Brown Romaine, Lettuce Freckles, Lettuce Lollo Rossa Darkness, Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons, Lettuce Parris Is Cos, Lettuce Royal Oakleaf, Lettuce Salad Bowl Green, Lettuce Salad Bowl Red, Mibuna, Mizuna, Mustard Red Giant, Rocket, Silverbeet Colour Mix, Silverbeet Silver Ribs, Silverbeet Ruby, Spinach Galilee, Spinach Giant of Winter.

Microgreens, salad mix, mesclun and baby leaf are new terms for many gardeners. So what are they and are they worth growing in the home garden? Microgreens are basically many of the same leafy greens as are used for salad mixes but are cut at a smaller stage and only harvested once.

Microgreens growing information...

Salad Mix OG
For the gourmet, this colourful mix may include leaf lettuces, chicory, endive, rocket, beetroot greens, kale, mizuna, mustard, silverbeet and spinach.
SS133approx. 600 seeds

Salad mix growing information...

Are you looking for organic lettuce mix?
Sorrel - Garden 'De Belleville' UT
Rumex acetosa
syn. Common Sorrel, English Sorrel
'De Belleville' is a French heirloom cultivated since the 1600's. It has arrow-shaped, pale green leaves to 8 cm long. The flavour is tangy and lemony, the texture is smooth and crisp. Use it as a salad green; to add zest to fish, eggs, potatoes; to make soup; or mixed with spinach in spanakopita. Nutritionally it contains vitamins A and C; minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Days to harvest: 60
SS251approx. 150 seeds
Sorrel 'Red Vein' UT
Rumex sanguineus
'Red Vein' has bright green leaves with contrasting dark red stems and veins. It is a herbaceous, hardy perennial to 30 cm high. The flavour is sharp, tangy and lemony, the texture is smooth and crisp. It is mainly used as a salad green or baby leaf as the older leaves become tough. It also makes a beautiful garnish. Nutritionally it contains vitamins A and C; minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. It germinates best at 7 - 23C soil temperature. Sow in spring in temperate areas; March - September in subtropical areas; April - July in tropical areas. Choose a position in partial shade. Preferred soil is fertile and well drained; it will tolerate acid conditions pH 5.5 - 6.8. Harvest in 55 days by picking outer leaves. Plants can be propagated by division.
SS222approx. 150 seeds
Sorrel 'Red Vein' plants are available seasonally.
Upland Cress OG
Barbarea verna
syn. Winter Cress
A low growing, very cold hardy, biennial vegetable with a delicate, peppery flavour to use in salads or as a cooked green. The yellow blossoms attract beneficial insects including bees.
An ABC Gardening Australia segment talked about using cress as a dead-end trap crop for Cabbage White butterflies. The moths and butterflies are attracted to the cress and lay their eggs on the leaves but when the caterpillars hatch, they take a bite out of the leaves and die.
SC587approx. 100 seeds
Upland Cress plants are available seasonally.
Watercress 'Aqua Large Leaf' UT
Nasturtium officinale
Watercress is a perennial, hardy aquatic creeper that grows naturally in gently flowing streams, it has small white flowers all summer long. The young shoots and leaves are very nutritious with a spicy, peppery taste. It has proven health properties and is rich in vitamin A, C, calcium, iron and folate as well as isothiocyanates which are cancer-fighting compounds. It is used in salads, soups and sandwiches. Watercress can be grown successfully in ponds in full sun; in very moist, partially shaded sites in the garden; or in a large, self-watering pots placed in the shade. Sow the seed in spring or autumn. Suitable for all areas.
SW114approx. 100 seeds
Watercress plants are available seasonally.
Australian native plant
OG organically certified with AusQual - Certified Organic
UT untreated; no chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide
edible flower petals to add colour, flavour and nutrition to meals
bee and good bug friendly. Information on growing bee forage.
H suitable for hot and humid growing conditions
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