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Rare Edible Perennial Plants - seasonally available only

Edible Plants

Growing information for edible plants

Cucumber pollination requirements
Growing agati
Growing aibika
Growing arrowhead
Growing arrowroot
Growing asparagus
Growing bee forage
Growing betel leaf
Growing blueberries
Growing Brazilian spinach
Growing carob
Growing cassava
Growing cherry guava
Growing Clucker Tucker™
Growing comfrey
Growing cranberry hibiscus
Growing elephant garlic syn. Russian garlic
Growing galangal
Growing garlic
Growing garlic chives
Growing ginger
Growing gliricidia
Growing horseradish
Growing horseradish tree
Growing Japanese raisin
Growing Jerusalem artichokes
Growing jicama
Growing krachai / Chinese keys
Growing lemongrass - East Indian
Growing lemongrass - West Indian
Growing Madagascar bean
Growing malabar chestnut
Growing Mexican tarragon
Growing mushroom plant
Growing oca syn. NZ yam
Growing Okinawa spinach
Growing onion chives
Growing perennial leeks
Growing Peruvian parsnip
Growing pickerel rush
Growing pigeon pea
Growing pinto's peanut
Growing pomegranate
Growing potatoes
Growing poultry forage
Growing rakkyo onion
Growing rhubarb
Growing rosella - Rosella jam
Growing saffron crocus
Growing sacred lotus
Growing salad mix
Growing shallots
Growing society garlic
Growing stevia
Growing strawberries
Growing Surinam spinach
Growing sweet potato
Growing tagasaste syn. tree lucerne
Growing Tahitian spinach
Growing tamarillo
Growing taro
Growing tree onions
Growing turmeric
Growing vetiver grass
Growing waterchestnuts
Growing edible waterplants
Growing West Indian arrowroot
Growing yacon
Growing yam (Discorea alata)
Growing your own chook food

Organic Pest Controls

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